So, as you know, we’ve got the real series 6 watch right here and we have the i8 pro series 6 clone right here as well. The reason why i’m showing you these, because these are nearing off the identical boxes between both of these smart watches, now as always make sure you follow me on one of these social medias. As i always post sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and as always people make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified right. If you want to see full reviews on either of these items, then make sure you check out my previous video today, i’m just going to show you what the box is like and what the smart watches are like switching on just to show you what they like. If you want to see the full features check out the previous videos, i will leave the link in the description box below and check out my previous videos, anyways let’s get straight into it. So i wanted to show you here: is the original series 6 watch box and check out the uh, the pull tabs actually to open these up, so see how it is on this one? And then, when you open these up, like this you’re, greeted with two boxes, uh that has the smart watch inside and one is for the uh buttons and look at the pictures that we have inside you’ve got pictures of the watches in different colors different designs.

Right here, that’s enough, but yeah that’s, why? This is what i wanted to show you um and when you’re coming into your smart watch, let’s open the mask mark, which is already i just wanted to show you what’s inside the box. So you’ve got a cutout of the smartwatch right here and you’ve got your manuals and also your charging brick. That goes right there and the other one is for your bags, which only comes with one band, which is in two different sizes, so that’s what you get inside the real box now when it comes to the i8 pro. This is definitely similar. Of course. Yes, it’s a little bit smaller it’s a cheaper cardboard as well, but it’s the same layout check out you’ve got your pull tabs right here and you’re. Probably thinking what’s the inside like well check that out exactly the same. Look at that! This is the real one. This is the i pro clone. Look at that. Let me just move these boxes out of the way for you to show you a better picture here. We go you wouldn’t even know. If you just looked at these, you won’t even know which one is real, which one is fake. They all look identical. Of course, the column variation might be a little bit off, but you know it looks the enough decent, so they have definitely duplicated this box to make it look the same. So that is the i8 box right here, and that is the original series six box right.

There and when it comes to the series six box, this is what you actually get. Everything is inside one box right here and we’ve also got another pouch. We call which comes with two different bands: a normal blue band and a normal uh. Well, this is like an elastic a band in a different color we’ll leave these out because we’re going to see if these bands from ia pro fit my original smartwatch and vice versa. Here is the smartwatch. It comes in four different colors, black, blue red and pink and it’s like it looks identical the same and well see inside the box. You get your charging ring and manuals the same. So that is the boxes from both of these uh smartwatches ia pro and the original uh series six smartwatch. Now what we need to do is check out. The watches right here is the watch. The original is on the left and the uh ia pro clone is on the right. So let’s just take a look at the body. First then we’ll switch them on just to show you what they’re like so overall, they look identical. Of course, the color is a little bit different. The ia pro has a bit of a bezel at the bottom and a little at the top, but it don’t matter because it performs okay. So you can check out the previous video coming to the right. Everything is placed a little bit uh. Well exactly the same.

The i8 pro is a little bit thicker as well as you can see, they both are 44 millimeters as well, but the crown placement is exactly the same. Uh, the micro tau and the power button is exactly the same position both of the crowns work when it comes to scrolling as well and when it comes to the back it’s a little bit different, because the original has the blood sensor as well. Um and the fake, the clone i8 pro is just copying the sensor from the previous uh series 5 and 4 clones on the market, but you still have watched six generation, 44 millimeter and with the original it’s apple watch as you would know, but we have the Same uh button when it comes to putting the bands on and off as you can see, right there so that’s. Okay, coming to the other side, you have got some speaker grilles on the ie pro they’re a little bit. Bigger ones are fake and one’s. Just working with the original they’re, both smaller, but they both are working because original is the best try putting that in your head. Instead of asking for the link on three columns because they don’t work that good, you can check out the previous video. If you want to know more about these, so how do you switch this one on this? One doesn’t have a always on display as well. This is the i8 pro, and this is the original series.

6 that’s. Why the series 6 is on. I use this, but the ia pro has quite a lot of watch faces as well. Like i said, if you want to see the uh let’s try to connect to my phone now, but if you want to see the full review check out the uh previous video, so you can actually check that out. So yeah it’s not going to connect because i’m actually changing my phone to a iphone 12 pro now so yeah there we go so you can actually change the watch faces with the crown as well and same with this. So let me just unlock this one. Well, you can’t change it with the crown um. If you hold it in, then you can actually change it, but you get animation as well, which is good and with the original you would know that you get a lot of watch faces and you can put the watch faces to yourself a little bit same design When it comes to changing your watch face so let’s, stick with that one, how we got that one so we’ve got let’s see if we can get a similar one to the original. I think everyone can get a darker version, a lighter version on this one as well, so there we have it when it comes to the menu i’ve got it in list view, but when it comes to this one it’s also in list view as well you’ve got The smart view, which you cannot also change as well on the screen, actually scroll, actually works, as you can see on the ia pro.

Of course, you’ve got a bit of uh it’s, much more smoother on the original. Let me just put my passcode in because it’s not on my wrist and as you can see, it’s much more smoother and you’ve got a lot of features with the original compared to the ia pro. So there is a little bit of difference. Of course, there’s a bit much a bit of a lag with this i8 pro, but i just wanted to show you what both of these were like with the real versus fake one. More thing we need to check is the bandsaw. As you would know, i’ve just got the original black ones for the original, but i have got a few other different bands on order. So they’ve not come yet that’s. The original let’s see if the original fits on the i8 pro straight. On no messing about nice click as well and they are locked in as well. You can’t push them back out to push them back out or you, as you would not see, that’s the original there because it says 44 millimeter and they fit because that’s how you can tell that. I pull the 44 millimeter because this it fits nice and smooth onto it and to open it back up. You just press the button and there we go so that’s how you know it’s exactly the same size, because the real bangs fit on the ia pro. So now we have the original series six let’s see if the band actually fits so let’s go into this one and we’ve clicked it straight.

Let’S put this one in. Why is it this way there we go clicked straight in and check that out this. Actually it doesn’t match the uh form that we’ve got but yeah this band looks decent i’m actually start wearing this one. Now i actually like these kinds of bands. I’M, not gon na lie, but this is the ia pro band on the original series: six that’s, how you know they’ve done identical body wise when it comes to these smart watches, coming to the health app wise on the uh i8 pro they don’t work as good I’M, not gon na lie, so, instead of checking, you can check out the previous video for full information about it. Of course, if you wanted a smartwatch that really works when it comes to health apps or you exercise everything just stick with the original, you don’t need to buy the cd6 and you can actually buy series five, four three game until one whatever you want, whatever you What’S in your budget, but these are just cheap versions: knockoffs that look like the same, even with the box, but don’t perform the same as the original. As you would know, when i unbox and review and these smartphones as well, they look the same, but they don’t perform the same anyways. If you want to see any other videos with this there, then let me know in the comment section below this is the latest i8 pro um clone compared to the original as well.

I have got a lot of the videos coming uh with different smart watches as well, so make sure you are stay tuned for that and make sure you subscribe as well anyways. I hope you enjoyed this video.