Okay. So if you’re interested in buying uh something to track your heart rate and to do a lot more, then i i had to buy a new watch. My garmin watch and it broke on me so i’ve been looking for all through black friday and in the last few days, i’ve been looking at endless amounts of uh videos and reviews of all sorts of watches, and i want to keep doing the prices. I think this at the moment i’m doing this, is it before signed monday um. So these are the deals i can get on the sunday. Just before the time monday in the uk, uh and i’ve searched you don’t have to to find out that the best deals uh that you can get in the range is sort of up to 30 quid up to 50 pounds up to 100 pounds up to 200 Pound up to 150 pounds up to 200 pounds up to 300 pounds and up to 400 pounds, and i will show you very quickly what i think are the best watches in each of those brackets um under 30. Pounds currently is the xiaomi mi band 5, which is a great little tracker and is cheerful and upgrade on the very popular mi band, 4 um and for 30 pounds it won’t track. I think it might have connected gps, but it doesn’t do it doesn’t do a gps tracking, at least not in build, but you can take in the water.

It can monitor your heart rate under water i’m, not sure how well but it’s just a great little um fitness band and for 28 quid 20 29 quid on amazon. Well, you know that’s that that’s far and away the best one under 30 pounds so that’s it under 30 pound choice. You want to give it to you just a sort of throwaway thing: uh for you for a young child or something that’s that’s. Fine, and it does you know you can see, you see, there’s, the heart rate, monitoring and the step tracking and there’s. Quite a lot of exercise: 11 sports modes: um it’s got sleep monitoring on it’s, quite good huawei um huawei’s got so that’s what i mean in highway um, but it’s it’s it’s got a decent setup on it and the app’s all right. Moving up to 50 pounds. The bracket uh this one is um, actually not quite as nice, but it’s got gps built in. So this is the huawei band. 4. Pro it’s got a slightly smaller screen than the movement 5, but it does have a huawei in system which is quite a good sort of general app it’s, a pretty pretty long conditioned app and it has inbuilt gps. So you want you, don’t need going for a run or a cycle. You don’t need to take your phone with you um and that’s. Pretty impressive um and it’s little different watch faces. You can download from the huawei store.

Uh it’s got gps um. It has lots of different electricals and run outdoors and cycles and pool and water swimming i’m – not sure i’m, not sure i’d use it as a serious triathlete, but never mind under 50 quid 47 pounds. Definitely the one to go for at the moment in that price bracket i’d say the huawei band profile, because you get the gps with it, so um here’s a bit of a stunning deal. This is a brilliant deal at the moment. The ticwatch s2, which is a wear os so it’s, the google uh smartwatch operating system, wear os uh phone and it’s currently reduced this one. I think the other one. I think the black version is 99 pounds or 97 pounds. So you get the black 100 pounds as well. If you prefer the black version of this um, but this one see that the black version that’s the white one i’m shooting i can click on that for the white one there for the black one. If you prefer the black looking watch a bit more sort of, i don’t know bonded bat that’s 97 pound, but the white one is that this is 84 pounds um and it’s a nice bit of kit. You know it’s a it’s, a it’s, a it’s got, whereas you can put any thousands of watch faces. You can pick on it. I think it’s um i’ll show you click over there. There we go glacier. This one is glacier uh to the battery life.

U.S military grade blah proactive sports modes, um travel training for a heart rate, whereas by google built in gps um. You know what do you want for google play music? You can link with all these things. Your maps dropper it’s, compatible with all those sorts of things. Spotify um and it’s got thousands of watch faces and let me just look at the stats for its technical stats, so it’s 46.6, so it’s. Quite a big watch. Nice watch uh wear os uh an iphone, probably better, with android. I imagine because it’s wear os but it’ll work with iphone 1.’, so 400 by 400 pixels that’s, a good definition. Uh gyroscope hybrid sensor um two little battery five atmospheres. You know it’s 84 pounds, for goodness sake. You know that’s an impressive kit for day four pounds it’s the single best deal. I can actually find at the moment for 84 quid that is worth picking up over to the 100 250 pound range where i’ve cheated um. I have gone for the garmin venue square uh, which is exactly the same as a garmin venue except it’s square um and uh. It doesn’t have therefore, as many watch faces and things and also doesn’t have the barometer in it that the full garmin venue has common venue is exactly the same as the becoming vivoactive 4s in terms of what it can do, except the garmin venues have an amoled Uh dis display, so the display is a brighter, probably therefore not transflective it doesn’t last as long but but it’s it’s sort of not nicer generally or brighter about display.

