It paired up to my apple phone instantly with bluetooth. It monitors my steps, my heart rate, my blood pressure, my exercise and i can even find my lost phone with this. It has multiple watch faces. The instruction manual gives you all. You need the app is free for your phone, which gives you more data about your movements. There are multiple modes, there is even ecg alerts for your heart. I can’t imagine anything else. I would need in a smart watch than this it’s stylish modern, looking no bezel, which i like you can wear it on either hand. Five star review overall, great watch to track heart. Health i’ve already spent lots of money and time on actually useless ecgs. During my life, just because i was worried about what’s, going on with my heart now i’m testing once in the morning and once at bedtime and it’s always great to see the result, no issues found. Of course, it will not replace doctor in case of an emergency, but i personally think it’s better to have something like this watch always on hand. So you can really test at the time when the problem occurs and not only two weeks later when you get a doctor’s appointment. So the watch is of course, apart from heart health functions. It has some basic functions as a general smart watch, but a bit limited. I love the daily alarm, which i use to wake me up in the morning with vibration, but it cannot be further configured and terry snow, timer or calculator, but at least you can receive notifications from your smartphone.

Also, sport tracking is working, but is a bit limited with no gps and no google fit sync. The really awesome thing is that it’s fully waterproof i’ve been taking it for a 10 minutes hot shower, and it did not leak a bit because it does not have any buttons and no other moving parts. There is not much risk to leak even over years, but the screen is reacting on water and hence i think it’s not working for swimming tracking. Also, it does not have a dedicated night mode, but it can be configured not to turn the screen on during the night, and this worked for me. It does automatically measure my heart rate, every 60 minutes. The style is very beautiful and even nicer than on the picture looks very slim. Display is very bright and numbers are very large and help me to read even without reading glasses. Also, viewing angle is great: touch screen works, perfect watch band is the nicest one i’ve ever had because it can be secured without the additional strap overall. Exactly what i wanted. Loving the build quality and screen brightness the metal feels like nice and matte and solid. So i know it’ll last long battery life is great too, had my fitbit break and was looking for a replacement, and this worked like a charm after one week wearing. I have to say that i am very impressed about the battery life of this watch. It lasts much longer than the watch i bought before.

What i really like as well is that it can sense your movement very well. Whenever you lift up your arm and try to watch it, it will automatically wake up. The sport mode is also very good. I tried running and walking it calculate the distance and steps pretty accurately. It does very well for waterproof as well, and i could not wait to go swimming after this crazy, coveted, 19 and see the statistic. The connectivity with my phone is also wonderful, never drop or lost connection in overall, i am very satisfied – and i had this for about a couple weeks now. I think in the video i said almost a month by accident and have been happy with the large and crisp display. I do mostly walking and have a very busy work life outside volunteering for an animal rescue so it’s great to keep track of how much him walking and whatnot. The first impression was that it looks very modern and had a nice way to it.