This is my nomos club uh. Full disclosure i did purchase this used. Um nomo still sells this on their website. However, they said it’s a six month, wait for it um, so i don’t know if it’s truly available um. The asking price is still not that bad at sixteen hundred dollars but uh. I was able to snag this off of ebay still with the original box and the original paperwork in really good, solid condition for about 750 dollars. So for me that was worth it so just a quick overview of nomos uh. They are a german watch manufacturer from, as you can see here, glass utah in germany uh. This is the second watch from glasto i’ve taken a look at with the first one being my mueller ponova blough, uh nomos has been around since 1992. They started off. You know they’ve been making. You know, bauhaus inspired, watches right from the beginning, with their first watch being the tangente that’s, still a very popular model. Today, beginning in 2005, they were able to manufacture their first in house caliber movement known as the caliber alpha. It was a heavily modified eta, peso 7001. I hope i said that correctly um. It retained some of the uh eta’s architecture. However, nomos made a hell of a lot of modifications to it to call it their own caliber and fast forward to 2020. Nomos currently has approximately 14 in house calibers. The caliber alpha was the first, and that is a movement that is featured here in this watch.

Now it does not have the display case back uh. The model i just happened to have purchased did not have that um. If you go to nomus’s website, they actually charge extra for a sapphire display case back, so it is what it is. The movement is beautiful, there’s pictures of it all over online. You can find it anywhere. It’S, uh, it’s, it’s, really gorgeous. They do a hell of a job, so some specifications of the watch the case diameter is uh, 36 millimeters, so it’s a little on the small side. However uh it will fit um pretty well up into someone who has about a seven and a third inch wrist. Once you get above that, you may want to consider a larger size watch. It does have a longer lug to lug, though of about 46, which for a 36 millimeter watch is quite a bit and that’s why this watch wears pretty well uh, even on a slightly larger than seven inch wrist because of the long lugs, the dial, depending on What type of light you’re looking at it in is sort of uh it’s, it’s white, but in certain lights it looks almost like a cream color dial. You know like almost like an eggshell type color white. If you will uh, you can see the outer track of the dial here has uh the you know, five minute intervals and arabic numerals um has even number arabic numerals for the time and the small second hand at the bottom.

Like i said this is a manual wine, it is one of the smoothest, winding actions. I have ever felt on a watch and you can hear it. I mean it takes no effort whatsoever it’s just so smooth the bezel and the case is all highly polished. All throughout the case, back pretty simple, just says: no most glassy it’s a club and that’s the reference number uh. It does have 100 meters of water resistance. However it’s not a screw down crown. Given this is more of a casual dress, style watch. I would never take this swimming. I got plenty of other watches that can do that, but you know if you are washing the dishes you get caught in a rainstorm, you’re bathing your kids and it should be just fine, so no problems there uh. The crystal is sapphire. It is anti reflective on both sides. Uh, you can see here in the light you know outside of directly at the fluorescent light it it absorbs it pretty. Well, i mean i’ve worn this thing outside in bright daylight and there was no glare on the crystal whatsoever. It’S it’s, it works great. Now you can see the hands have some orange coloring on the inside. That is not loom. There is absolutely no loom on this watch whatsoever. If you look at the newer style version of this watch, the club campus, which has a california dial the the numerals on the inside as well as the hands, are loomed uh.

However, the regular club is not loomed at all, not a big deal for me. Like i said i got plenty of watches that you know have loom on them. If i need it for something, i’ll wear one of those watches. Instead talk about the strap here. This strap is one of the most comfortable straps i’ve. Actually not one of the it is the most comfortable, strap i’ve ever worn uh. You can see here it says shell cordovan handmade leather and then you know, it’s got an almost glass suit on the uh backside. This type of leather actually gets better as it ages um at least that’s. What i have read so i’m, going by i’m going by that, but it is handmade hand, stitched super super soft and pliable, and it has a nice brown cognac color to it. I’Ve worn this with a whole host of outfits and it looks just fantastic, so i’m gon na go ahead. I’M gon na give you the wrist shot here: uh full disclosure, my wrists are six and three quarter inches uh. The strap is a little small um. You can see here, there’s not much to play with there’s only two more spots and my wrist isn’t huge, so i’ll go ahead and give you a little farther away. Look at it and give you a couple more angles here, like i said, six and three quarter inch wrist fits great it’s, not very thick it’s about eight point four millimeters thick, so you can see where is really flat on the wrist.

The lugs just kind of curve over the sides there looks fantastic. So i appreciate you guys tuning in tonight. I was very excited to show this one off i’ve been wanting a normals for my collection for quite some time now and i’m exceptionally happy with it um. If you’re in the market for one new, you know a tangente or a lug week, you can find them for about fourteen to seventeen hundred dollars, but there’s plenty of available aftermarket options on chrono, 24 and ebay. I picked this one up on ebay, so go ahead. Take a look, see what’s out there. You know it’s a great watch. Any questions or comments feel free to write me down below. I always look forward to hearing from people.