So today, i’m going to unbox a smartwatch, i think it’s a route of h30, and this is about 24. I think in aliexpress i will uh drop the link in the description you can check it out and buy so today i am going to give you a unboxing and setup and a small review of this smartwatch. So let’s begin. So it has a good box in the back. You can see uh. There are basic parameters like screen: type 3.3 inches tft, yeah it’s, a tft screen and battery capacity is 200 milliamp hours, uh protection. It has ip67 uh water resistant, not waterproof for the mobile app. You need ios, 9 or android 4.4 or above so you can see the watch itself and the user manual. On top of that. So i purchased this from aliexpress and it took me about one and a half months. I think it’s chinese yeah yeah yeah. It has english so no problem. I will keep it aside and let’s. Take a look at the watch. Yeah, it has a clean look. I ordered the black one. This is the charger it’s, a magnetic charger. You can see. I will keep it aside and let’s. Take a look at the watch and i’m going to yeah i’m going to turn it on Music yeah. It has a small haptic feedback, yeah wow pretty fast. I can swipe and see the different watch faces. It has five watch faces uh. It can uh stop up to five watch faces, so you can customize them as well.

When you swipe left to right here, you can see various icons, i guess yeah. This is a brightness adjustment, so you can change the brightness of the screen. I’Ll keep it like that, and this is the music player battery indicator, and these are the firmware version and other stuff. I guess that’s not a button. It shows that the vibration is on. I guess this is for exercise uh uh. You have to activate that from the app so it’s not working yet let’s, see uh. It can measure your heart rate and blood oxygen blood pressure. It can track your sleep player, push messages for. Ladies stop watch weather alarm: you can click photos after connecting your phone. If you press this button phone will ring, so you can find it easily, and these are the settings. It has a good weight and a premium quality and it’s built from aluminium, and you can see the sensors and the charging port back here. Let’S test it. It takes some time to measure your heart rate and other things so because we have to calculate those things and blood pressure, yeah, it’s, normal okay, then uh let’s download that app and see what we can do. What are the options and features in this smartwatch and i’m going to scan the qr code, which is in the user manual, so it does not detect the qr code. I don’t know why but uh it’s not working so i’m, going to search in google for the app so i’m going to download the apk file and install it.

You can also download this from the play store but i’m now going to download it from Follow the steps to download that so i downloaded the app so now i’m going to install it. So the app is installed so i’m going to open the app adore health i’m going to allow the permissions so i’m going to set up the app. So after giving you a basic information, you can see the interface. It has a clean look nice interface so now i’m going to connect my watch with the app it is connecting through bluetooth. Turning on location – and here you can see the watch itself and now uh by clicking that i can connect to the watch – wow there’s an update so i’m going to do it first, so you can see the latest update of the firmware. You can see it’s updating the icon is shown in the watch. It takes some time so i’ll. So the update is finished. The watch is rebooting yeah. So here you can see it has a lot of various kinds of watch faces as you like. They all look. Nice so i’m going to update watch face, so i can choose which watch face to replace because it can only store up to five watch faces. Thank you guys for watching this video. So i hope you subscribe to my channel like and share this video.