I originally was using a moto 360, which was a great watch which was later plagued with errors that made it unusable when modboy released the s2, which was touted as being a rugged sport watch for a low price. I was stoked to try it. I have been super pleased with it and i never really worry about it. In my day to day activities i can wash my hands or even jump in the ocean without worrying at all. The battery life is good, but is definitely i something i would like to improve on. I get a little more than a day with pretty conservative settings. I did just have the strap brake on me at the quick connect, but that honestly could have been just me being too rough with it either way i recommend it. This is my first smartwatch and i’m not disappointed at all i’m, an android guy and specifically researched, watches, running, wear os. I kept getting pulled to the s2 for its features price and the fact that it’s military special rugged i’ve been using it for about a week. Now and am very happy with it screen, color and clarity are great and the options are plentiful. For my taste, this is my first dip back into smart watches. Since the original moto 360 and at first glance i immediately took a star away because the 360 came out years ago and seemed slimmer than this watch. It is really bulky in my opinion.

I have been wearing and playing with the watch for about six hours now, and i must say the functionality and display are amazing for how cheap this watch is Music, having an android phone already it pretty much set itself up. While i clicked a few buttons. I am still unclear on how the sleep tracker works exactly i downloaded android’s sleep now app and will update once i have a few days of time on it. The battery gets eaten through very quick. If you have, the my wife’s first impression was that it is way too masculine for her liking. Great choice of smartwatch i’ve been searching for a good watching price, so i see the tic watch s2 and i like it in mediately design resistance and where awesome key. This watch the best option to buy if you aren’t have any smart watch before one unique thing. The watch don’t have sleep tracker, i think m. This is my first watch like this honestly. I have never tried it before. After checking by myself. The ass is smooth and compatible with my iphone battery is durable for keep monitoring heart rate and fitness. It is much better than i think i can just leave a five star here to describe my satisfied: Music, pro, affordable, big excellent screen, well, protected body, Music, access to google assistants, remote control of netflix spotify water protection, google fit integration, fair battery life with a tilt To wake off, but a odd on contra, slow applications, start and running old processor need more ram to run faster.

The original strap looks cheap conclusion recommended as affordable watch for the hard working sporty guy Music. I have already started using this watch for a certain period of time, Music. The following will be my feelings about this watch: good material and normal use in a variety of complex situations, timely message reminder to detect heart rate and record while swimming. However, relying too much on the connection to the mobile phone is difficult to use independently. Music, normal use of the battery will be less than 48 hours in general. It is difficult to find a smartwatch with a similar protection level at this price once opening the box. My first impression was, it might be a bit bigger for me after a few minutes, i begin to like the design and the responsiveness of the watch. Overall, it is sleek with many watch faces to choose from the touch response is particularly quick with google assistant the following, including a bit more details. The outlook is sturdy and the material is light, though Music, the watch band is particularly smooth. Insole overall looks cool and feels smooth. The setup is intuitively easy and connecting to my samsung, s8 plus is fine. Google assistant is functioning with ease and in particularly the translations via voice. There are quite a few watch faces to choose from. I chose one called gold: forging is in the attached picture, Music battery life so far so good, and it is definitely lasting. More than a day.

There are a few health apps which tracks movement metrics. The google apps, including reminders alarm calendar, are all there Music. I was trying to play some songs on the watch, but did not figure out how again to summarize it is a little manly watch, but the design is surprisingly sleek and smooth, plus one for enabling the google assistant abilities. It might be a bit bigger for me to wear it during sleep to track my heart rate for sleep quality. Otherwise it is a really cool watch Music. This is my third tic watch product. I have to say that i have had an issue or two, but my voice customer service has always come through. As for the s2, i love the look and feel of this watch. I don’t feel like i have a heavy watch on my wrist connectivity with my pixel phone is seamless. I will buy another tic watch. I love this device.