Now previously i’ve reviewed the same one, but it was just the older model, okay, which was id205, whereas this one is a fake. Just the upgraded version, so you might have, maybe the software might be upgraded. The quality of you might be slightly um upgraded, but otherwise is identically the same as the previous one. Now inside the box. This is what you would get, so you would get this where you can actually register and get extra one year warranty with them, and then you got the user guide here. You got the manual here as well. That gives you a lot of information regarding this smartwatch, where i, i would probably say, it’s more of a fitness tracker, but it it counts as both smartwatch or a fitness tracker, because it has all these features packed into it. Now it comes with a magnetic charge as well, so it’s easy to just place it there and it will start charging up. I like the fact that i got the heart rate, monitor as well that operates 24 7 and this strap, which is very flexible and has a secured, strap as well. So it doesn’t come off. There are some where they don’t have those secure, straps uh. I had a problem where, once with with those straps where they were they weren’t secured, i was carrying something because it’s a lightweight fitness tracker. It fell off and i didn’t realize so i had to backtrack everything where i was carrying the boxes from and then realized.

It was on the floor that anyone could have taken it so that’s. What i don’t like. I prefer these secure strap where they won’t come off. It doesn’t matter how much physical activities you’re doing so that’s something else that stands out all right now. There’S. One thing that i really don’t like about this smartwatch is that it’s not full touchscreen, so bear in mind, and i don’t like that it’s only this bit here. So this is the only thing that would navigate through everything, so you have to just tap on that. I will hold it to go inside that specific things all right, so i don’t really like it. I just prefer like if it was a full touchscreen, it would have been much better. Also let’s see so we got it. It has bluetooth 4.0. Above so, if you’ve got a smart, um, smartwatch or smartphone or a tablet, etc, there has to be for um 4.0 bluetooth above if it’s below that you won’t really collect, or you would have problems with it. It also works with android 6.0 operating system and above or ios 11 and above and it has a sports mode built in like any smartwatches would have now. You can see that’s the health data bpm blood. You also got the outdoor run. So if you press that it will start all right, so let me just stop that and then you go outdoor walk as well. You go outdoor cycling and they got more.

If you press more, you got relax mode stopwatch about and that’s it. Yes, the battery life. Just right at the top of it – and it shows you in percentage as well and it’s – also um ip68 waterproof as well so a bit of water going on here, um if you’re, swaying, etc. It won’t get damaged that easily and, like any fitness, trackers once it’s connected to your smartphone, all the notification will be there. So if you download the app and you can actually control what kind of messages if sms should come through, if facebook notifications should should not come through et cetera, can control all that, it also has timer settings as well, and sleep tracking and the charging takes around Two hours to give you a full charge and, depending on how often you’re using it constantly using the screen, etc, you can use it between five to seven days with one full charge. That’S pretty good. The screen size is 1.3 inch, tft lcd, color screen and you get. You have a 10 meters range distance between the smartwatch and your device, so your smartphone device – and so you won’t, lose that connection that easily it has a built in 210 mah battery capacity, and the weight of this is really lightweight, it’s, only 31 grams, so it Doesn’T feel like you’re wearing any kind of um watch or anything like that and it’s comfortable it’s, a very comfortable watch to wear.

The only downside that i mentioned was that it’s not full touchscreen. Otherwise it would have been a perfect watch so that’s all the information. Thank you for watching my video.