Thank you so to celebrate this milestone um. So your first video was about unboxing, the michael kors sophie watch, smart watch. So now um, first ever video, which is the watch yeah after elan so Music. So first comes my battery life. Long watch, uh at first um watch itself, um, Music, Music, Music life, known watch so ion. So you should go so first. What i did was, i went to display settings then uh in adjustable brightness, sodium brightness and the automatic so just brightness no watch depending uh, uh, luana or breakastone surrounding then. What i did was i enough option to always option nah always on screen. So again, then, what i did next is: i went to guest stores option. Then you have the option there na gestures to wake up the watch so make choices, cut tilt away, touch to wake risk. Yes, yours continuity go was the tilt to it. So like this, when the watch is off your screen, then Music, another one in the gestures, is touch to wake. So you know um self explanatory touch to wake so even touch too late, so touch the way you have to tap the face of the watch. So again mahapassing you watch it and watch Music, Music, um social media it’s, either instagram or facebook. So yeah you, you would press the um the this one. The button here, the the middle button and much more then find young michael kors access.

The app so watch me then yeah um, you would find you my social. My dial saved looks my modes. My necks, so instead select is my social. So, like me on my social um, social media platform, Music, Music, um, foreign Music, Music watch yeah so afternoon, um, Music, Music, included, Music or analog so detailed time, then your heartbeat in battery date and time in the other time zone among simply digital time. Indeed, so yeah Music, Music, Music, so watch is um. My um Music watch, um federation, mclean, music, mall, but goals and magnets, so wait so it’s an example is like other um. Smart watches, merunding health benefits, like other watches, spark watches now like fitbit or me. Watch Music, like other uh, smart watches, like fitbit like uh me me, watch um now: i’m measuring footsteps, my per day also your heart rate, mo Music, um, Music, Music, foreign, casual Music, uh, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, my upcoming events or alarm or what so? I am guys Music, so i am guys uh. My fun feature you watch, which is what i like it’s, not answering paul. The answer name calls true, so watch dancer watch the directions: Music, um, Music. So overall um i, like i love the watch because they uh stylish sporty type of smartwatch. I can say Music subscribers so yay to my first video about this watch yay to my 1100 subscribers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

I appreciate it. So i and guys um, thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it um if you have any questions or suggestions or comments about the watch, comment down below and i’ll try to answer if i could and if not well, let’s uh work together. To answer that question so anyways, so if you’re new to my channel, please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and also the notification button to be notified for more videos like this.