My daughter feels like she is an adult having her own smartwatch. I love that it can be used to track her as well, so i can feel safe when she runs around the neighborhood by herself that i know where she is. It is nice that i can contact her on the watch and she can hear me just like making a phone call. It makes it very efficient in communication when we are doing different things, especially on the stay at home orders. Its battery lasts a long time and it is easy to charge. I bought it for my niece. I thought she may be a bit young for the watch, but these days kids grow up fast and learn fast, especially when it comes to technology. I hope she can use it for a long time. We bought this watch for our daughter. The color is nice as pictured and it does the job. You need a nano sim card for it. You can call leave a message. It has application for settings and monitoring your kid it’s, affordable, that’s, why it doesn’t have many options. We are more than satisfied because we don’t want her to be distracted by different games and other staff it’s a little tricky to set time and calendar, but doable our nine year old has been asking for a smart watch for over a year. Now we choose this. One after doing our research and cool to be happier, the material is very pleasant to touch the color is so cheerful.

Now, when he rides his bike, we feel safer, knowing that we can call him and know where he is great kids watch. My son is three and really enjoys taking pictures and matching with me. We both wear watches now. I would recommend this watch for kids, especially because it has sim card slash gps feature, so i got this for my son. You need to get a sim card, though two grams, i paid one dollar for it and i think you can set it up for five dollars. Oh oh a month, but the smart watched worked right away. My son loves it and won’t. Take it off. He’S, seven. Nice for a little started for him, you can actually turn off the phone, so all he has is they contacts you put on there exactly. What i was looking for. This watch has everything i want call camera wi, fi, plus it’s. Waterproof parents can track their children, location anytime. My daughter really loves it. First of all, you need to have realistic expectations. It’S a 40 smartphone watch on 2g network. We bought this for our nine year old son birthday. Gift setup was pretty easy, took 20 minutes to activate the speed, talk, sim card, download the say, tracker to app register the watch and set it up. Coverage is okay. We live in the mountains in a relatively rural area. It’S works better in the city we purchased. This for him mainly to stay in contact with him when has over a friend’s house and to send him after school activity, reminds basketball, robotics, alternative, pickup, etc.

We can send him short text and voice messages, but he can only reply with a voice message. The tracker pounds is, may it’s not very accurate at times the camera is terrible, but that’s not what we bought it, for it has one math game. This is a tester watch to see how he does with it. If he doesn’t break it or lose it well step up and get the gizmo through verizon our carrier, i like that we can control the phone with the app battery. Life is fine. You could probably get two days on one charge with limited use overall, it’s a good smart watch. This is good for kids and even adults who need a little additional monitoring. This was easy to set up. When i need to locate my kid, i can easily do that. They can also call me if they need me. This thing is pretty accurate on all the stuff it is capable of. It is so very easy to use and you are getting a nice little piece of equipment for the price you are spending on it. I bought this for a friend’s son. He really liked it. Setup was easy. It has little plastic bag in it. The bag includes a small screwdriver, a pin and an extra screw just in case you lose one. You will need to use a micro sim card with this smart watch. It also has a front camera. The quality of the camera is not the same as smartphones, but considering the price.