Tracking functions are very nice. I, like it very much planning to gift it to my friends, referable and recommended my new uxt smartwatch fitness tracker and many other include functions, is most definitely recommended by me nifty in app functions for a smartwatch with so many functions. This was a good fitness watch. I had an apple watch before and i just hate the battery life on it. It can barely last me through a day, decided to give this watch a try and i’m very satisfied with what it can do so far. I love the fact that i can organize all my setting directly in the app Music. I love this watch. I just got this watch, but the look and feel of this watch is amazing: amazing, battery life, nice look and feel overall. This watch has reasonable price and has a lot of features and it looks great highly recommended. I have my fitbit for quite some time. I, like carrying smart device that monitors my body and i always look for something fun. This one came to my attention mostly for the price i just wanted to give it a try, dbh it’s, pretty basic device and should not be pricey. This one covers most of the function fitbit offers so far it works. Well, i use it every day. I, like the stand up reminder as the city locked down working from home can make ppl sit longer than usual. I found this exceptionally useful pros.

It is easy to read what time it is with this watch. The battery life is very good for a rechargeable digital watch. This watch is quite comfortable and structurally seems sturdy and it doesn’t look much different from other, more expensive smart watches. The timer and alarm features are pretty cool, since the watch doesn’t make any noise other than vibrating. It is great at getting your attention silently if your phone is on silent in a well padded pocket. You will probably find this feature. Quite useful messages worked better than i expected. It is a bit hard to navigate through messages. If you get multiple on the watch, however, when it’s connected to your phone, it does a decent job of getting your attention. When there is a notification i liked being able to turn off or on notifications, you want sent to the watch through the app on the main clock screen. If you swipe up, you can control your phone’s volume and pause play, rewind and skipping songs. I enjoyed this feature, the app that is required to sync. This watch to your phone doesn’t use up too much battery only two to three percent. In a 24 hour period, there is an option to quickly turn off the app cons. I did not like how difficult it was to keep this watch sync to my phone, which is how you get access to smart watch features. Sometimes the app would disconnect from my phone for no apparent reason.

The watch screen doesn’t operate very well when water’s on it and the button can be finicky as well. Music, normal functionality is restored. If you wipe off all water with a towel, the watch band is a bit annoying putting on since the excess needs to be stowed. In slot that goes beneath the wrapped band, it takes me two three times long to attach it to my wrist, but it is pretty comfortable. I am also concerned about the durability of this band. I don’t think it will last very long. Customized watch faces are non existent. If you don’t, like any of the four watch faces preloaded there is a picture of a cat face, you can download. There was a customized watch face option, but it did not work for me. The heart rate and other health features, along with the other exercise, features, have been hit or miss. They either work or don’t work. I can’t tell if they are accurate or not when they do work conclusion. If you just want a rechargeable digital watch that you can play around with – and this might be perfect for you, if you need a true smartwatch and you want to be able to install apps and lots of customization, this is not for you. I bought this smartwatch because it is cheaper than an apple watch and that its battery is very long lasting. It is also waterproof and also it looks good. It keeps track of your exercise, sleep, heartbeat, etc.

This smartwatch, which is a fitness activity tracker, is waterproof, has a pedometer and a sleep heart rate detector. It is fashionable and can be worn by both men and women. I used to have some health tracking wristbands. It is my first smartwatch before i purchased this. I had searched for several options regarding its functions and cost Music. After receiving this watch, i found some good things about this product. Exclamation mark one easy to use this watch and its app are very user friendly. The touch screen is very well functional. The app is very easy to install and use on your phone with the android system. Two some fancy functions, unlike health trackers. This watch has some new interesting and new functions like other smart watches, including heart, health, spo2, stress, scientific, sleep and compass.