U, this is the latest member of the bip series from amazefit, which has been super popular ever since its debut almost about three years back as a super, affordable, smartwatch line that gives you basic fitness tracking, as well as notifications and a ultra lightweight form factor, and Because of the price point hovering around 50 bucks, ish it’s been doing super well on the market for a while now. So this is the latest refresh here in late 2020., like its predecessors, it’s still giving us a lot of value for the money, and perhaps the most obvious difference now is it’s using a ips lcd display, which is very contrasty, almost reminds me of amoled or oled. At certain points, it just shows off colors in a super saturated way and it’s. Super bright, vibrant also means that the battery does drain a little bit faster and also it doesn’t have a always on mode anymore. However, it does have a very sensitive gesture where you can just kind of flick your wrist up to your face, and the watch basically will just turn on. The new display type also helps the ui feel more snappy and smooth transitions are now handled in a more graceful way compared to the more abrupt jumps found on the original, which had a slower processor and also slower refresh rate of the screen. So this feels a lot closer to what you’ll find on, say, a galaxy device or an apple watch and definitely makes it again feel much more expensive than the low price point would suggest.

However, in terms of functionality, it still is very similar for one it’s, ultra lightweight it’s still made out of this polycarbonate plastic build, but it’s super slim and just like before feels almost invisible when you’re wearing it on your wrist, where you can kind of wear it. Every day and kind of forget it’s, even there, on your wrist, which i personally am a fan of the screen size by the way, is a little bit larger this time as well, at 1.47 inches diagonally and, although it’s still being protected using corning gorilla glass 3. For scratch, resistance, it’s, also domed and curved now, so you can see how here at the edges, it’s actually going to be curved downwards at the corners where you can swipe along and the movements do feel a bit more smooth because of this slightly curved glass compared To the flat glass that you’ll find on the original, so a bit more attention to detail in terms of the build, although the overall feeling is still very similar, the watch straps as always, are removable and customizable for different colors and textures and there’s. Also, a simple crown key on the side for waking up the device, as well as navigating the ui for doing things like jumping into the main list of applications, as well as long holding to take a quick look at your workouts that you can begin tracking. Overall. It’S, a pretty intuitive ui, which has seen a refresh and we’ll talk about that later on in this video.

Otherwise, in the rear here we do have a upgraded array of sensors. It still tracks your heart rate, of course, but it’s now, 24 hours and continuous. So you can do a measurement automatically at once, every few minutes to track your fluctuations and tell you if you’re falling into a danger zone and alert you to seek medical attention. The watch is still 5 atm for waterproofing, so you can use this when swimming and it can track your swims as well. So no need to take this off if you’re, taking a shower, for instance, and what’s. Also neat here: is you have sleep tracking, which is improved compared to the original this time? The bip? U can also track your naps so just like the honor band series, it’s very accurate, even if you’re sleeping for an hour or 30 minutes during the noon. For instance, it will count that as sleep and show that information in your statistics so improved accuracy and also more array of sensors, you can see there that definitely improves the overall sensitivity of things like the heart rate measurement. Other sensors, by the way, include an sp02 blood oxygen monitor which is great to see that’s also, a feature which was not found on the original bip, which is an upgrade here and also the charging mechanism, is now using a magnetic dongle like we saw in the Unboxing, which is very convenient to snap on compared to the original charger which required you to press it into a cradle.

So these are all small changes but slowly add up to a more polished overall experience at a similar price point. Now one thing that the bip – u at least the base model is emitting, however, is a integrated gps chip which the original bip did have. That means, if you’re running outdoors and want to track your route on a map you have to connect and bring along your smartphone to do that or there is the bipu pro edition, which sells for slightly more that has a gps chip embedded there’s, also kind of A sensor where, if you cover up the entire display, it also goes to sleep to prevent against accidental taps and triggers when you aren’t really using the watch, which is tuned very well otherwise. As aforementioned, i can long hold here to change the crown of the watch and it allows you to store up to five watch faces on the device itself. However, only two slots here are actually customizable where you can swap them for other options using the companion software, which is called zepp. The other two here are actually locked and can’t be swapped at the moment. So i do hope that in a future software update, they can enable us to also get rid of perhaps some of these default ones and swap it out for a customized ones. However, there are plenty of options to choose from using the app. In fact, over 50 watch faces many of them, which are new, just like some of amaze fits newer, smart watches and wearables.

The new trend these days is displaying interactive elements or modules within these watch dials. So these are actually widgets that you can program. You can get rid of you can resize so you’re, not just a static image that you’re seeing here. For example, if i tap on this icon there, i can tap on the top little circle to change that from displaying my activity to displaying the date to showing my steps or my heart rate or my pi score. So this can all be kind of tweaked to show different types of information, including weather info uh, depending on what you value or prioritize as being more important. So the level of customization has definitely improved compared to static watch faces, which could only show one style. You can’t really change any of the widgets. All of these elements are actually interactive. The watch will typically last around nine days on a full charge, far better than the apple watch and many android wear watches that you have to regularly recharge every night or two. However, that is shy of the original bib’s incredible 30 day or month, long battery life. With that being said, i still didn’t find this too big of an issue since the charging dock again using that magnet system is really convenient. Our first screen will show our daily activity in terms of the number of steps we’ve taken, which is represented by this red dial. Here. That will fully extend once we’ve completed our daily goal that we can set ourselves using the app as well as the number of times that we’ve been active and standing up in the hours during the day.

