I am very pleased still going strong. I get compliments from strangers. All the time had this watch for two and a half years, amazing watch better than i thought it would be. I had my eyes set on this smart watch from the day it was announced after much to and froze whether to buy this or not. Look at the price. Kame ended up purchasing this Music, though it was a splurge. It was worth every penny. Good points colin won stellar looks by far the best looking watch smartwatch out there looks beautiful on slash off Music swarovski crystals, add much fun to the otherwise businesslike smartwatch. Thanks to away for thinking about the female tech lovers and bringing this amazing piece 2. very handy. I find notifications related to meetings, sm, say steps or maps really useful, but then this is pretty much any of the android smart watches 3.. The screen just pops, the black is jet black and the other colors are just brilliant 4., very good battery life. I take it off the charging by 8 30 a.m and by 11 p.m. I still see around 40 to 50 battery available for reference brightness set at one, which is very clear to see even in broad daylight frequent notifications and some periodic notifications for maps such as drink water, slash calendar always on feature turned on five, the set of always On watch faces are beautiful in their own regard. It dims out majority of the watch face contents and keeps only the bare minimal illuminated.

It looks stunning even then some things which needs to be improved 1. ambient sensors to automatically adjust the brightness 2.. The glass is a fingerprint magnet. You need to keep cleaning it to keep it at its beautiful best, 3. thickness, it’s, pretty thin compared to a watch, see the reference image below, but surprisingly quite mine. For that circumference and width. I am sure, with new innovations. It’Ll be able to see a thinner jewel in a few years, but if you have very thin hands, probably better to give it a skip, my friend with thin hands tried it on and it looked like wall clock on her wrist. All in all, i was quite unsure until i received this watch in my hands, but once received this has been the best buy till date, and i am very, very happy with it. It goes perfectly with the office where in the evening, look Music. I doubt if i can: every go back to normal watch. Now just side note: the purchase was from amazon com using my husband’s account still using this watch, and i have received multiple compliments from complete strangers, regardless of the band mount only regret is that i didn’t buy one for my hubby when this was on sale. My first ah device and i could not be happier with the huawei 1. – i bought the huawei 2 classic at the same time, but immediately returned it because of the smaller screen and cheap plasticky feel and look.

The original hw1 watch is more my style. I bought it for everyday business, dress usage. I wish that it had nfc minus one star, but other than that. This is the best smartwatch out there. I considered the samsung s3 as well, but opted for all over tizen Music. Everything came exactly as said in the description and works perfectly love. Love love. This watch. I had the moto 360 for about a year prior to this watch, and this watch is much better than that. One Music, the quality and feel, and just overall look, makes it feel expensive and that you are getting your money’s worth. I have also received so many compliments on it, and people are surprised when i tell them. It is also a smart watch, edit a little over two years since i first bought this watch and still very happy with it. I did replace the band and screen cover once but that’s because of my clumsiness. I did of a period where i did not use it for a good amount of time and it was dead the whole time, but i recently started using it again and still works very well Music. The only thing i noticed change was that the speakers, through the watch no longer work when i make calls it directs me to my phone and music doesn’t play through my watch anymore either, but that doesn’t bother me. The battery life is still pretty decent. I’M. Pretty sure it’ll last me two days without charging, i still have the same opinion about the charger, but there is probably more options for a dock.

Now it has been five months since i bought this watch and am completely attached to it. I am a very uncoordinated person, so i’ve hit it a few times against. I do have a tiny tempered glass screen protector, since i know how clumsy i am the leather is peeling though it bothers me, but i’ll deal with it for now it’s pretty much just my phone made even more accessible to me. My phone speaker is actually broken. So the watch is compensating for that and i often feel like a spy when i’m talking into my watch. Also, the side knob turns for no particular reason. It’S only meant as a home button pretty much. I hate the charger and i can’t find a charging dock.