So in this video i’m going to talk about the new smartwatch i bought myself, which is a fossil uh, hr, collider, it’s, a hybrid smartwatch and by hybrid it means it’s got analog hands with a digital screen behind the hands. I went for a um hybrid watch because i kind of really like the the look of old kind of you know, analog, watches and also like. I wanted the features of a smartwatch okay. So this is the watch. It’S got a rubber band and it’s got the heart rate. Monitor on the back. It’S got four dials in the center um. You can customize in the software and the app what is shown in these four dials and you can also customize the look of the ink display at the moment. I’Ve got it on the kind of notch pattern, but there’s a few other patterns you get in the app and you can also upload a sort of photo to kind of customize the graphics on the watch yourself at the moment, i’ve got it set on showing the Date, my heart rate, the weather, and how many steps i’ve done, but you can change uh what’s shown in these four dials in this in the app and there’s a few different settings uh, you can also customize what the three buttons do. Each of these three buttons on the side is clickable um. At the moment, the top one i’ve got set to stopwatch middle one is kind of like your start.

Stop button um on the main screen um the middle button. I’Ve got set to show my last messages from my phone to home and then this bottom right button i’ve got set to start exercise and record my exercise and there’s a few different types of exercise. You can record this top right. Button has also got a feature: if you hold it down, you can kind of turn off the information, so you can just have a planar screen if you hold it back down again, the dials with the information come back. One of the features i like about this watch is it’s got an e ink display, so it’s very low powered. In fact, i’ve had this watch now for a month and i’ve only charged it once and if i look at the app you can see, the app is telling me it’s on 44 battery power, which is pretty good for a month’s usage. I’Ve been wearing it daily. Admittedly, i’ve been taking it off at night, but um just be on 44. After a month, i think is really good. One quirky feature of the watch is: if the hands are in the way of the dials, you can just flick your wrist and then the hands do a full rotation just to get out the way of the dial, so you can read them. The watch also has a light. If you double tap at the top, then the led light will turn on it’s kind of got four different points which light up.

So i bought this watch on the fossil website. It was 132 pound in the sale, uh they’re. Normally about 180, i think this was a model that’s on its way out. So so i got a bit of a deal on it. It came in this nice box, so uh here’s, a clip of me unboxing it Music. So Music i’ve got the rubber band with this watch, but you can also get a leather band or um a stainless steel bracelet and the good thing about fossil watches. Is they just have this quick release lever that you can pull and then the straps come off really easily, so it’d be really easy, just to purchase another watch off the fossil whoops website, and then they just clip in so yeah that’s. Quite a good feature that you can replace the straps really easily. One of the negative points of the watch is i’d say. The interface is a little bit slow, um, it works and it’s functional, but i think it’s. Probably the e display is just a bit slow to refresh. So sometimes you click a button. It just feels like it takes a second or so to respond. It’S, not annoying it’s, just um you get used to it, but yeah. I guess the advantage of the eating display is the low power draw. The disadvantage is a slow refresh rate, so you control the watch through the fossil app. It does all the kind of basics you’ve expect from a fitness kind of app.

It records your steps. There’S a challenge feature, so you can challenge your friends to. I guess, compete on exercises. Um. The customized feature is probably one of the most useful things about the app you can control what the free buttons do. So you can set them to different features like the top right hand, button i’ve got it set to stopwatch, but i could change it to timer or commute time or i could set a wellness, dashboard challenge or music control and it’s the same. You can change any of these buttons to whatever feature you want them to interact with um there’s kind of a little icon here, it’s hard to see it’s a little pencil, and that allows you to change the uh background on the watch. So you can change from having completely plain background to uh some more jazzier ones. Uh. You can also add a photo which is quite a useful feature. So um, you know you can switch select anything from your photos. Uh. If i select my little girl here, i can um select what i want to see so just put that around her face. Let’S try that preview so um with a bit of experimentation. You can probably get something that looks good um, a lot of people on the internet, use logos and actually there’s a thriving reddit community about these phones, where there’s, a third party app, which allows you to do some more things that the fossil app doesn’t.

Allow you to do but um. I quite like this last pattern here now it’s, just seeing sort of in keeping with the watch um you can set alerts on here. So you can have move alerts like most uh watches will alert you if you’re not moved recently. You have uh app notifications, so i could turn on notifications from uh let’s turn on whatsapp notifications um. Maybe i want facebook messenger as well also on instagram let’s turn on facebook messenger. So those applications are now um notify me on my watch Music and then you have alarms. So you have the alarm on the watch and then you just got a basic profile. Where you can see your goals, you can turn the units into kind of metric or um logically opposite anyway, so uh also workout detection um. So you can get the watch to detect whether you’re doing various different exercises set goals. So i’ve got my goals as 5000 steps a day at the moment, connect different apps like google fit and that’s about it. Here is the charging cable for the watch, it’s just magnetic, and it just clips on um it’s, just a standard usb cable. So you can plug that into your phone charger or to a usb socket. It doesn’t actually come with a wall plug, but um you’ve probably got lots of those lying around anyway. Okay, so the exercises this can record are running cycling, hiking, walking running on the treadmill.

Elliptical weights, rowing machine, spinning, working out and that’s it. I don’t think you can go swimming with this watch. It’S got free atm, um, splash resistance, so it’s, okay for hand washing and other occasional contact with water, but um yeah. I wouldn’t take this swimming and i probably wouldn’t wear it in the shower it’s, okay for rain. I think lots of rain and occasional splashes that’s about it. Okay, so after having the fossil hybrid smart watch for a month, i would definitely recommend it. I really like the look of it and the sort of chunky kind of size of it and the fact it doesn’t. Look like a smart watch really appeals to me. So, if you’re looking for one of these watches i’m not sure what the best way to show it is, but if you’re looking for one of these watches, i definitely recommend it.