I can tap here, in fact, to take a closer look at statistics in terms of calories burned and how my particular steps do they compare with other averages during the week. This is by the way, the same exact, ui, ux interface, that we see on other amazefit wearables now, including the more expensive gts and gtr smartwatches there’s. Also the spo2 blood oxygen sensor. It works well and usually a measurement takes about 20 seconds to do. You have to hold still it’s, not a continuous sensor. However, you do have the option to automatically take this test every few minutes or once every hour. It can also give you notifications, if you’re falling into a dangerous zone. Sbo2 is nice to see because it’s, a metric that is tied also to your respiratory function, how well you’re, breathing and being able to keep oxygen flowing into your veins, so it’s also a symptom of covid. Of course, if you aren’t able to breathe properly. So if it falls below a certain threshold, it could be one of the symptoms to seek medical attention for and is a bit more important. These days overall works well, but you do need to make sure you get a tight enough connection on your wrist and finally, we have the pi score, which is a new function compared to the original bip, and this is a feature that allows us to see a Score out of 100, that tells us how active we are.

It takes into account various metrics like exercise steps, sleep things like that and gives us a total health score, and since everything is out of a hundred it’s going to be a little bit easier to understand, it’s a new kind of software feature built on in. Finally, we have the weather widget here that can tell us our humidity, as well as the upcoming weather pattern for the week ahead. Next feature over is controlling the music like a remote. There is no built in memory on the watch itself, so you can’t load mp3 songs onto it, unlike some of the more expensive wearables from the company. But if you’re connected using bluetooth 5.0 to your phone you’re able to play and pause the music skip tracks. Do things like that, which can be handy now, i can also swipe up by the way to take a look at notifications, as well as swipe down to take a look at quick shortcuts for things like changing the screen, brightness. Turning on a do not disturb mode as well as changing changing things like alarm, clocks and other system properties, overall it’s pretty intuitive and works well enough. Now, by the way, i can again tap once to go into a full list of all my applications. So this gives me access to more things like, for example, sleep that i can take a quick look at for my past activity and how my average sleep has been for the week again.

It’S quite accurate on here definitely working a little better than the original bib. As well see some workout activity directly on the watch for things like your distance as well as your calories burned, your average speed during the entire session, as well as a heart rate diagram, can all be visualized here and, as expected, the heart rate, as well as The pedometer are both very accurate by now so it’s going to give you a very close estimation of your true steps, as well as how you’re doing, throughout the day, compared to the past generation trackers slightly improved accuracy there, but didn’t really have too many problems even Before so, the same thing applies now there’s. Also some things like meditation that helps you to relax and breathe, breathe in and breathe out, it’s kind of a coach that tells you to do that and alarms can also be set up directly on the watch as well. Allowing you to change the time directly from the device, so you don’t have to even sync it over from say the app in order to set up an alarm. Finally, under more you’ll find some additional information, such as a countdown timer for 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes can also be found on here afterwards. The watch has haptic vibration, so it will buzz to alert you that something is happening, although there isn’t a built in speaker, nor is there a built in microphone. So you can’t really do things like answer phone calls, for example, on this particular watch there’s.

Also, a pomodoro tracker, so you’re able to say, concentrate for 25 minutes afterwards. It will buzz and tell you to get up and move or relax for a few minutes and then get back into your work. There’S. Also, a world clock so you’re able to cycle through and see the time zone, differences and major cities. You can customize and add more cities using the companion app, which is pretty neat, use it as a selfie remote. So you can tap on the watch to take an image when you’re connected to your phone’s camera and also finding your phone that will allow your phone to vibrate and ring if you’ve dropped it somewhere behind a couch. For instance, syncing information using bluetooth 5.0 is very fast and convenient, and you can see all the information presented here. In fact, you can wear the watch separated from the phone for around a week or two, and it can still store all that data on the watch itself. So the next time that you sync, it will transfer that information over. So there is enough built in memory that you can use it for a while, without even really relying on the phone component, but anyways from here we can see more detailed info about our heart rate, um that we see broken down into different days and give us Some recommendations on things like how to improve various sessions compared to the other users and population improve our habits by again falling asleep earlier things like that will be presented on here.

So the ui is very attractive and presents information quite well, and now. Tapping on the store is where we can also customize the watch dials further as aforementioned there’s over 50 to pick from currently that are made by a maze fit, but because these watches are so popular as the original bib proved to be. There was a huge community following and there’s a lot of third party watch faces available as well, that you can further download from other sources and be able to push over so here’s an example of a photo that we took ourselves that if we want to use, We can also scale by zooming in zooming out and if we’re satisfied, we can tap on select afterwards. It will use that image. Instead, i can tap on sync next and it will send that information over to the watch. It takes about 20 seconds and there we have it. The image that we just took with our phone has now been transferred over to the watch interface so again, giving us a lot of customization for us to tinker around with so that’s, more or less it. As far as our review of the maze fit bib – u more than anything that’s about a refresh in terms of giving you another alternative for a more vibrant screen type. If you don’t want to use the transflective nature of the original, you want something that has more vibrant and saturated, looking colors, smoother animations from the ui and software, giving us the blood oxygen monitoring function and just a more polished form factor in general.

At a again very affordable price, just like before so it’s going to be worth, i think, taking a closer look at if you want to get a smart watch, but don’t want to spend an arm or a leg with that being said, if you are an owner Of the original bip, whether or not you want to upgrade, i think, will be a harder question to answer. If you like, the new screen type, if you like the new interface style, that could be still worthwhile if your current watch is getting slightly older, worn down, but otherwise, if you want something that has an always on display, there still is a reason to consider the Original model with that transflective nature it’s, just not going to be quite as punchy and saturated as the panel that they’ve chosen here on the bib. U so you can learn more details in the links down below, but for now that’s been our video thanks for watching. Here at os reviews, that’s been the amazefit bip.