Today we are going to review about the smartwatch cd6, so here’s the smartwatch series. So, as you can see, this is the top of the color, which is black and yeah. This is the box, so let’s unboxing, so yeah. This is the smartwatch series 6, so it’s nice, so let’s see inside the box. They give us the charger to charge the smartwatch and also the manual book. This manual book has two languages, which is chinese and english, so it’s nice, one so yeah put it away, firstly, my time to review about the smartwatch. So this is the smartwatch series 6. So it’s pretty nice with box let’s turn this on. If you want to on this, we must press and hold it for a second, so welcome as we can see, the screen size is 1.7 inch, so yeah, okay, as we know these smartwatch, can receive calls make calls and also can receive our notification so yeah. This is not connected, so this is the menu. This is the nine app style so i’m, not mistaken. There is seven wallpapers that we can change to the one we like, so this is the first one, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh. So i like this one it’s really looks like apple watch, so let’s see one by one as we start from the top to the bottom. We can see the information. Oh i’m, sorry, the option of the smartwatch, so the first one is um.

The information it’s about the smartwatch, the device name watch, says really fine. So next, this is the bluetooth indicator. So – and this is the battery indicator, so battery is something so next one is the qr code that we should scan in our smartphone and connect to this and download and connect to the phone. So this scan and download the app names i mean it’s, not stuck it’s quite light, as you can see it’s light, so i prefer use 9x. There is no leg, so let’s see as we swap from the bottom to the top. So there is the notification bar. So any notification that you receive will be showing here, so we must connect with the our smartphone photo. As we start from the left to the right, we can see the spot exercise. There is eight for exercise: uh walking, running hiking, biking, basketball, batman, ping, pong and football, and so, as we slept from the right to the left, there is the menu of the smartwatch. So this is the nine app style. So let’s take a look one by one. So the first one is this: this is the contact, so we need to connect our phone first with our phone. Then all the contacts number will be showing here. So we can make calls all right. Next is dial, so we can dial any number and make call so it’s easy. The this also needs to connect with our phone, and this one is.

This also need to connect. So all the apps in this smartwatch need to connect with our phone first. So this is the message next, this is the also like messages. All the notifications will be shown here, and this is the bluetooth device. This is the stat count so, and this is the main menu smart style. We use the nike apps and this is our anti loss, so we can search our phone way through this smart watch so it’s, nice and next is oh. This is our time we can set our time to sleep and wake up, and next is the heartbreak. So this is the history we can save next is this: is the sports sport exercise? Okay? So this is the qr code that we must scan and download that it is uh so yeah, and this one is a history about our working this temperature. So we can check our temperature – oh yeah, 36.4, so if you want to save our temperature, we just get here – and this is the history next is. This is the blood pressure, and this is alarm. This is the calendar it’s, quite nice, and this is music. Now we need to connect with our phone first camera. This is the stopwatch: yeah it’s, Music, Music. Oh, this is the motion. So, if you set flip to mid incoming call so when we receive call, we just click so it can make that call right. So this is the international about the language, so Music, indonesia, not all the language, have in this smartwatch next is setting.

So this is the second clock mean notification. Bright sounds volume display about so we also can reset and yeah that’s all about the menu we want to connect. The smartphone with the smartwatch so first go to app store for ios and google play store for enter and then search fondo. This one fandue under pro and open it and after that open the bluetooth. As you can see, the watch sits and watch six ie, so it’s already connected it’s automatically the message or any calls. You must choose this one and since all contamination is all on and also in what it says, share system notification make sure it’s on so let’s check with this smartwatch and we try to listen to contact it took for a minute. So, as you can see, all the contact is in there, so you can easily make call your all the contacts, alright, so that’s all for this video. This end the end. So thank you for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my youtube channel.