So today we will review the real me band uh. I bought this one in sm, so i’m, actually using as well. The real me x3 super zoom in recording this um, you know, is the in this video. So if you wanted to check on the review and the unboxing that i did uh just check on my channel, so this packs a large color display uh real time. Heart rate monitor cable, free charging, app notification, sports detection tracking, and it is an ip 68 band, so you don’t have any problems when it comes to rain, uh stuff like that, so let’s open it up and see what’s inside to be honest, uh. I was kind of thinking there’s a lot, but you only get the band itself. So this is the real me band. I got the color green, so it packs uh. So, by the way you could change um what you call it you could change the face. So you could change from this one to another uh design stuff. Like that, let me let me show you where to change it. I think i could still do it in here. I’M. Not sure. Maybe i can maybe i cannot um let’s see. I think we cannot change it here. You need to go to the app to change the face, but there’s really a bunch of face or watch face. You could choose from there’s. Also, a bunch of like sports feature that you could place in this watch, but you’re limited to just three at a time, so i chose on walking, running there’s, walking, running and biking, since these are the things that i do aside from that i did set an Alarm so it alarms every 11 30 pm every night.

You could control your music using this one. You could even find your phone there’s, also a notification if you’ve that you need to drink so that’s that’s. One feature that i really like about this watch it’s pretty much accurate uh. It gives us as well um like uh, 24 hours, heart, monitor and as well. Sleep monitor, there’s, still no spo2, but i mean at the price point of 1200. This is worth your buck, but the downside of this one is this is pretty much not a scratch proof panel. I think this is just a regular glass. If you can see there are, there are like hair um what they call that hair um scratches but they’re. Also like really um, really like heavy scratches i’m, not sure. Maybe when i was sleeping it, it bumped in maybe the bed or something, but i could see scratches that are not like hairline scratches. So the back of this one is yeah. I’Ll show you the back. So this is a sensor by the way, guys how accurate the distance i mean. I believe each watch is not that accurate, especially if you’re riding like a jeepney or or a car, and sometimes it detects that you’re running or you’re biking or you’re walking, while you’re riding you know the vehicle. So sometimes you get like 10 000 steps, but to be honest, you did not like walk that much. So this is also one of the downside things about uh.

You know uh smart watches. Maybe there are high end watches um. That is more accurate. I did purchase on the huawei uh gt2 pro the new, the newer model. I will review that in uh, maybe a couple of days or a couple of weeks. I will also do an unboxing with that, but you know the price point is really that different. I mean it price it around 12. This is priced at around 1 200., so guys um. This is all that i could say about this watch. So if you wanted to start up, you know a fit watch for you. I would recommend you buy this um. You know it’s worth the buck and you get i mean, and you get a lot of features out of it so guys. I hope you like the video please i mean please share the video please subscribe to my channel, so i could create more videos in the future.