My heart rate monitor narendra mod oxygen monitor mentioned 16 sports modes. That was my long battery life and ip68 water resistant, napaha, exciting then color, black cumeron, tayo, so etonagasha guys and let’s open this ayans. As you can see unit and set aside when attention is heart so for real time, heart rate monitor blood oxygen level, guys sleep, more controlled Music is high end liquid silicone cha, so durable light and skin friendly material nagina with nila dito guys uh watch. Miss mo is aluminum alloy, so lightweight long talagasha, Music sports, guys mention outdoor run, walk indoor, run outdoor cycle, aerobic capacity, strength, training, football, basketball, table tennis, indoor cycle elliptical, yoga melon, then cricket rowing machine stationary bike, so unknown classic exercise choices. Music is 360 by 360. resolution. Smart watch guys, then one more thing is ip68 narendra, Music, Music. It looks premium, it looks nice and very versatile guys. I also thank you so much guys for watching this unboxing. For me, don’t forget to like this video share. This video to your friends and subscribe to my youtube channel and guys see you again something next video and don’t forget to comment below.