This watch is swim proof waterproof, so i don’t have to worry about damage from water, from washing my hands or sweat from when i workout with the watch on which is awesome. I also love that the watch doesn’t look like a box sitting on my wrist, like a lot of other smart watches. Do this watch has no screen protector on it and it’s been scratched and dropped and has taken no damage to the screen. The touchscreen is very responsive where os seems to work well, it’s, not laggy. Battery life is awesome. This has about a three to four day battery life. The watch was a little smaller than expected, but not a big deal. I bought this watch for my husband, my husband, liked it very much. The price is reasonable and there are many functions. It is very good to buy this watch at this price. Best watch i have ever owned has just the right amount of features. Heartbeat sensor, oxygen sensor, pedometer blood pressure, monitor, are my favorites. The battery life is incredible. Seven days in and i have 57 low maintenance looks expensive and stylish Music the battery lasts forever, and not even with all. The messaging notifications on which i really like touch screen is very easy to use and very responsive and holds up and does well in the shower lol. I really like full touch screen versus the bottom button. Phone app has a lot of different features and a lot of different options, but there are only three watch faces which isn’t a big deal: custaris apps, you can go out and download and get free watch faces other than that.

The app’s pretty well put together very bright and dark or morning easy to read long last battery. I, like it highly recommend you to buy this watch perfect substitute for apple watch for just a very affordable price, very function for daily use, and you will love an addict to it once you start it. I, like the message function that i can read and check message form different app anytime when i don’t have my phone close to me, especially when i am working, and i can’t using my phone. The heartbeat rate and calorie counting is also perfect for fitness people, and there are more than 10 different sports. You can choose to measure your heartbeat while exercising it have everything that my watch night have and in a more attractive price. I am thinking to buy another for my dad Music. I like this waterproof sport watch, it looks beautiful. Touchscreen is good to use. It is out of the traditional sense of watches and pedometers. It can even measure your blood oxygen and heart rate, explore new health data and strive to escort my health. The key is, the price is reasonable. This smart watch really impressed me. I was supposed to get it on may 15th when i placed the order, and instead i got it on april 27th, Music. It came with about 60 charge and i started reeking it right away, and surprisingly, it still holds 16 battery after more than 10 days.

Use way better than my previous one, the size is perfect and the bluetooth connection is easy and steady. The apps on the watch are very handy and powerful, highly recommended Music. I really like the watch. When i open the box. I was surprised the beautiful and fascinating surface. Then i connected the watch to my phone. It shows its powerful functions. It can monitor my heart rate blood pressure and keep the data in the app also it generated a report for me. It’S really great. I think my parents must love it and it can help my parents a lot. I took the watch and did a running the watch nicely record my pace and distance which make it uneasy for me to leave the exercise. Honestly, i didn’t sleep well at night. The watch kindly track my light sleep cycles, which can help me adjust my lifestyle. Also. It appears that the watch can be said to receive the message and call alert of the phone. I have not tried it and i am not used to it. I stayed home recently and the sports functions, health monitor functions and the cool style are good enough for me. So far the battery is good. I can use it for more than three days.