So this is their latest smartwatch and for beginning i’d like to show you in what kind of box it will come and what you will receive. Besides the smartwatch itself, so basically it comes in this white box and of course it says some main features and basic parameters. So basically it has high resolution screen. It supports android and ios devices, and normally it has functions like bluetooth, camera bluetooth, call messages listening to the music and from what i can see. This smartwatch is available in several different colors. So, besides the smartwatch itself, you will normally receive the usb cable with charger. So, as you can see, it’s quite easy to charge, you just need to connect these two gold pins with this connectors like this okay and as you can see, it’s quite easy to do that when you do that, you can connect usb cable to your computer laptop Or even power bank – and you can start charging your battery besides that, i think yes, you will also receive short user manual and that’s it, but to to be honest, you don’t need to receive nothing else, because overall, most important part is actually the smart watch itself And probably you have seen this kind of design uh several times at least because these days this kind of design is very popular. So basically, the strap is removable because you have here this metal pins for removing and putting another strip. If we want to do that, and as i said earlier on, the back side is our pins for charging and some scanners on the front side.

We have a screen normal and on the right side button for going back and turning on or off the smart watch itself. I must admit it feels very comfortable during use. Besides that, it looks really nice, and i must admit you that i was pleasantly surprised with screen, because it is very responsive. The screen is actually very, very responsive, only light touch and the screen works perfectly besides that this smartwatch from what i can see is waterproof. So because of that, it has ip67 certificate, which is awesome for this price range group. Besides that the screen produce beautiful colors and, at the end, as i said earlier, it is very responsive. Besides that, from what you can see, it has more or less the same functions and features like any smartwatch like for running pedometer. Heart rate, monitor bluetooth, camera calculator, calendar or date. Stop watch heart rate, monitor temperature, auto testing. You can also listen to the music from your device and in settings page you can adjust bluetooth settings. So basically you can turn off or turn on the bluetooth settings. You can adjust clock settings and the wallpaper for front page, sound settings volume display and of course you can do a factory reset if you need so basically, it looks really really nice for this price range group and i have tested the smartwatch for several days now And, of course, to get full experience about this smartwatch, i have already installed application.

This application, fundo fundo on my smartphone and basically with only one or two steps. I have installed application and, after that, with bluetooth, i have connected my smartphone with smartwatch, and all information from smartwatch are now synchronized with my application. In this application, you can see all available information, like heart rate, monitor how many steps i have done today. How many calories i have burned? How much i need to sleep. So any useful information is this in this application and in next few minutes i will show you this application, what possibilities you have and some other information, but before i do that, i just want once more time. I want to show you this smartwatch and believe me. It is really nice smartwatch, it looks amazing. It is very easy to use really really easy. All features and functions are on the main home settings page. Besides that the screen is perfect, it is very responsive. Bluetooth connection is just in one step. You are connected with your desired device. You can normally listen to the music from your smartphone. You can take photos, you can read messages or even receive bluetooth. Call overall, it’s, really amazing smartwatch for this kind of price. So basically stay tuned i’m. Not going to show you the some functions and features of the application itself, thank you after several hours, so you can see here useful information like how many steps you have done, how many kilometers, how many calories you have burned so basically very useful information like sports Activities like how many steps you have done today, or even the last seven days, so basically this is this.

Application is recommended by number one smartwatch company and from what i can see, it is very useful. Besides that, you can use it for bluetooth, then you can adjust unit settings according to your location, find device uh. So basically, this application is called fundo. This is the latest version. Besides that you can see heart rate monitor, you can also adjust settings for notifications. As you can see here, overall, it is very interesting application and very useful, so this is it.