Most of the most of these things, we’re watching here i’m led displays nearly all of them um. So that’s a very nice watch. I have cheated because this is with a discount it’s, usually 179 uh. You can get it on the blue light. If you’ve got anyone who’s in police – or you know, somebody’s going to be a colleague or your friend or your more likely your partner or yourself um is a nurse or a doctor as a nurse doctor or a policeman, etc. Firemen and anybody in the blue light. You can get this with a 45 pound discount which gets it down 234 pounds in the range and it is it’s a it’s, a gummy ecosystem, which is the best ecosystem. Really, you can be in terms of health, tracking fitness tracking. It does a lot. This is it’s, not uh super focusing on on running stats and things like that. Like some of the forerunners i think, stats and training and stuff, but generally as a general fitness stroke, smartwatch it’s incredible value for 134, pound 99 it’s, not about 179 either. In fact, moving up to the 150 to 200 pound bracket, we have curries at the moment, 199. um. We have the uh the full venue, it’s big, the big, the big, the big brother of which we’ve just seen uh, which is called a circular watch face uh and again. Otherwise, it has a barometer, otherwise it’s exactly the same, but it has slightly it’ll have slightly more sort of watch faces.

Things to choose from this thing can do underwater um, swimming tracking heart rate, monitoring, uh, mighty circums and the watches the bottom we’ve looked at. But this probably does a lot more accurately um as much as it can be accurate underwater, which probably isn’t much um, but obviously it goes right into the garment ecosystem. It’S got loads of things he does with it um so for 200, pounds i’d probably go with that, but at just slightly more, if you’re willing to pay the moment 12 quid more um. You can pick up a watch that i think, probably the most beautiful uh watch um, and this is on offer not just for monday and black friday, but this is on offer until i think end of the year on the huawei gt pro – and this is just Beautiful i mean this is just tell me this isn’t, a beautiful watch um just extraordinary it’s, titanium, it’s, uh, sapphire glass, these sorts of ceramic back. These are sort of things you don’t see on you know. Usually, these are 500 pound, plus 600 pound watches top of the range type stuff it costs to get this sort of stuff, as well as charging um. It just is a beautiful watch. I mean the only downside, with, of course it’s in huawei’s system, which is kind of banned because the us from linking with all sorts of us apps, so it doesn’t it doesn’t link with strava. So, if you’re, really keen on using strava or google maps or something you’re better off with the 84 pound tick watch, i’ll show you before um or, of course, garmin works with strava, but but um it just is just gorgeous.

I mean the reviews in it have been amazing and it’s. Just um just elegant beautiful watch um. So you know and it’s accuracy and it’s general tracking and it’s. I think over 100 sports modes, 100 workout modes, oxygen saturation, you know beautiful sapphire display it just looks gorgeous this isn’t any sort of watch um. So i would you know 212 pounds around the 200 pound mark. I think that’s that that’s one that’s very very hard to beat uh and then at the moment there is a deal on the top of the range line of on the top of the normal top of the range now for garments. The phoenix 6, which is the top of the range um garmin translator, display, watch, but absolutely does everything and it’s getting this a sapphire. This is, i think, it’s not the same, probably steal this one uh. It might not be zap out glass, but it but it’s it’s, it’s it’s the bottom of the phoenix 6 series, but it’s nevertheless, still the top common ones you can get without going into all the marquee watches uh – and it just is, you know amazing and it’s. 359 pounds at the moment or about a deal, i think i think it’s about a deal but um and that’s what i’d go for so that that’s that’s, really what we’re going down. So just a quick brief view view on them: uh uh under 30 quid the tsunami band, might be band five under 50 quid the huawei band 4 pro under 100 quid either the glacier or the black one.

If you want to put an extra 12 quid in um for the uh yeah, the tick watch s2 yeah, two watch s2 um. If you can, you can get the discount at 250 quid the garmin square venue um. If you like this count, if you can, if they’re in stock, get the main gamma venue for under 200, but really unless you want, unless you’re committed to the to the garment ecosystem, i think i think, if you committed to the government ecosystem, i mean you must Have if you must have strava, if you’re a cyclist, you must have strava this. You know around the 200 pound mark. Then i think the venue or its uh translated brother, which is the vivoactive four or four which you can pick up for around 200 again with discounts or maybe a little bit more or if you have a smaller version, maybe that’s more like 220 to come. That guy would be back to four, but if you have to have strava i mean you have to have the gun or you have to have the garmin ecosystem. Then fine, you know be active view active before or the event at the full size venue there you there they the best bets around 200 pound but very hard to beat that very hard to beat that, but just being beautiful um for 212 and that’s it that’s. On to the end of the year, and then the phoenix six at the moment, 350.

Again, if you, if you, if you, if you’re, absolutely garmin head and when you want to go hiking out in the wilderness and you’re an expansion, sport – and you want a phoenix 6 on your wrist, then you know you can get 359 quid at the moment. But so there’s some great watch there’s some great watches and great offers on at the moment i mean i think, the single best value for money very hard to beat that tick. Watch too much 2s2, for you know, for you, know, might be a bit. It might have been plasticky but it’s solid, it’s built like a tank. It’S 84 quid. You know it’s decent it’s, a good warehouse watch.