So i got myself an apple watch and i went on amazon and i ordered a few cases, but i realized that the water was seeping in long story short. I went to apple’s website to see if they recommended any cases and i came to know about the ultrabox xo edge. We are going to do a splash test and a dip test in this video and in case you’re, in a rush i’m going to give you the results right here. The splash disc was a bus and the tip test was a fail. So after water sports, i would recommend you take the case off and wipe it and then put it back on here. You can see me struggling to take the watch bands out. I had done my bedtime routine and i assume this is common knowledge, but maybe it’s not i’m a muslim and we have to pray five times a day. So when we make evolution before we pray, we have to wash our hands and we have to wash our arms up to our elbows so that’s. The other reason why i wanted a cover that was sort of waterproof or would keep the water out. So i don’t have to do this struggle. Every time i make evolution as you might have noticed, i haven’t done this enough times to get better at it. So, as you can see, there is hardly any water inside and i did like splash quite a bit of water it’s all clean.

I thought that was a drop of water, but it wasn’t this side. The edge was wet, but i also feel if i would have wiped my watch and my hands, it would have dried up. So i looked at all the sides and this side was totally dry, which is quite impressive. Actually, considering the amount of time my hand was in water, and now you see me put the case on, i didn’t edit. This part, because i wanted you to see how it’s such a nice fit, and you really have to stretch out the case a little bit to put your watch in sorry. That didn’t get captured very well now it’s time to put the balance on and that’s the end of the splash test, all right, so this was done on a different day and i’m going to put the case on so, as i said before, you do have to Stretch the case a little bit to get the watch in, so this is how it fits it’s, a nice style fit and i’m going to put the pants on now, it’s time to turn my watch on. It did take a long time to turn on and i’m going to turn on the water drop feature, which is in series 5.. So if you’re going for a swim or you’re taking a shower, you can just turn it on. It helps keep the water out. So you can see that drop water drop on the top i’m going to now submerge it in this bowl of water.

I don’t put it in for a long time, but i think it’s enough. I haven’t edited any part of this. Video you’ll only see me fast forwarding it to save your time, and you are going to see me drying the excess water from the watch. You may use a towel in real life or a paper towel i’m now going to turn the digital crown and what the watch does. Is it vibrates for a few times to take the excess water out? So i do that first and then i’ll take the bands out and the case out and show you how much water actually went inside. So i tried my best to dry any water that was on the top, so we wouldn’t get confused with the water that seeped inside and it looks pretty clean, pretty dry now time to fast forward. So now it’s time to take the bands out and the case out. So this is a piece of advice which i feel i should have done for. The first test, too, is to turn the watch off. So then you don’t see that keypad asking for your passcode. So you’ll see now if there is any water in the bands which i do find, so this is like original apple bands. When i feel, if there is this much water inside it really doesn’t matter that’s, why i feel they’re designed that way. This was just my thought. You just do see some water inside not much, but it was there.

So while taking the case out, i was fearing my nails are going to scratch the watch or the glass, but thankfully that didn’t happen again. You can see me struggling there so here i could see water droplets on the power button and on the other side too, i was able to see some water and even on the edges, i tried my best to show it to you, and maybe you cannotice, especially On this side, but personally i was quite taken aback looking at that amount of water, so we know apple watch is waterproof and we can take it for water sports.