We have the fk 78 smart watch and we’re putting up against the real series. Six mod watch so we’re doing a real versus fake. I just want to show you the differences between the box on both of these, and also the watch itself, as the fk ata is a really good cd6 clone of the uh original smartwatch. But just before i get started people as always make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always pull up sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. Someone upload any video you’ll actually be notified, and if you want to see any other comparisons, do let me know in the comment section below anyways. Well, let’s get straight into it right. If you want to see full reviews on both of these items, i will leave the link in the description box below you can check them out. This is just to show you what the watch and the boxes are like so let’s take a look at the fk 88. First i’ve got it in the silver version. The box looks similar a bit smaller. Of course, you just got the watch logo on the front as well it’s punched in and if we take a look at the back there’s, nothing else around the box, just the color, which is silver and yeah. We have these pull tabs, which are exactly the same as the original uh series six.

So if you look at this one, of course, you’ve got the apple logo and the watch printer punched in and you’ve also got the uh details on the watch itself. Series six space, gray, aluminum case 44 millimeter as you can see, and you’ve also got these pull tabs for. Let me just open them for you to show you what the original one is like, and then i can show you what the um fk 88 is like. So here is the original one, as you can see, you’ve got the picture of the watches in different colors with different watch bands and different uh designs as well. On the color designs rose, gold, blue space gray and inside you get two boxes. One is for the watch band and one is for the watch itself. So if you’ve come to the fk 88 it’s similar, but smaller you’ve got your pull tabs here. Opening these up, you got your same pictures of the watches with different watch bands as well, and different color watch faces not faces the the body as well, so you’ve got your rose gold supposed to be your space gray and whatnot and you’ve also got one box Inside as well, which also contains the uh watch and the watch band so let’s put that aside. So let me just show you bring in the original one as well that’s how it is so if we open up the fk 88 let’s open it up like that here we have it.

You’Ve got your uh the left hand, side you’ve got the watch itself and you’ve also got the you come with two watch bands as well: uh you’ve also got the manuals which actually stay fk ata with a watch white watch band right there, we’re also going to See this video if the fk 88 watch band fits the original so and vice versa as well, so you also got get a strap band as well, which is good, and the charging mechanism, of course, is a little bit different. But you’ve got the model fk88 right. There – and this is the charger – and this is the watch itself, but we’ll – take a look comparison of the watch once we take this one out so coming to the original. This actually has a similar opening design. As you can see here, you got the manuals and everything here where it says, designed by apple in california, and you’ve got your player manuals inside of course. Here, what is where the charging charger goes, and the charger is like this one, of course a circular wireless charger, but it doesn’t have that with the fk 88, and here is where the watch should go, but it’s on charge on my left hand, side. But you get it in this part here which actually says 44 millimeter and that’s about it. So here is the box and of course, with the original, you get the watch band in a separate box, but you can see that in the original uh, unboxing and review.

So what we need to do now is check out the watches we have both of the watches. The original one is on the left and the fk88 is on the right with the original i’ve got a space, gray color, and here it is – and this has a 1.78 inch display coming to the fk 88 i’ve got the silver version, and this actually has a 1.78 in the 8 inch display, but the screen ratio is placed a little bit higher, so you have got a bezel at the bottom as well. So the reason for the video is just to show you what both of these like, because a lot of people have commented below on previous videos to actually say which one should i purchase the fk8. I have done comparisons previously with other smart watches, so check them out and yeah just see which one you actually prefer. So taking a look at both of these watches, i have got to say: the fk 88 just feels a little bit bigger compared to the series original series six, but the design is similar to the same. So if you take a look at the side, you’ve got the crown button, the cutout mic and the power on and off button. The power on and off button is much smaller on the fk88 than is on the original as well, and if you have the cellular, design, cellular and gps, you also get the red band on the original as well.

