Look at what’s on various sides of the box: there’s a realme logo here, one more realme logo here, the top and the bottom have nothing, and if you turn it around, you see a little more information now here you get to know some basic features of this Watch, first of all, i think this is a look at the charger for the real me watch. It looks interesting, looks like there are a couple of pins there. You can place the real me watch, probably on that, to charge it, and it says that this has a large color display also says that there is a replacement watch trap you get daily activity tracking, which is expected in any fitness oriented watch i’m. Not yet sure. If this is a smart watch, we’ll find that out later in this video now there is an spo2 monitor here, which is interesting to see basically monitors the blood oxygen level it’s useful in case you’re, measuring your endurance levels, especially if you’re going on a high altitude Trek or maybe, if you’re, obsessive about the numbers on your marathon training, then knowing that is useful, 24 7 heart rate monitor, which is again good to see probably good for runners, uh we’ll find out once we have tested it, whether it’s, actually useful or not, but For now, it’s good to see that feature and it’s promising 14 sport modes and says that this works with real me link app, which is android only at this point, as i mentioned before now, this is the black color variant, as has been written here and there’s.

Not much else to see here so let’s get started with the unboxing, so let’s get the plastic wrapping off so here’s this bright, yellow box. Now this is a color that seems to have become a real me branding thing now, we’ve seen it in multiple other products, where the yellow box has been seen anyway, so let’s open this, and the first thing we get here is the watch itself, so let’s quickly. Take it out so there you go, that is the real me watch. I’Ll take off the plastic wrapping! Keep it aside, so this seems to be made from a kind of soft material, pretty easy to latch onto we’ll. Do that later, there is a single side button here, i’m gon na see if there are any other buttons on the real me watch, no just the one button, okay, so this is what will attach the pins on the charging cradle, and this is probably the heart Rate sensor: okay, let’s, try and boot this device. So while the watch is booting, let’s try and see what else is there in the box? Okay, while this box can be opened um there is nothing inside so i’m just going to keep it aside. Let’S see what else is in here, you take this out, so this is the charger for the real me watch, and there is also this user manual over here i’m going to keep this aside for now and let’s. Just look at the watch and the charger.

So here’s the real me watch. This is the charger. Interestingly, this charger looks uh very nice and compact. If you look at what you saw on the box, the charger is actually quite tiny. When i first saw this, i was a bit worried that okay, it’ll have a huge charger, it’s, not good to see, but this is quite compact, it’s very handy and should be fairly portable, just try and attach this quickly it snaps on pretty nicely uh. Let me try and put it this way: yeah. Now it doesn’t snap on so that’s a nice stage, actually there’s a bit of a magnet action here happening so i’m, just going to show it to you once more just to maybe try and illustrate how this snaps on. So, even though i left it it nicely slaps on and when i like invert it and try to put it, it doesn’t get attached that easily. So this is actually very good to see because it’s easy to place the charger on the watch itself, and it will only snap on when you put it the right way. This is a design flaw that we’ve seen in multiple products where you can place. The watch inverted as well and it won’t charge then, but now here you can clearly see that they’ve made a nice touch here anyway. We have what we have here and there is a usb type, a cable here to charge the product so enough about the charger.

I’M, going to keep it aside and i’m going to continue with the setup of the watch itself. So now i can scan and download the real me link app, which i’m going to get to right away. Okay, so we are ready to link the realme link app with the real me watch as soon as this setup process is complete, i’ll be talking about some basic specifications so now it’s connecting device has been paired and my realme watch is now connected. So let’s take a look at this watch quickly. The display is a color display. Colors are not very, very vibrant from what i can see right now. Of course, i’ll use this in detail and talk about the display at length later uh. For now, what i can say here, i’m just getting this phone out of the way yeah. What i can say here is that the scrolling is not very, very smooth, there’s no lag as such it’s just that it seems a little bit choppy. There are a bunch of apps here, such as stock watch, weather settings, camera music, sleep, heart rate, spo2, workout, etc. Let’S quickly check out what workout modes it has all the usual ones. You know outdoor run, indoor, run, strength, training, basketball, table tennis, etc. It’S good to see all of these things, especially strength, training, now um here there are some more settings i’m going to make it continuous heart rate enabled. So this is an important thing, because, if you’re serious about workouts, you need continuous heart rate monitoring.

You would like to check your heart rate. More often, this has a negative impact on battery life, but for me it’s a very useful feature, so i enable it by default, uh good to see that wake on wrist raise is enabled by default um, so that’s good. We can also set do not disturb mode on or off, i’ll, probably check the app a little later and see if they have some kind of a setting that allows you to schedule. Dnd uh. You can choose 24 hour versus 12 hour time. I prefer 24 hours. So that’s, what i’m going to keep i’ll use the side button to go back, so the interface is pretty sorted like the side. Button is basically a back button in most cases power off reset uh. I don’t want to do any of these things. I’Ll just quickly. Go back, oh yeah, one more thing: let’s check about this watch. The hardware and software versions are given there. Okay, so there’s, not much else to say about the real me watch at this point. Um.