You know people want to buy a good gadget in a cheap price, so in that case today, i’m going to show you something which is really budget friendly and has all the feature. This is lenovo smartwatch s2. This is a smart watch from lenovo and which is really cheap compared to the other smart watches, and it has all the features compared to the other smartwatches and uh. It has a good brand lenovo. Has everybody know that brand from the laptop so let’s do the unboxing and see the features and review this smart watch? So this is smart watch in with the cloth strap and i can see there is a fully screened touch – ultra thin metal case design, multi mode with dynamic heart rate. If we look on the back side, so we can see all the feature: dynamic, heart rate, calories, active tracker, sleep, monitor, message, notification, alarm, alert, call out, camera battery, bluetooth, multi language and whatsapp alert. So you have to scan this qr code and have to download this app according to your phone apple or android, so let’s open it and see. So there is a watch with this orange strap. I choose this orange strap and the screen is good. It has some kind of screen protector plastic on it. I will remove it later and there is a sensors and there is a charging point, so it’s a metal body – and this is a fabric – so usually smart watch come with the plastic strap, and this come with the fabric, which is good thing, so let’s see what’s Inside okay so that’s a charging cable, so i’m going to charge it through this.

Okay that’s a charging pin – and there are a few cables a few. There are few books, reading manual, warranty and etc: lenovo smartwatch s2. In this user manual, you can see the graphics everything with the nice graphic. You can see, step by step, how you connect your watch and how you see the functions and everything with the nice graphics. So i can see here all the features real time heart rates running cycling. Everything is available here we can see because i did not use anything. So there is no data available and uh yeah. This is features you can go here and you can see the. How much is the battery charge right now and all the settings here so yeah it’s a good features. You can monitor everything from your phone, so you can see the metal body and on the back side i forgot to tell you: there is a hook. You can remove these straps and you can change to another stripes available from the lenovo store and okay, here is the watch. You can see it. It has a heart rate steps how much, how many steps, because i still not used it so it don’t have any data and uh. If i go here, i can see the messages notifications. There are some settings like which display you want to see for the watch and uh. Of course, there is like running site climbing, walking football. You can get all the data, whatever you are doing swimming and all so i don’t know this watch is uh waterproof or not, but yeah it has a data for swimming, so it might be a waterproof.

So it has some other features like okay, it’s uh. You press this, so your phone start ringing and uh as you can see here. My phone is right now vibrating and there is a stopwatch and just press this back button and if i go check the running okay and there is no running data – so i can go back okay, so just stop. So this is cool watch in that budget price. You get this smart watch and all these features i think it’s a good deal and i think it’s, a very nice budget watch. So the question is: how much is the cost of these watches? So i bought this watch online from from the lenovo store, is 55 singaporean dollar, so it’s still cheaper than the other watches available in the market. Right now, so i recommend this watch is a good watch. If you want to go with the budget war cheap ford, so this is still a good watch to buy, which has all the almost every features and it has a brand lenovo brand and uh. You can see the sensors, so yeah recommend you to go for this. Watch if you want any cheap, smart watch and tell me in the comment, if, if you like this watch, if you have any question about this watch, tell me in the comments and like this video and don’t forget to subscribe to see more unboxing and other cool Videos soon i’m going to do another unboxing very interesting things, i’m, going to show you very famous and very good.