But as this is just a um gps version or the cellular one of them anyway, you don’t get the red band, but with the fk 88 it’s just on there, both of the crowns actually work as well i’ll get to that when we power both of these. On and the mic guitar is a little bit bigger on the uh original series. So, taking a look at the back now, of course, with these original series, 6, the sensors are a little bit different this year, because this has a blood oxygen sensor and you’ve also got apple watch series, 6, 44, millimeter, aluminum and ceramic case glass, gps and whatnot Placed around the circular, where the charging and obviously the charging circular wireless charger goes around here as well and with the original you’ve also got these buttons, so you can actually push in to put on the watch bands and take them off now with the fk 88 It’S a little bit different. The charging mechanism is this two pin char charger right here: it’s, not a wireless circular, charger um. The this has the old sensors as well. As you can see, the sensors are much different. They are getting better as well with these uh clone ones, because i have seen a few of the smart watches which have have on order which have the same sensors as this original, which i’ll show you once i actually get them so take a look around you’ve Got series s6 compatible with ios and android 4.

0 bluetooth watch pedimeter heart rate sensor. The sensor is right here and you’ve also got a flashing sensor, which is in the middle as well, and also at the other side. You’Ve got two cutouts. One is a fake and one is for the speaker, and if you look at the original it’s much smaller you’ve got two guitars, but they are one. Is they both are real? To be honest, so yeah, that is the body of it um, the fk 88, does not have the buttons right here, so you can actually put the watch bands in and out you just pull them straight in and out anyway, so there’s no butt on the right. There so that’s the only differences uh with these smart watches, so let’s power, the fk 88 only we’re, just gon na you can actually power it on with both of these buttons. That is the startup uh animation right there. You can push it in for um to switch it on here, or you can push it in here to switch on this actually has quite a lot of watch. Um watch faces. All you’ve got to do is uh. Well, you can’t change it. Well, if you tap it, you can actually change. The uh looks of the person on right here, so that’s really good. I never knew that. So if you want to change the watch face itself, you can just go ahead and hold it in and you can change the watch face right there coming to the original.

Of course, this has a passcode and if you want to change the same again, you just hold it in and you can change the watch face right. There. I’Ve got all sorts of vision as well, and you can actually also add your own by pressing edit as well so that’s really good on that design, so they both do have quite a lot of uh features on this now, like i said you can check out My previous video, i just want to show you what the operating system is like. So with this, you do also have the the crown of the weight you can change. The watch faces to the crown, as you can see, it’s exactly the same. We’Ll leave it as that: no idea why this animation is on there, but if you want to check out this uh fk 88 let’s see if Music swipe it to the left. You’Ve got your pedometer and stuff like that. I just want to see the menu it’s. My opinion obviously swipe it down. You’Ve got your alarm and everything, and here we have it. This is the smart view which you can also get on the original as well. You would know about that, and if you want to change it, all you got to do. Is swipe up, and that is goes back into the nine up view right there well six up view as you can see, but the crown does work, of course, with the original one as well.

If you all you got ta, do is push it in, and this is how it is on the original, but you can actually add apps here as well. As you can see, they both have got uh health apps as well. You can check out the outdoor version of this fk 88, where they put on both uh for testing. I will leave the link in the description box below anyway. You can check that out. I think i want to show you is the watch button to show you how identical they are. So these are the fk 88 watch bands – and this is my original uh military green watch band for the original series. Six. So what i’m gon na do is get the fk 88 and with the watch band and put this on to the original and there you go, you had that little bit of a click. But yes, the watch bands for the fk 88 do fit on my original and, as you can see, they don’t come out until you press the button and then they slide out, which is really good and coming back to my original ones, did they fit on the Fk 88 yeah they do tight fit, so they don’t actually uh slide straight out and there we go. Look at that. It’S smooth on the edges, as you can see, so the original ones do fit the fk 88 and the fk ata they do fit on the original series.

Six smartwatch yeah. I just wanted to show you what both of these are like. This is a really good cd6 clone. If i had to choose this is the one i would actually choose as well, but there are better ones getting there get out there and have got them on order as well, and i didn’t want to make this video too big. I just wanted to show you the design and the looks of these two watches so i’m, going to leave it right there. I don’t want to drag this video on too much. You can see the full review of this and also the outdoor test on my previous videos.