Let’S have a quick look, the watch itself is made of ceramic and the strap is nice thick and it’s. All black. We don’t know what the materials are yet because technically the watch hasn’t been launched in malaysia. Yet so that means we also don’t, know the official pricing, but once we do we’ll, let you know down in the description box below the watch comes with a 1.’ inch display it’s an amoled screen, so the colors pop and it’s really bright, it’s, also very smooth, As well, it also comes with a pixel density of 326 ppi, so everything is crisp and really nice i’ve already set up the watch with the companion app. This is not the official global variant yet so there isn’t a proper component app for this, but you can set it up by scanning the qr code on your watch. Using your phone technically it’s, currently called the exercise app but i’m sure it’ll have an official name. Once the app itself is launched on the google play store when it comes to colors, i have the black one. Obviously, and it comes in different colors as well such as dark brown, light brown and orange. So let’s have a quick look at what the watch packs right off the bat. The home screen is very clean, minimalistic and well. You have full colors, very nice colors as well and as usual, you can swipe left and right to move through your different tiles press.

The top button to get to your full list of features which includes spots and activity, tracking, sleep, tracking heart rate and all that. Yes, if you tap the bottom here, you get straight to your sports activities and workout modes very convenient if you’ve used smart watches before this will feel very familiar because if you swipe down it’ll bring you to your quick settings over here, you can get your flashlight. Do not disturb mode find your phone and even connect to a pair of bluetooth headphones through using your watch when you swipe up. This will bring you to your notifications, oh and when you swipe left it’ll, also bring you to a voice assistant, very nice. Now, before i talk about features i’m wearing it and just to see how it feels like on the wrist, this is the 46 millimeter version that is a smaller 42 millimeter version for people with smaller wrists um after wearing this. It doesn’t really feel like a lot. Thanks to a ceramic material, so it’s sturdy, yet lightweight so let’s talk about features now. Vivo wants this to be your premium all rounder and from the looks of it from my early impressions. It is so when you tap on the top button. Here you get all your features, all your goodies here and there’s plenty to go through there’s sports activities, sleep even pressure, air pressure, as well as po2 blood, oxygen level measuring there’s, also breathing exercises a feature to measure your physical energy to let you know if you Need a break from all your working out and and all that jazz there’s, also, music, alipay for nfc payment and there’s, also alarm clock stopwatch and timers.

All the good stuff all can be found by tapping the top button here. If you want to start working out just tap on the bottom here and it gets you plenty of options as well all sorts of different activity and workout modes – oh so, when you type on one, it immediately starts the workout very nice, simply long press to end The exercise very nicely done now, if i’m just messing around the watch, it is very smooth. Transitioning between tiles is very smooth. The animations are also very nice and the brightness itself. Let me see if i can bump it up to maximum see how that looks like yep. This is definitely good enough for outdoor viewing, no problems whatsoever. So from here you can also adjust your always on display or just turn it on very nicely done and long press the home screen to get to your list of watch faces and you’ve got plenty to choose from from here and i’m sure you can download more Through the companion app, but now that we’re here, we might as well take a look at the companion app now as usual. Your component app here has a bunch of features that you can access, which basically gets you more information than you can on your watch itself. So you get your notifications, whether uh your health monitoring and fitness tracking and data as well, it’s, also equipped with gps. It supports galileo, glonass and bds as well, and besides all those features.

I also forgot to mention that this watch has a 5 atm water resistance rating, meaning you can take a dive up to 50 meters with this watch so for the sensors, you have the blood oxygen level, sensor, geomagnetism, positioning air pressure and even your accelerometers. So a pretty robust set of sensors in a compact watch when it comes to battery life. This 46 millimeter version can last you about 18 days according to evo, which is impressive. Over two weeks is pretty good for the 42 millimeter version. It lasts you 90s, which is also quite impressive. A lot of premium smartwatches today can only last you about one or two days before you need a full charge again now this comes with a 478 milliamp hour battery and it supports 10 watts of wireless charging. You can charge it using a wired magnetic charger that comes in a box as well. Now the cool features put in this smartwatch is made possible thanks to the strong vivo rnd team that are more accustomed to making smartphones such as the vivo apex, which comes with a lot of groundbreaking features such as the half screen in display fingerprint scanner elevating front Camera the sound casting screen technology, as well as the gimbal stabilization for the cameras, well that’s it for my unboxing of the all new vivo watch. I can’t wait to start using this and test out its features. So let us know what you think about the vivo watch, or at least the early first impressions of the watch itself in the comment section below this is victor signing off.