Yes, this is the fourth month i’m using this phone. Sorry, i mean watch a smartwatch and when you hold this uh smartwatch you feel premium. You will not feel that much of premiumness but yeah but okay in terms of pricing, and you might be wondering how have put this wallpaper. Yes, you can put any kind of wallpapers in your photo like that, and this heart rates keep working for 24 hours for every five minutes and i’ve used this for more than for four months in terms of using. I don’t feel any lag in this and it shows me this uh weather and the sleep thing i don’t feel it’s accurate, because i’ve never wore today. Night, it’s not accurate, i guess, but the heart rate works pretty well and the steps work pretty well – and this has many Music options in this workout spo to heart rate activity record sleep, music camera find my phone meditation alarm stopwatch weather settings. This phone works very sleek, one touch. If you press it will go back another touch. It will take back to your home page. This workout outdoor just get around 14 games according to your liking. If i press it will start and this heart rate activity record sleep. You can keep alarm as well. The alarm only works when it vibrates settings general custom system. What i feel about this watches the bezels are more. The bezels are more, which you many people don’t like it, but in terms of appearance, this resemble apple watch.

A lot of people that are asking me is this apple watch and if you haven’t, if you have a iphone people confirm that you are having this apple watch any people, if they see it very close, they can get to know that this is this. Isn’T apple watch yeah. This watch is very good in outdoor conditions. I feel the brightness need to be a little more added up, because the brightness is the brightness isn’t very much good a little more bright. It would have been better, but when you once you take it outside don’t feel that it’s bright, but in night it works pretty well, it handles very well see. I don’t feel any lag in this. Yes, and in terms of straps this, the quality of straps is not good. Yes, i don’t feel any rashes, but i don’t feel it’s premium when your hands wet it might be little bit irritating irritating, and this gets scratches when you do it like this, you can see scratches on the straps when you use it roughly and uh anything. You touch it might damage it. If you tear like this, it will not open but it’s. Well. For me, i think it’s good, but they must had little bit improved the wow straps. Yes, nice watch. If you are bored of your straps, just you can see this over here, you can just remove this and put another straps and even real me is also living straps and you get a lot of wallpapers as well.

Once you play long press, you get watch faces and even still more it’s there in the app you can install the real me link and that app is very good it. It works pretty! Well, if you, if you want to install that app it’s good without the app also your watch works, but to start. But when you open the box and you bought the first watch, you have to install that and or else your watch doesn’t work. Yes, the bluetooth connectivity of this watch is very fast. I guess, if you keep your watch a fireplace if you are living in first floor and you keep your watch in second floor, it connects very fast, and i like that, bluetooth connectivity is very good. This gets a bluetooth of 5.0 uh it’s, a good smart watch for um android users. Even iphone users can use this.