A lot of you complained about my last video when i did the unboxing, because i talked about stuff before the unboxing, so i do apologize for that. If you didn’t rock your boat, forgive me that’s what this is about. Sometimes you got ta. You know improvise, but anyway, let’s get into it, so we don’t really need the boxes not just for like show purposes so let’s just put the box by the way, so first things first battery life, so what’s the battery life on this device, it’s been running for Almost uh nine days on one charge on one solid charge, so i think you can get up to about 10 11 days and i have been using it thoroughly um. I have reset everything just for the purpose of this video. I was in about 7 000 steps. I just thought i’d do a reset and just let it you know whatever another reason why i reset it is because i’ll be giving this to my misses, to use uh for carrying her steps and stuff. So i don’t really need it, because i’ve got my apple watch i’m, not a very big fan of it, but anyway we’ll get to that in a minute. So the main thing about this device is that you can do a a lot of things with it. So it you can put hand wash on that because of the situation we’re in so it’s kind of neat um. You do get other widgets and notifications.

You can add on there like i’ve got weather on there and you can add separate ones if you’d like to. I haven’t really tinkered with it too much. I just kept it basic just for the you know, for the use of every day, not much you can actually do with it. As you can see, it’s a it’s, not a very big display uh. The display is pretty small and then you get the watch faces where you can change, uh change them in real time. Uh, so i’ll show you, which is pretty cool. I really liked that so, depending on what your preference is, you can change clock faces now, he’s asking me how for feedback, but anyway you get the gist of it. I’M, not really a fan of it, and the reason for that is because, in terms of its accuracy, that’s the way i’m looking for this device is not suitable for myself. It adds steps, even when i’m, not using it so there’s. A time where i was just resting and i took my watch off and i put it back on and it gave me 300 steps and i was like well that would be awesome if you could just lose calories just by you know putting your watch on and Off so for accuracy, it’s, not the best. I tell you what i really do. Love about, and the only thing that i really do. Love about it is it’s. Visibility is awesome even in like bright, sunlight, it’s, pretty good yeah, so it’s pretty cool in sunlight, and the main thing is for like what i really bought it for was the battery life, but obviously it fell short for me and the reason why it’s falling short Is for the simple fact that it’s very inaccurate, even the heartbeat sensor is inaccurate.

The steps are inaccurate, because the thing is you can always compare this. If i didn’t have a comparison to compare it with. Like my apple watch, then yeah it’d be like okay. I i it’s acceptable and it’s fine, but because it’s not you know, because i kind of uh compare it to my other devices, it falls short quite badly. So for that reason i mean again 50 pounds 50 pounds. You know it’s it’s a samsung device. It connects to your android device. Look, i don’t have a samsung phone i’m, not going to motorola g7 power and it works fine. The app is really good. It’S integrated really well, unless you do a lot of things unless you customize the watch but it’s just not for me, and a lot of you will probably disagree with me, but now. For me, this is going to the missus and i’m going to stick to my upper watch. I don’t you know i’m going to have to live with charging it every night, though, but other than that i mean yeah it’s decent it. It covers most bases like for training and uh other stuff, but for the most part of it, yeah i’m, not fine, and what else i don’t like is, if i have it any looser than this, it just feels weird and it always ends up coming up like Tucking on my wrist bone here, uh, so if i keep it here eventually, just like for i don’t know, the fit is not very good: uh there’s the band it’s, not the best, but then again, i’m complaining it’s, 50 quid.

What do you expect for 50? Quid right guys, so, all in all for telling the time the day the weather hit and miss good device solid device um. I had to charge it since i bought it. I haven’t charged, i charged it that same night for one night and then it was on. Like three percent for the purpose of this video i’ll, let it charge for a bit obviously it’s like a little review. So 10 11 days, guys. 10 11 days is awesome on one charge and the thing is, i was using it for uh running walking. All that kind of stuff, so these are some of the settings, so you can’t see your steps. As you can see, i’ve been stuck in this is showing 11 steps, so i wasn’t lying um, so yeah select workout, you can do walking running kind of cool and then it shows it shows up on your phone um. It gives you a stress test which is not real at all um, just a gimmick, in my opinion, um Music, and then you have to get your alarm and all that kind of so it’s got some good features. For you know a small smart watch um not bad at all for 50 pounds it’s well worth it, especially if you’re just looking for a budget, smart watch just to do your running and tracking yourself. Awesome it’s got a stopwatch on it. You know it’s just got the bare necessities that you need for day to day usage, but other than that yeah.

It is what it is so yeah guys that was a really quick review um. I don’t like it but i’m, giving it to the mrs. So you can enjoy it. I hope you like the uh, the pixel art and i hope you’ve been following my pixel art page. If not, i will leave you with a link somewhere here for my instagram for pixel art i’m, also on etsy check that out and if you haven’t, checked xcl, make sure you check out my original um instagram page, where i will be posting some new stuff just Been a lot, you know a lot going on recently with just stuff and with what’s going on outside so yeah.