My kids love it and, like it easy to use all the functions, work well, first watch for my girl: she loves it good quality and nice gift. I bought this watch to give to my brother as a gift. He is returning to have play dates and going out for a bike ride with his friends this summer, and i thought that the great product to communicate. He can call me whenever he needs something or call the emergency. The battery quality is very good. A this watch is easy to set up my 10 years old little cousin just got so excited with all the thing that watch can do. Wallpapers calls calculators, cameras and games it’s, a very good touch screen and i think it’s, a nice present to kiddos who know how to read they can independently use it, but still with all the parental control. I’M satisfied with my purchase, and i recommend this product. My six year old son loves this watch easy to charging and adding music. The battery holds its charge brilliantly for days. The strap is very soft and comfortable to wear question mark the option. To add 10 contacts is great as well. I bought the speed.2g sim card and it works perfectly. I got this for my nephew and there are really some great features with this smartwatch. First of all, the price is good and for a teenager i think it operates well for them to be able to answer.

Calls and perform some tasks with their watch. I also like the unique charging feature first time, seeing a magnetic charging technique and i think kits will think that is fun too easy to insert some and get started overall good value and allows the owner to enjoy some cool features that make it stand out. I bought this for my boy. He is outside most of the times playing around. This is really a life saver, as suggested in the booklet installed. Speed, talk sim, sometimes range doesn’t pick up in a few areas call quality s really good. Camera is not bad. Can play games record voices set alarm and many other interesting features are present. Battery is good too. We charge it two days once anyways package arrived safely. Installation and setup is easy, as detailed steps are given great product. Overall, i bought this for my nephew. He said it was so fun to have and play he likes it a lot. My sis said the wristband was comfy for kids, nice battery life, nice calling function, nice gift for kids anyways. I bought this kit smartwatch for my six years old son. He like it very much, there are many useful fun site and slash apps inside it, such as take photos, play music voice, record calculator, small video game, etc. I have not buy the sd card for the smart watch so did not check the phone call front sight on, but it is good as far as i know, by the way the watch band is very soft for kids.

I bought this watch for my nephew and he absolutely loves it. It have a really nice interface, which can be customized as well. I really like the magnetic charging system on this watch. Lots of games and fun activities too. My kids really like this watch. This is very simple: to use. Have some games take pictures, so many functions very good. I bought this one for my daughter as her b day present. She is so happy and playing with the watch. We havent added the sim card to this watch, but still so many things she can do it on the watch. Easy to use, watch, strap, is of soft material. Can connect watch to pc and watch has memory of 120 megabytes, which i believe is much less in these days no space to insert memory card. Overall, my daughter is enjoying her new watch very cool smartwatch for kids. First, my kid loves the color and the smoothness of the watch when wore on her hand.