This smartwatch right here is very cheap. Actually i bought it. Actually, they gave me zx 2002 gaming to review on offshore offshore product reviews on this channel right here. These are some apps as i’m, showing you that you can download the app to connect to your phone if you want the weather and if you want music or smart or anything. Basically so we’re unboxing it with one hand and, as you can see, there’s a cloak which i’m going to demonstrate to you how to charge in the way of the wild right now i’m trying to get out the horn with one hand quite hard. Actually, i can see, i landed it anyway. We’Re gon na move that out the way and we’re gon na move this out the way it’s gon na. Let you see it look at the sensor and see all that right now, we’re gon na focus on the manual. The manual right here shows you how to charge the device, as you can see. We showed you how to charge it right. There that’s just a hole, as you can see, next to the laptop. That shows you how to charge it, and this is just the overview of the watch and that’s. Basically, all this we’re going to move on to the actual watch. This watch is: quite nice i’ve been using it for past couple of days. I haven’t connected it to my phone because i don’t know why. But this is quite nice, maybe a bit of glare on the screen.

Okay, when you get it, it might be dead or you might have to charge it. Mine was dead when i got it and i had to charge it so i’m. Just gon na show you all of the ways we’re gon na go on every single one and show you each single one. So the first one is detection. This is the beats per minute. You put this on your wrist, not the top of your disc. The bottom of your list, i’m gon na, show you the green light. Uh indicates that it is on so right now, i’m adjusting the camera to put it on. As you can see right there, i am putting it on you’re not supposed to be on the top of your list, because you have no clothes there. It would read your thumbs quotes which actually has its own thoughts, but it should. You should put it on your list. Okay, i have just gone alongside anger. One second i’ll show you that, and we are going so on beats per minute. Okay, that’s quite easy, so we’re on beats per minute right now, so we just have to wait for a bit. As you can see. The green light is on my wrist and it’s scanning. My pulse. This is uh normal. So if you think the green light is not normal, as you can see, i was doing a bit of walking and a bit of weights during this, so my pulse has actually gone a bit high.

A healthy pulse is 75, not 65 from 75. I think it’s a resting pulse yeah. I was just doing a bit of exercise before this, not a lot to make it over 100, but just a bit so right now you can see the design on the sides. It’S not touch screen. Actually you might buy it. I may think it’s touch screen, but it is not touch screen. So first thing you need to do is go on top of it: i’m, showing you all the modes right now so we’ve been we’re going on detection let’s go under other modes, we’re going on the older modes of detection. This is uh the i don’t know how to use that mode yet, and it was quite hard so let’s we’re, just gon na return, so let’s go on the other side. The h of the this is a breathing exercise. So if you want to breathe like this basically tests, if you’re, healthy or not right, now, i’m doing the exercise and um we’re, just gon na wait a minute and it’s showing me how it is so right now it is quite all right. To be honest, i have tried it before you’re supposed to peel the sticker off from the screen and from the back sensor. The box sensor is quite neat. Actually it is a fitbit as well and we’re going to go on the other settings as well. The around setting shows bluetooth and i think, music and weather we’re going to show you later so right.

Now uh tests are going to come, so you can pause the video and look at the tests if you want uh, they’re kind of hard to read and now look as you can see normal and you can go here – charlie breathe, so i’m gon na inhale Music Applause while it’s doing this is actually making the beeping sound on your wrist, because it is checking your pulse and calculating it check if you’re, healthy or not. If you’re watching this beep is quite normal and we’re going to go on information, which i i think i skipped it, i think we’re already on information. I think so right now, we’re just gon na go home. Page we’re gon na go on spots, sports sports mode sports mode. It can. It has different spots. You can play on to check if you’re doing the right amount of exercises and pushing yourself so there’s walking, there’s running there’s football it’s, climbing there’s football and we’re just gon na return and go onto a round around is actually the good part. This part around, as you can see and go on it, you need to download the app which i showed you. If you buy, you need a scan. The box and download the app the app is uh. You connect can connect it to your phone. I haven’t downloaded it. I haven’t connected to it yet and i will connect to it. So we just gon na, go on tools and show you the basic settings.

So this settings are just the basic settings so i’m going to go on the settings which i missed again. Uh the design is quite nice as well. We i think we just went on to the thing or we did just go on to the setting. The setting is power off tools and other, so that was the settings and uh you could connect it to bluetooth right now, i’m trying to take the watch off is quite secure. So if you’re running with it it is very secure. So right now, i’m, just just walking around and i’m just not walking around. How do i explain it all right two, i just took the strap off on the right one and the straps are detachable as well, so these straps are detachable because of the charging part. You, the charging part, is the one with the gold or silver lines. If you may have this silver line anyway, i’m going to show you with a samsung plug, you can’t use it with any usb plug right now, i’m in england, so i’m using a british plug, whereas in america they only have to well. You can’t connect so i’m. Just gon na turn that upside down and as you can see in the gap, there is a gap don’t put in the white, just put it there and, as you can see the silver, so you put it on top of the silver there and it is going To you just plug it into a socket and it is going to charge, but i haven’t plugged it into a socket because i haven’t uh i’ve already charged mine and doesn’t need charging so that’s basic inside of it and right now, i’m going to put it all Back on so i’m going to put it back on so okay, we are putting it back on and it is lagging.

I don’t know why. Okay, as you can see, uh it’s, just by putting it on and it’s going on, you’re not supposed to put the clip the clip one goes on top of the charger. So if you put the clip on the other it you have to put on the charger and so right now the design is quite nice. I, like the design, it’s quite light as well. You don’t feel it on your wrist. You basically forget about it. Overall. This watch is good for its price. The price of this watch it prices from 8 to 10 pound, so this watch is very nice.