This hybrid jacqueline is stunning in person. It doesn’t have as many functions as your average smart watch, but it does the job. My watch did not sync with the app the first try, but that’s actually my fault, since my phone was connected with another bluetooth device. After disconnecting the bluetooth speaker, my watch synced instantly vibrations are weak, but it notifications are in real time. I have yet to test the battery life on this thing, but for now i super love it. I read a lot of reviews and did my research before buying and it’s exactly what i wanted. It looks like a regular watch, but has the capability to track my steps and sleep and send notifications about texts, calls and other app notifications, snapchat, messenger calendar, etc. It was easy to adjust the band size more on that below and i bought a leather watch band as well and it was easy to switch them out. I switched to this from a fitbit alta and i much prefer the fossil watch. I find the watch to be way more comfortable. I don’t mind sleeping in it, which i couldn’t do with the alta, and i think it looks much nicer once you get the watch, you have to download the fossil q app and pair it to the watch. There are on screen instructions once paired. It sets the watch’s time. You can then select what the three watch buttons do. Mine locate my phone track fitness and take a picture using my phone’s camera.

You can also assign contacts and apps to particular numbers for notifications. For example, i assign my mom to number one when she texts or calls the watch vibrates and both hands move to the numeral one. Finally, you can enter data about yourself like height and weight and set your goal number of steps, what the fitness tracker tracks and hours of sleep for the fitness tracking. You can see your exact steps in the app or, if you assign one of the buttons to this, you hit the button and the hands move to show what percentage of your goal you’ve completed, see included. Video of note, the app has to be open for the notifications to work. I have an iphone and this just means it needs to be running in the background. So when you double click the home button, you can kill apps don’t kill the fossil q app. I was a tad worried about the size of the watch, since i have a small wrist and couldn’t find very many up close pictures. However, i think the size is perfect, see pictures the watch face itself is rather thick, but i found that it doesn’t really bother me and you can only tell when looking at the face and profile. The band is a little confusing, but i was able to figure it out fairly quickly. You need to lift the bar latch that says fossil then pop up the solid silver piece from the end near the fossil bar slash latch.

Then the silver piece is latched over a tiny bar, so you need to lift it up, slash towards the fossil bar latch to get it off this tiny bar. There are two pictures of the latch which will hopefully help that part make more sense. Finally, to adjust the band size, you will be working with the side of the band that has the fossil bar latch above. The tiny bar is a piece that has a hole in it. You will need to stick something in that hole. I used the blade of a pair of scissors and lift up the end near the tiny bar is the end that will come up once it’s unlatched. This piece will slide freely up and down the band. The closer it is to the watch face the tighter the watch will be again. The pictures of the latch should be helpful in understanding what i’m trying to say, there’s, also a video of how to do this on the fossil website. For this exact watch. All in all, i am very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a more classic look, but still with some smart functionality.