We will see what we have in the smart watch and in the box itself, as you can see immediately when you unbox it or pop up the cap. You have the watch itself with protection at the side also, underneath we have here the cable and we have the bands as well, because the bands are not attached with the watch. As you can see, the charger comes with this magnetic and it’s very easy. Just to put it up in the charger you can see how it pulls. So that means you can just put your smart watch and the charger and it will start to charge. The bands are pretty good. They are very flexible and good quality. The user manual also it’s very helpful and it’s in chinese, but in the other side it’s in english, so you can scan the codes and read all about this smartwatch here and the user manual. So let’s begin with the straps. The short one goes in top, as you can see, they are with just a little clip and the long one goes at the bottom. You just have to find these holes and it will. It will start to come together. The the little button is to turn on and off and, as you can see immediately it starts. We have a very good quality in the first page up, we have brightness, we have qr code battery in the left. We have notifications down, we have the weather and in the right, we have here history, four steps.

Next, we have heart rate and we have here’s a health, caring heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen and acg, and we have here the menu or the sports. As you can see, we have running, we have walking cycling, climbing exercise, yoga all kinds of uh spores. We will try this a little bit later, see how it works. We have music control as well and we have the menu here. As you can see, we have alarm, find device dial and we have other things in the menu, so we have plenty of options and the ace sg2 smartwatch. So let’s begin now with some tests we let’s go straight here. As you can see, this is the history. It saves up your data. The horde rate is the first option so let’s give it a try, see how it goes. It takes a little bit longer than other smart watches. But honestly i like this watch pretty much pretty good. It goes with the theme it’s very good quality, it’s, all glass and the resolution is very good, so i’m honestly very impressed from the s’mores watch. We have here the blood pressure you can see. All the data will be saved in the history, which makes it a very good, smartwatch and functional for others, sports and other activities throughout the day. So, as i said, these options in the sg2 takes a little bit longer, so we have to be patient and wait for the result like this.

You can see when the result comes, it shows you and it saves to the history, so you can go ahead and check them out in your app and monitor your health throughout the day. This is the blood oxygen let’s go ahead now and see how it does we have to wait, as i said, a few seconds to have the measurements Music. We have the first result here. You can see 97 and it goes off after a few minutes or seconds. This is the acg, not a lot of smart watches. Have this. We had once more watch the s12. I think that has acg on it, but we have here in the in the smart watch as well, so the acg works pretty good and it measure it measures. Your port rate and the time in the real time you can see going in the horn rate mode, so these were was the health caring options let’s go to the sports. This is running as you can see immediately when you press it. We have time at the top seconds, steps burn calories, we have pace heart rate zone and we have kilometer per hour, which is not so bad, but we could definitely have more options for the sports so guys this was for today’s video.