The real me watch s that i have here on my wrist today and i’ve been using it for a couple of days now, and i just wanted to share with you guys my opinions and thoughts about what this watch really is about and whether you should consider Buying it as your next smart watch so without further ado, let’s, not waste too much time with the intro and let’s just jump straight into the watch itself. So i’m, currently filming with my smartphone here, so the footage might not be the best looking but i’ll try to make it usable. So please bear with me yep. You can see me there using my iphone first up let’s talk very quickly about how it looks. I think it looks pretty decent, not too sure about the two stripes down on the strap, although the strap does feel pretty good, it is actually quite thick here. The strap so very good quality rubber strap here, although a bit too thick for my liking, but yeah. No big deal moving on let’s talk a little bit about the build quality about this watch, so i noticed that we do have this metallic kind of look on the sides all around the watch itself, and it does feel pretty good. It doesn’t feel like any kind of cheap plastics or whatnot. So oh yeah, just just so you know, the price of this thing is about 329 ringgit, i think, but for 12 12 it’s going for 299 ringgit, which is actually pretty affordable.

So at the sides here we do have these two buttons um, which are actually pretty cool. One of it is actually like a select and back button, and the other one is like the shortcut key where you can activate your workout modes when you just click it right away, so very easy to operate just two buttons over here. What i didn’t really like about these buttons is the way it sounds not sure if you can hear it over the the phone right here, but yeah, not a big complaint it’s just that the buttons do feel um. I don’t know how to explain: it’s, not the best but yeah it works pretty. Well all right. So next up, i just want to talk a bit about that display. So we do have a circular display, as you can see here, it gets pretty bright even under like very strong sunlight like this, but yeah very good display all right. So you can see that the bezels on the display here is actually fairly thick uh. I think in a way, it’s also good, because if we have such a small tiny display uh, the watch would look very much smaller, but with these huge bezels around it, it kind of gives you that this watch is a huge watch, maybe more suitable for the Guys, i’m, not too sure, i’m sure it works well for the girls as well, but yeah. It just gives the impression that this is a larger watch, uh yeah, so that’s, probably the goal that real me is trying to get with the real me watch s, but yes, back to the display it’s pretty good.

I would say very clear: actually you can put on your own picture as your wallpaper. So i’ve got this really cool, bmw, m4 or something going on here and it looks great guys i mean yeah. It looks really good all right. So if you notice this, the display doesn’t really refresh very quickly – and you can see this very apparently when you swipe through the widgets so instead of like slide sliding across or just gliding across, or you see that there is a it just flicks to the next Page which, in my opinion, is actually fine but since we’re on that note, let me show you guys how this works, if you just glide down here, and there is a little bit of a delay going on but again uh to my to my to me, this Is actually pretty acceptable, uh and it’s no big deal all right, so let me just show you how you navigate this watch if you pull down from the top. This is where you get your notifications, and you can actually see your notifications pretty clearly here. The tags are actually sufficiently big enough for you to have a good view on this, so facebook yeah, you have some comments over there. Thank you for that. Let’S go back and if you just swipe up from the bottom uh, this is where you get into the come on into the app list. So we do have a couple of apps here are pre installed into the watch.

Obviously this is not wear os, so you can’t install any other apps into the watch itself, but this is what you get uh. We do have a couple of items here: the weather, your heart rate. You have your music controls, your spo2 readings, uh. Of course you have your sleep tracking, a timer, your countdown and even a camera shortcut key, so this is got the kind of apps that you can expect to get from your watch and it’s. Actually pretty pretty good. I would say, because it covers all the basics that you would expect from the watch. Obviously, this doesn’t come with any internal memory or a built in mic or a speaker. You can’t make calls directly on the watch itself, and neither can you hear any sound from the watch, so yeah pretty standard stuff, all right. Moving on let’s take a quick look at the list of activities here, and that is where we get to the shortcut key uh. We have, i think, 16 activities here it comes with your runs. Your walks, your cycling, some other stuff here that you can see on the camera right now. You, of course, have a couple more stuff here and let me see if we do have, we don’t have swimming actually looks like we don’t have swimming here, so it is water resistance, but looks like swimming isn’t, one of the activities being tracked here. So if you’re looking for swimming, you got to look elsewhere guys.

Another thing to note about this watch is that it doesn’t come with a gps built in, so you will have to carry your smartphone with you. If you want to track any kind of pace or distance, or you know the most important information that you need, so you have to carry a smartphone with you and yeah that’s, a small bummer, although for myself personally, i always carry my phone on me when i Go for my runs all right, so, apart from that, we do have the activities like i mentioned, that’s, not your heart rates, and you can see it right here. Actually, i think it’s the screen behind yep. This is where you have your heart rate tracking all day, heart rate, you have your sleep tracking as well. I think it is pretty accurate. Actually, i slept at two last night got up at nine in between i had some time awake, your light sleep, your deep sleeps, your rem yeah. I might be dreaming of some rubbish right there, so i have rem going on. Apart from that, you also have your sbo2. Let me see um, i have it in my list here and actually i did test it out and i got like 97 or something like that – it’s fairly, quick to actually detect your spo2 and that’s. What i appreciate about this watch i’ve tried some other watches and it took like 30 to 45 seconds. So the real me watch s.

Does it in like 15 seconds i kind of vouched for how accurate the sp02 readings are, but yeah i mean it’s there. So, whether or not you trust it um that’s really up to you all right guys, i think that’s pretty much it for the real me watch s. Apart from that, we do have some battery life a good battery life going on here. Real me is advertising this to be able to last two weeks on one single charge so far, i’m, getting pretty good battery life here as well about like 10 per day yeah, so i’ll definitely be reporting more on that and seeing if we can actually hit the 15 or 14 day advertised battery life, but uh if you do get 10 days or so i think it’s actually already good enough for a watch like this all right guys. I think that’s pretty much it for this video. I really got ta get out of the car now uh, but yeah just to quickly sum up the real new watch as at the price. It comes with a pretty decent set of features that you can expect from a smartwatch today, of course, at the price as well. There are many options out in the market as well, but yeah. I think the real me watch s is a pretty decent value buy for anyone looking for an affordable, smart watch, all right uh, if you have any more questions as always, feel free to leave them down.