It is the t500 plus. It is an upgraded version of the t500 also it is with the infinity screen. Firstly, let’s see the box, the app name is high watch and in the box it was indicated as high watch and in this site it is indicated t500 plus now let’s open the box. Firstly, we see a watch and a menu. Then we see a silicon strap and a charger. Okay, now i have put on the strap and let’s see. The watch ends job the watch. Size is 44 millimeter and in this side it has two button, but this button is fake. So only the round button – and this is the back here – is the charging pins, and this is the speaker and this job. This watch can fit all those 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch jobs now let’s power on the watch. Firstly, we see a language list. The screen is 1.75 inch, infinite screen and then let’s check the watch faces. You can just move the screen, it has totally eight wood faces. Then let’s see some quick actions from the top to the bottom and bottom to the top, and this is the main menu style we can choose and also we can see there are four menu styles, so it only has the quick action from the top to the Bottom and the bottom, to the top from the left to the right and right to the left, are changed to the watch face then let’s go to the main menu, we can just click, and this is the smart style.

Let’S check the style tool, it’s the full app style, then style, three style. Three is the list style. Then the style 4 is the knight app style. Okay, now let’s check the functions one by one, first, the dialer. So this what you can make an answer calls after connect the watch with the phone web, bluetooth and phone book. You need to synchronize the watch and the smart phone and call logs messaging the motion record heart rate, blood pressure and the physical training. We can see it has run in and the several model and the breeze function and the century reminder and the bluetooth connection, sleep, monitor and music, remote, notifier and calendar setting and sound record app, download, alarm clock and stopwatch, and the remote capture find my device calculator And twitter, facebook and whatsapp these three icons are only for cyclonizing those incoming messages from these apps, so that’s all those functions in this smartwatch. We will connect the smartwatch with the phone later and we will have a detailed function review so that’s all our details today.