I love how the band is magnetic, as i have a small wrist so it’s hard for me to find the perfect band. I also like how sturdy the watch is. It’S overall, a nice watch and doesn’t look or feel cheap at all i’m. Currently using it just to track the miles i run so far. So good love the look and feel of this watch. The magnetic band makes it super easy to take on and off. The watch was very easy to charge and connect to my phone. The app has a lot of customizable features, which was a huge plus. The watch can have several backgrounds, including showing the weather, along with different watch faces. The battery life was great, a great buy between the comfort and features. You will not find a better watch. It is perfect size and has all key features. What you want include full touch, screen, timer, heart rate, monitor alarm, set blood pressure, monitor, etc, especially the sport and fitness functions recommended it to my friends and families recently bought a couple different smart watches from here on amazon, but actually already had another nice smart watch For about a year, but now wanted a new watch that also did blood pressure. Bp, these watches are one calcade z12c, two max w8 and three, a mosfet bit tl dr conclusion, get the calacate z12c as your first choice, but you can’t go wrong with the amazfit pip. Okay, the max w8 watch has a traditional round watch shape and is great for automatically measuring your heart rate.

However, the max w8 watch is terrible for receiving notifications, which appears too tiny to read on the max w8 watch from your smartphone. In contrast, the calcade z12c watch z12 underscore f033 is much more beautiful with its modern square body and has more features including much more readable note for the sleep function. You may have to wait till morning for any sleep numbers to appear, and also you currently have to select to manually, do blood pressure on the watch and cannot do so via the required and somewhat currently limited ct fit app on your phone Music. The gold version of the kalik z12c, as shown in the attached picture, is absolutely beautiful. The honorable mention, but not pictured is that you should also check out the amazfit pip watch, which is my other one year old smartwatch. The bip is very versatile and complete, but no blood pressure capability. Nonetheless, you cannot go wrong if you get the bip, even if no bp capability so which watch to get my top choice, is to get the calcade z12c watch for a great looking watch with more features, including notification alerts that are readable on the kalakate z12c watch Screen plus good battery life at approximately 12 plus days edit, but thus far for me, actual battery life for the calcade watch has been more like seven plus days, one week, which is still good, and so why mmv also a note on the battery charging cable it’s Magnetic and only attaches one way to the back of the watch and my guess is it’s, like the pebble two watch charging cable.

My second choice is the amazfit bip, because the bip is more mature of these three watches and can have battery life of 21 to 30 days, except the bip cannot handle blood pressure. My third choice is to get the max w8 watch. If you want continuous, hourly measurements of your blood pressure hartra, however, the max w8 appears to have shorter battery life at approximately three days and the awful useless notifications on the max w8 had forced me to turn off the call, slash message reminders and to set the Quiet hours for all 24 hours day, slash night to stop the tiny and complete notification alerts. This watch is amazing. I primarily purchased it to help track my steps, but man am i glad i got it. It’S extremely user friendly. Once i downloaded the app i didn’t have to do anything the time adjusted to the military time settings on my phone and everything it buzzes when you get a notification. So, even if you are away from your phone, you still know you have an alert Music after raving about this, i now have to buy one from my husband. Lowell wife got this for me after my fitbit died wow. This not only follows my steps and sleep. It keeps blood pressure, shows your location and weather notifications from my iphone plays music on my iphone and alarms easy setup with the app i’m very impressed. It has a big screen, so it is easy to read.

I was worrying if it will be too complicated to use, but it’s actually very easy to follow the instructions, great value, very easy to use and works good with my phone Music. I wanted a smart watch and then i bought this for myself.