Firstly, we see the watch and it is with the lattice job inside this magnetic charger and the menu we can see. The app is the m active, and now we can see the watch, the watch size is 46 millimeter and in the right side it has two buttons, and this button has a red circle. Then you can see. The back here is the charging interface strap. Size is 22 millimeter and you can easily exchange the strap now let’s power on the smart watch. Firstly, we see a language list. The screen is 1.3 inch and the pixel is 240 by 240 pixels and the battery life normal. Using can last for two to three days now i have put down the smartwatch and you can check. It is very beautiful on hand, and my wrist is 17 millimeter and the barcode is at the fourth hole and they still have many holes, so it can fit larger wrist. Now let us check the watch faces. It has totally 10 watch faces. Then we can check the quick action from the top to the bottom. We can see the bluetooth battery symbol and the sound and from the bottom to the top is the message notification and this need to connect with the phone and from the left to the right. We can go to the spot mode and you can click and we can also move the screen from the top to the bottom and then now it is the heart rate, then, from the right to the left is the main menu, and we can see that this Watch has several functions, such as dialer call logs phone book and the messaging notification, bluetooth, notifier slip, monitor pedometer and heart rate, blood, oxygen, blood pressure, ecg and running camera music and lost and lost anti, and also they seem motion black light and sports history and alarms.

Stop watch and calendar calculator and language setting qr code and the centering reminder. So there are many functions in the smartwatch, and now we can check one by one: dialer call logs and phone book. This need to connect the smart watch with the phone and also the message and bluetooth. This is to connect the smartwatch with the phone notifier sleep monitor, you can click the status to turn on or turn off, and sleep monitor, pedometer hatred and the blood oxygen and the blood pressure and ec2. This need to test from the app then run in camera and the bluetooth music all need to connect the watch with the phone, an anti lost seam. You can change it to another seam and we can see the background is changed and also motion, such as wake up gesture. Then the backlight and the brightest we can adjust and also the screen time out. The maximum is the 60 second and then the sports history alarms. You can set the alarm clock here and stopwatch calendar, Music and calculator. Then the language. If you want to change the language you need change the auto stack to off. Then you can go to the language list and the qr code.