Moreover, the owner is also very good. Friends in need should place an order quickly, wow wow wow. This is one of the best things i’ve ever bought. The design was nice and elegant fit for unisex in order to record everything. You have sync your smartphone with the app in order to store the information you need to turn on bluetooth on both devices. The battery life was impressed me a lot. I only charged it one time since i bought it and still on Music. I had the original version of this item, which i liked very much. I wanted one with a larger display and was delighted to find this one. It has improved features and an easy to read screen Music. The only drawbacks to this model are that this one requires a charging cradle and the original would plug directly in a usb port, and you have to press a bottom to activate the screen on this on. While you could just touch the screen on the original loan. Setting up was easy works, as expected, it’s a great watch. It makes it easy for me and my doctor Music i’m, very pleased with my smartwatch. I purchased it to help keep track of my steps and other exercise activities. The features takes this watch to the next level. I have never even bothered to wear or purchase a watch for myself. I truly stand by this watch percent. It helps me to keep track of my heart rate, as well as my blood pressure, this great asset to my health, for a better life journey, as i try each day to reach a healthier goal of not taking medication to help regulate my body by making healthy Choices, physical, mental and spiritual teen, good health.

I have to learn how to download or connect music for the mp3 player. I tell everyone about my great find and i plan to purchase this product again for the holidays. The watch itself is really strong and i love the sleek design. The screen is sensitive to touch, which means i don’t have to keep pressing it to have it switched to different modes. It has a relaxed feature where it allows you to do a cool down, slash, relax after my workouts it tracks, my heart rate, quality, sleep time, alarm and 14. Other modes of operation connects very easily to my phone. The pedometer displays the calories. I’Ve burned. Steps i’ve walked, distance, i’ve covered and how long my workout was. It will even track me on gps, so i can actually see what where and how long i went when it comes to alerts. Whichever alert comes up on my phone, it notifies me on the watch with one full charge i’m able to use this watch for about a week before i have to charge it again. A nice feature on this watch is i’m able to adjust the brightness, which came in handy several times at the theater. The app that goes with this watch was really easy to set up and is user very friendly Music. This watch is compatible with my samsung cell phone. I figure i don’t need an expensive watch, but just one that meets my need of tracking steps and calorie burned Music.

But i think the find phone feature is a bonus, as i am bad at keeping my phone in one place, and i seem like always looking for my phone. This watch really helps i’m very happy with it. So far, Music first thing came up. To my mind, is that it’s very easy to use? I paired it with my iphone 11 pro and it works perfectly a great fitness watch and also you could use it as a remote for your phone camera. It helps me track my heart rate and count my steps very accurately. I’M gon na buy another one for my sister for her birthday great deal, good watch. I like this design, it is beautiful. Besides, it is useful for daily life. I like to use it when i work. It has many functions too. I think this watch makes my life more convenient and comfortable. I want to buy this to my friends for their birthday gifts.