I decided to purchase this android compatible fossil watch. My favorite features are the following: heart rate: monitor being able to control music thanks. Amazon.Com, as always so far, so good we’ll update later battery saver mode is key Music value for money in great delivery Music. This is an excellent watch. It took me a while to connect to my galaxy note 8, but i eventually got through, but i would really love for the developers to add a more variety of watch faces. The item description said: the watch has a 30 millimeters bandwidth, but the watch came with a 22 millimeters ban Music first i’m, going to start with the battery, since that seems to get a lot of complaints and can make some people skeptical. I have no idea what people are doing with their watches, but i have found no issues with the battery. I think i could go two days between charges if i needed to after charging the watch for the startup instructions and allowing the updates to complete that part took some time. The only modifications i made to installed apps was removing nightly, run and spotify. I don’t use always on display, but i i get all my notifications and installed watchmaker to make a custom watch face. I have not experienced that dead within hours issue that others have complained about. This is a great style watch and a nice upgrade from my original moto, 360. First gen watch i replaced with it.

I bought this watch at the fossil store down in florida at an outlet mall when i was on vacation, so i did not buy from amazon. Just to make it clear so there’s no confusion, oh it’s, a good looking watch, but i also have the galaxy watch in the galaxy gear 3. The watch battery on the fossil watch is not Music, if you’re not into fitness and want a smart watch for work. This one is great battery life is awesome if you’re not using that stupid google fit stuff pizza life if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to pull out your phone in front of someone or just need to check an email to see if it’s, important Or not, this watch is perfect for you. I can go all day with this battery no problem. Yes, i do charge it every night, but oh well, i paid 180 for it compared to 450. solid watch for what you pay for, and it looks nicey easy to use very clear screen. Music love. The watch the latest wear os update is great. Although people complaining about the old cpu but overall performance is very good, Music got this for christmas and i got ta say i really like it. The watch looks great and functions. Well, i love using google pay on it. The navigation is great whole driving. It is a touch on the slow side when using apps. I don’t understand all the negative reviews about the battery.