I was looking for a good combination of fitness and business productivity apps. Also, if i need a charge, while i’m away from my charger, i can use the wireless charging feature from my phone samsung s10 to give it a boost. Music. Everything is wonderful, except battery life. Maximum 2 5 day in normal use, it’s much more pretty than 46 millimeters, not big, not small. Only black is very good. Alarm is good. Working with another phone brand is good, but please prefer samsung phones. Many types of watch face you can download. No football really love this watch. I use it for literally everything love that you can text and call all from the watch tracks sleeping patterns, heart rate, steps and activity perfectly Music. It even has a stress, monitor which is perfect for helping you realize you need to relax and breathe. The only thing i don’t like 100 is the battery life have to charge every day and a half hard to explain, but once you get this watch, it is very convenient to just quickly check texts and stuff. That way, you can only check your phone for important notifications, hardly a real problem, and if you are getting this watch to seriously change your life you’re getting the wrong product, what it is is a very convenient little gadget that will have you saying, mikey find a Like it all, purpose, features that are easy to access and use still on learning curve to ease up battery use 42 mm great fit for my medium frame bought this watch for my husband to replace his garmin vivofit watch as he wasn’t too pleased with it.

He loves it and said it was the perfect replacement, i didn’t rate sound as he said he doesn’t use it. Hopefully the ratings help christmas gift for my grandson. He couldn’t be happier with this watch. It does so many things. I was totally amazed with it. Hi everyone i really like this watch, it is a real active. Sport watch really motivates you to have a healthy life, all the time, it’s, really a fun watch. You can change the bands all the time. Sometimes it is not accurate when it comes to measure your sleep during the night. I took this watch for my girlfriend and i also have one for myself: 46 millimeters. You cannot fail with this watch Music. I bought this watch refurbished a few months ago. I waited to give a review, so i could be honest about all the parts of the watch durability. I have whacked this watch into walls numerous times and it has zero scratches. I work as a hairstylist, so it is constantly getting wet at work and it is totally waterproof when it comes to that, though i haven’t submerged it deep into water myself battery not great. I do charge it every night. During a typical day of work and minor watch game usage, it will drain down to 20 to 30 percent battery, so not a two day charge at all. Also, it came with an aftermarket charger which overheated the device. I replaced that with a samsung charger for the watch.