Overall thoughts on the pop glory smartwatch depends on what you compare it with, for example, this smartwatch. I bought just over 40 dollars compared to another. Smartwatch in this price range would probably rank four or five out of five, and i will explain why in a minute compare this watch to an established manufacturer like apple or samsung or even fitbit and well. This watch ranks more in the middle of the pack around two out of five and i’ll. Explain why build quality? The construction of the casing is plastic, with a plastic screen, it’s, ideally lightweight and looks like a traditional dummy watch. Mine came with the leather straps which are complete trash and smell like trash, but i didn’t take that into account because i plan on replacing the bands anyways. My advice go with the rubberized ones, the side home button top right and back button button right are decently. Spaced function as they should and have a solid light click. When pressed compare this watch to other budget smart watches – and you will feel fine showing this off to your friends, compare it to an apple or samsung watch and you may feel a bit timid features again compared to other watches in this price range. It has all the bells and whistles compared to apple and samsung. Well, let’s just say: it’s, not something to write home about. Not only is this watch limiting in customization and applications supported, but the overall feel is significantly less when compared to superior products, but does it do what the seller says it will do yeah? Does it have any coolness when it does it? No but it’s 40 dollars compared to dollar 300 plus i played around with my girlfriend’s apple watch and it worked like a typical apple product.

Buttery smooth, no lag, precise, accurate just overall wowing this product, well you’re going to run into a few hiccups here and there. But it’s forty dollars best thing about this watch hands down is the price. Am i willing to overlook the drawbacks this product has for the simple reason that it was cheap, you’re, probably wondering if i got nothing good to say about this watch, then why is he keeping it well for the simple tasks that i bought it for count? My steps give me a rough ballpark estimate of my calories burned day to day and while cycling, the time, of course, and look like an actual watch, not some squarish tile. Looking thing also, the battery life on this thing is 10x, better than apple or samsung combined. It will go a whole week, no problem without a charge, with normal use, biggest drawbacks areas where this product can greatly improve, are the following: customization sms and texting applications, blood pressure display the build quality and the up that you download to pair with this watch. Let’S. First start with customization: there is no customization. You can do to this watch aside from changing the dial appearance. For example, swiping right takes you to the sms and app notification section where it cannot be moved to another area of the watch say, for example, swiping left or up or down swiping left shows your bpm and it’s fixed to swiping, left and so on. In the other, two directions, aside from that, the notifications, sms or whatsapp or ig display, looks awfully outdated picture.

The scene in the matrix, where neo is awakened by a message on his computer requesting to follow the white rabbit. The messages appear a lot like that lol. Hopefully, that and the rest of these drawbacks get addressed in a firmware upgrade something that was poorly overlooked was the blood pressure readout, which is in reverse, where it should read: 120 60.. It reads: 6120 that should be a low hanging resolution for the developer. Again, the build quality is something that i doubt will be changed if it’s going to be sold under 50 dollars, so that’s – something you just have to accept. The last thing i’d say that is a major disappointment. Is the wear fit too zero app that you pair with your smartwatch it’s, just wonky and glitchy, and some of its developing logic doesn’t, make sense and connecting via bluetooth is discouraged, so sometimes notifications come in and sometimes they don’t but hey. It was forty dollars.