3. love the color screen all the extra data and the fact that it actually sinks all day long charge 3 was an awful product. I like how easy it is to use but which the battery lasted longer than three days, but overall, very happy with this product. I love this tracker have helped me to lose weight. Music love this so much Music. I just love it. While this is a christmas gift for our daughter who runs cross country – and it has met every one of her expectations – great quality, efficient tracking syncs, great with ios, also offer additional tracking apps through fitbit would definitely recommend. This is my fourth fitbit. It was a replacement for my second versa, 2, because i was not going to spend that much again for something that would barely last a year. Battery life on these verses is great at first then, a few months in battery life is three quarters within six months. You’Re charging every other day, don’t swim or shower. With this watch, i don’t care what fit that says. It kills them quickly. I love the color, the silicone band. The clock faces. How you can see your text is great too. Music. The size is fairly big and 5 apostrophe 5 in a medium frame, and the watch covers a good deal of real estate. On my wrist receive this as a gift. Last week i had a cheap step counter to see. If i would like to spend more on a fitbit so far, i love it.

The band is soft, comfortable and pretty lavender color. The device itself is pretty easy to use and navigate. It has helped me get moving more for sure and browsing the community on the app is inspiring also battery lasts. Five days keeps good record of everything i love fitbit, and this one is great. I love that i can control my music and respond yes or no to text messages. Works. Awesome, helps me and mt cardiologists monitor. My tachycardia without issue have only had a three days very easy to set up with the app and didn’t take long at all, loving it so far, that’s. Basically, what i need slash want still getting used to it being on my wrist. So sometimes i wear to lose so my readings don’t come out the best with the watch battery life could be better but isn’t horrible. Depending on how much i use it, i can get about three days. Use Music love, my fitbit. I have a small wrist, so small fits perfect. One can see, calls and texts you get on your phone. You can’t reply from it. If you an iphone it’s great for tracking your steps, heart rate, etc. I enjoy my fitbit very much love my fitbit versa. Light great price it was on sale. The watch is great in tracking, especially my sleep, the battery is terrific, it lasts forever. I charge it once a week every sunday and it usually in the 40s, and it takes 20 minutes to fully charge only problem.

The band is messing up my wrist and i’m, not even wearing a tight love it. This is my third fitbit. The price was awesome. I bought it for my birthday on july 17th and it was same day delivery. I charge it when i take my shower at night. By the time i come out, it’s charged and i’m able, to put it back on, to track my sleep Music being in the nursing field. This watch is a godsend able to track my steps, which average about 15 000 steps a day, setting, alarms and reminders. With a couple clicks, there are so many clock faces. You can change the interface to when i feel stressed. I click on the relax feature, which gives me the choice of a two or five minute. Breathing session works, great love that it is waterproof and i barely notice it while sleeping wish. I would have bought one sooner. I previously had the inspire. The screen was just too small, so i upgraded to the versa light. I was able to search all of the clock faces and find something i liked prefer to see the clock in hr on the front screen much easier to set up and view hr, sleep steps and notifications than other products out there love it. This is a great watch and tracker sleep workouts walks so much better than the i watch. I could kick myself battery life is amazing.