This is joker tech coming at you with a new video today today, we’re talking about the moto 360 uh using wear os. As you can see here uh, i picked this up a while back, probably two, probably two months ago, just haven’t had the time to do a video about it. About three weeks, three weeks now going on, uh got the watch out of the box, got it set up here. It is right here right now i can tell you. I am thoroughly pleased with this watch extremely pleased on the performance of the watch. Oh, where os okay, i know i am not the norm – apple watches, king and all that happy stuff, and i had an apple watch and it’s a good watch. I am not going to take that away, but my tastes are changing. My my my wanton apple products has waned and i’m. I i will admit, not to get off the subject, but i’m more of an android guy. So, yes, wear os does work on supposedly on on ios. I wouldn’t recommend it that’s. Just my opinion. I wouldn’t recommend a warehouse product on on an apple product, but that’s again my opinion. I paired it up with my pixel 3 i’m, very pleased with the performance of the watch um, as you can see pretty basic stuff. I don’t have a notification because i messed up the video. This is take two by the way, but you know i said long ago when i got my first uh wear os or android wear or whatever.

It was called way back when it was an extension of my phone, but as time went on where os and i’m talking about more or less the software and and what went on with these watches, i couldn’t, be it couldn’t, be in an extension now it’s back Now it’s it now, i can do certain functions, a lot of functions i you know usually when i use the watch other than telling time is, when i’m getting a notification. When i get something sent in to me by my you know by by my phone, i react to it now. I will admit i don’t initiate. You know like a text message. Okay, even though i have that option, i got ta try and do that more often, but you know, as you can see if i wanted to, but it gives me the ability to put the watch down and again i always make reference to work. I put the watch down at my desk and i go about my business and i get a message from somebody or or email or something i can react to it. But the biggest thing is: i had two fossil watches in the last year: uh the fossil gen. Five and then this sport, one, the gen five, was on a christmas special. I know i got it for under 200. I believe – and i returned it – i picked this up for 99 bucks figuring. Let me give this a try again.

I was really wanting to watch. This was pure garbage. The performance was garbage. The the the bloat that’s in here just absolutely destroyed the the capabilities of this watch. Now, with one gigabyte of ram and eight gigs of storage. In here i think that’s, where the, where the achilles heel might have been going on here i don’t know all i know i mean i don’t know. This is just me surmising, but the performance of this watch has been really good. Where can you get a now? A a watch from anybody and get an extra band okay. It came with this black one and came with with this. You know little fancy one here: okay, nowhere offers that right now, i’m. Looking on here and it’s 179.99 now, i would never have paid the 300 to 299.99 price. That is just crazy talk in play english, that is nuts, but for the price i picked this up for 199. Now they knocked it down twenty dollars more. So this is a really really um a really solid watch, a very it. I don’t know what else to say when i first started off with uh smart watches, you know, i think i had the lg and that worked really good. I really was impressed. I was responding to messages i was, i was uh emails and and – and it was just it was good. It was coming off to a good start, but, as time went on, wear os software hardware, whatever the price problem was, it was bad and i’m really excited to have this watch and performing better than what it was when i first got my first smartwatch that’s.

How much i’m impressed with it? Let me say this: this watch was so bad. It made my at the time when i had my oneplus phone lock up, it froze by oneplus phone and i had to power it down and and reboot the phone. It was that bad. Can i recommend this watch to anybody, sure sure i can they got three different colors. They got a gold color, they have a black, and then i got the steel gray. But again you know i just actually just sold my apple watch to my sister in law and it was just having moments ago a conversation with my brother, and he was telling me that she’s really pleased with it and, of course, she’s got an iphone it’s going To work great, i just didn’t put invest, you know i didn’t find any value. I maybe didn’t, invest the time to try and figure to figure some stuff out. So what works? For me. I took another chance. Three tries mind you two fossils and then i i said i couldn’t pass this up. I really i really liked the moto watches when i did have them i’m, not getting in too much into specs. With this with this uh watch here you know uh, it is water resistant, it has bluetooth in it it. Yesterday i was using maps on my uh on my phone to navigate and this would vibrate and – and let me know you know, i could didn’t need to really look at my phone, even though it was talking to me.

I knew on the steering wheel. I could see the directions on on here holding my hand like maybe like this, maybe or and just adjusting it just a matter. I can still see the directions on here. Uh battery life has been really good, really really good. Before i really started loading up on apps and other activities, i was getting nearly a day and a half almost almost so close to two days at one point, but now i use this watch for my sleep tracking, my step, counting uh. You know when i do use it heavily to reply to emails or or messages or stuff like that. Yes, it does take a ding on it, but i know that i can throw it on the charger when i’m at home and put a quick charge on it. If i’m almost dead, it will take about an hour to charge it up. So it’s been really uh. It’S it’s got a quick charge. Uh charging uh puck with it uh and it does it does charge uh fine. You got ta have to use theirs. This is not inductive, so it isn’t like wireless charging. Uh there are little pins. Let me show you: it’s got little. These little pins got ta meet the pins that are on the puck um. Now i use this see now you even have this security here, which i don’t ever remember having at but uh. I know uh that i can set this up for google pay i’ve been haven’t done that really yet uh, but the i like to look at that.

Just scroll through the apps that way go to your uh, google um google assistant swiping that way it’s just something about it that got started. It works for me and i, like it a lot. So what else is there that’s about it? I’M, mike dixon? This is joker tech like today’s video share, subscribe, get the word out, hopefully i’m, going to have new content coming out. It is almost black friday, and this is the time of the year. I love deals.