The package is pretty standard watch and charging cable and the most minimal manual, two it’s, a one size one size fits all. There is a tiny metal base which you can insert into the holes to keep it in place, so it doesn’t slip around three if you’re a person with sensitive skin. This is next to non reactive, Music. Despite the exercise and sweat, i have not had one breakout on my wrist in relation to contact with a strap or metal four. It has no preference, while the gestures are a tad slow to reaction like a fifth of a second, it doesn’t fail to realize the angles of a user and i’m sure. If you have tattoos, it will think they’re cool 5.. It takes 38 minutes for a full charge if you are starting from the brink of shutdown Music, if it’s doing basic functions, it lasts a whole day about 15 hours or so, but if it has lifted a bit of weight during the day like actively playing music Off it without your phone, you might need to juice it up after 10 hours 6.. You like listening to music but hate the bulk of your phone, get out those bluetooth headsets and leave your phone somewhere safe. Like on the charging dock. You can practically leave the house empty handed with just your wrist console as earlier hinted, the gestures can be a tad slow, but that could be the os too, due to the manual being really scanty on information.

It was basically trial and error all the way, but in getting the hang of it three you will need to download google’s smartwatch wear app to sync a lot of things Music. I still haven’t figured out why, if it isn’t covering my steps in a day, trial and error right, it’s been only a few weeks since i got it, but hopefully, with more time. You’Ll have more cons to say than this, but if anything i’ve said is hopefully what you are looking for in a smart watch, then i can tell you that i haven’t regretted this purchase. It was a birthday gift to myself. After all, smile Music original review written july 6 2016 – this is my first smart watch. I have gotten out of all of the apple watches, fitbits and round android wear watches. I chose this one i have had for just over a week and i do plan to update my experiences as time goes on update 7. 22. 16. I have had my watch for almost a month now, and here are more of my thoughts. I don’t really track. My fitness anymore, so i can’t update on the gps. The battery life is roughly one day now that i have been using ambient mode and a changing watch base. I would also like to note that i don’t use a lot of games, apps, etc. During the day. I usually just get notifications. You should probably be aware of that.

If that is something you would be using a lot. So if you are in a dark room, i would turn that off. While you are in there to get more out of your watch Music, i haven’t really noticed anything out of the ordinary, but if i do, i will do an update cons, colon one this con. I do not know who do blame it one, but i will address it anyway, Music. I have used map myfitness for a while and it was a plus that it is compatible with android wear out of the three or so times. I have tracked a workout. One of them did not track my route. Two. The last con i have is the charging port. I do not care that it has a flap over it, but the flap bent the first time i charge the watch and i think the waterproofing is compromised a little because of it. I may be wrong, though: 3. proprietary band, although the band is comfortable, you need to buy an adapter to use any other one. This one is indeed obvious, but i felt is was necessary. Pros colon one band, the band is very comfortable and is able to fit small wrists. The clasp is nice too, too. Battery life. The battery life is great. I lost only 40 one day and another. I only lost 20, especially if you don’t get a lot of notifications and use gps a lot you can get probably up to three days three breathability the screen size is perfect and is, although washed out easy to see in direct sunlight Music, actually really like the Square screen shape as well 4.

fast. It is very, very, very snappy. The only lag i experienced was when it was first out of the box and downloading all of the apps 5., the price i got it for 117 at sam’s club tax and non member fee included. I was looking at the asus zen watch 2 as well, but in my opinion this watch looks a lot better by and large, this is a great watch. This is great for people on a budget or those who just want a solid watch without dropping 200 or more oh, and if anyone wants to know, i am using the kevin tond watch face. My watch arrived on the 12th of april. It took a day to update it since it’s new and came out in 2014.. Also downloaded the wearer mini launcher app. It does exactly what i wanted it for texts and notifications. It works perfectly. I currently have the lg g3. I haven’t lost bluetooth connection once it feels durable and it’s comfortable on my wrist. It lasts three days easily, with always on mode off. The best thing is, i don’t feel like i pay too much 140 dollars. I love this watch and for the price you can’t go wrong. This watch is the only android wear.