Now this smartwatch is worth around less than 40 pounds of less than 50 pound uk currency. However, it has a lot of features packed into it and it’s a stylish um smartwatch now inside the box. This is what you would get. You will get a magnetic charging cable, usb cable, you’ll, get a user manual here as well, and a quick start guide. The smartwatch here itself, as you can see, you’ve got a nice secured strap, so it doesn’t come off that easily and it’s a rubbers, also if you’re sweating or if water goes on it. You won’t get damaged that easily. Now the screen itself, you can press it anyway, because this is a full on touchscreen, smartwatch, it’s, very smooth as well to operate and the battery life lasts very long as well. Now it has a lot of features built in now. For example, let’s go right now. You’Ve got a sports mode. Now, if you go on sports mode, you have options. For example, go outdoor run, indoor, run outdoor walk outdoor cycle, indoor cycle, cricket, pool swim, open, um, open water swim all right, then you’ve got heart rate, monitor which operates 24 hours. Heart rate monitor that’s, pretty good, and this app you can download as well. So when you download the app you can control the smartwatch with more features built into it. It also has relax mode here that you can put it on and then you’ve got alarm mode as well: you’ve got music controller, you’ve got um, timer and you’ve got weather and forecast.

You’Ve got a sports record as well, and then you’ve got settings. Now. If you go on settings, you’ve got a dial here and then you can change. The watch face there’s only like three different watch faces, but when you download that there are sometimes there’s functions where you can actually change the watch faces to which ones you want and let me go back, then you got the dimming mode where you can put the Brightness down, you can put the brightness up depending on how you want it to be honest, and if also, if you put it down, you save more battery life. Now you go about here as well: you’ve got shutdown mode and reset mode as well all right. Okay, so that was basically most of the features he also has notifications and stuff. So let me go through everything that he has built into this at the back. You can see that’s the magnetic charging bit here and the heart rate monitor bit here. You know it’s also easy to actually take this uh strap off. You can see this bit here, just put just um, pull it down and just pull it out that’s. All you have to do now. This watch, okay, it it has built in gps, so that’s. What this one’s mainly um, made for okay, that’s, where the model is that’s, why it says: okay, id205g, the g stand for gp. Well, it’s meant to be gps, okay or short for gps, anyway, um but yeah.

This is this has built in gps and all day tracking as well. It also has a 5 atm waterproof feature up to 50 meters, and it also has a vibration alarm, a reminder you can say up to 10 alarm clocks within 24 hours or with 20 24 hours time. It also has um sedentary lot alerts and breathing guide as well. Um that’s, pretty slightly different. You know because never had any smartwatch actually having that breathing guide, but yeah. This one has breathing guide as well um. He operates with ios 8.0 or above or android 4.4 and above it has a built in 210 mah battery capacity. The screen size is 1.3 inch, tft lcd and the charge time. It only takes two to three hours to give you a full charge, and the weight of this is 35 grams and standby time, for this is 30 to 45 days. So that’s pretty good. To be honest, and there was one more feature, i was going to show you okay, so when you slide down that’s where the notifications for messages are um, if you swipe swipe this way, you got this more mode where, if you move it, um like it’s like Motion sensor and then it time comes on straight away. Okay, if you don’t have that on you, you have to press the button to have it switched on. It has the night mode, the fire, my phone, and it has the heart rate – monitor bit here as well.

And if you go up that’s where you can see your steps and everything so that’s, all the features that it has: it’s nice, slim lightweight, design and it’s. A watch that i would highly recommend: okay, it’s affordable with a lot of features packed into it. So thank you for watching my video.