Connect to the ios easily shows messages. Preview shows alert best part is you can connect this with your help? How pretty looking watch doesn’t make you feel that it is just 50 bucks. This is a very simple and easy to use. Smart watch great features with full touch screen it tracks my steps, calories, burn control, the music heart rate, etc also can be paired with my phone to receive massage and call directly to the watch it’s. Just what i need, like it, Music already on a garmin venue, but want one that does not hurt if i scratch it for a fraction of the price of a venue. This watch offers a very good value. It is all the basic things like hr ox calories, steps, mileages and even blood pressure. The watch still has 56 percent of charge since i received it last week. Even i have continuous hr turned on the screen is bright and visible outdoor and i like the fact that it just looks like a regular watch overall. This is a great smart watch. It’S a nice watch for the money. The color of the green variant looks much better in person than it does in the photos. So if you like a turquoise color go for it features, you can change the background through the app. All you need to do is upload a picture from your phone. It integrates with your phone for notifications and music control. It has a sensor to turn on the screen.

When you look at your wrist, so you don’t always have to click the button. It has a heart rate monitor you can check it at any time. Just make sure the watch isn’t too loose, otherwise it won’t be accurate, simple navigation through the menus you don’t have to scroll a ton of times to get to where you want to be really like the design. Great for sport activities has a lot of cool features. Also that’s very nice to any casual clothes, great watch very good product. It has good features which are visually appealing and very accurate. My husband bought this watch and compared the features to his apple watch like heartbeat rate fitness tracking steps tracking. It was all very accurate. Another feature: the watch also measures your blood pressure, it’s, very good and user friendly. The battery lasts for at least five days with constant use, which is incredible. The first paragraph of description says: it’s a smart watch for men, but i question why the color is cool and she will love this it’s, a pretty unisex style, in my view, anyway, all the functions work well upon. Testing gives notifications. When you link it, the full touch screen is a good feature. No buttons to worry about, and operation is smooth will go over well as a gift Music. The body of the unit is made of plastic, but feels sturdy. The screen cover feels like glass, but maybe plastic. I can’t tell the watch band is rubber, but feels nice.

The touch screen functions well and is full touch. Music. Swipe hub gets you your steps, heart rate spo, to ect, whereas swiping right brings up the settings. Menu steps, heart rate sp02 seem to function really well. Also, lifting the watch to eye level will activate the screen, probably about 95 of the time. Occasionally it does not active.