I actually got this as a free gift when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. I just did a review on this. I never used an Android smart watch before so this overall experience is going to be really interesting, but first things first lets go ahead and unbox it warranty seals how fun you are. Ah CENSORED. This seal is harder than the one on the S20 FE 9 hours later I got the seal open, so lets go ahead and open it. Oh no there’s a seal on this side. How did I miss that? Ok, 2nd seal removed? Ok, oh, I opened it up upside down, so this is the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2. So this is the watch. It comes in this really nice black colour. It looks super sleek, nice and wide screen display lets see what else is in the box. So if we open this up inside this box, we just got this charger. Here comes with this little USB cable it’s, not a big cable. Hmm, I wouldn’t see this plugging into many bed side tables. We got a cable and then just some information and booklets. So it’s a pretty simple package, you got the watch and you got your charger.. This has a really interesting look to my wrist I’m left handed, which is why it’s on this wrist, it looks pretty good. It has a super wide display. I’D. Be really interested to see what type of data this can show.

Hopefully, fitness stuff would be great if it could do phone calls and texts, but I’ll see what the feature list is. Setting up your Galaxy Fit 2 is really easy. It can be done on both Android and iPhone and it connects via Bluetooth for easy pairing and you will need to get the Galaxy Wearable app if your on Android and the Galaxy Watch App. If your on iPhone to complete the installation. Now by accident, I had the watch on the wrong way because I am left handed. So it goes on my right wrist. So make sure you put the watch on correctly.. The wearable app will allow you to customise the style of the smart watch along with features you might want to enable or disable, and it allows you to perform software updates over the air onto the watch., So I’ve been using the Galaxy Fit 2 Smartwatch for about 10 days now – and I have to say, I’ve – been really impressed with it first and foremost, the battery life. I opened this about 10 days ago and started using I’ve still 57 battery life, which is really remarkable. I totally believe the Samsung claim that you can get 3 weeks of battery under the right settings I’m using the default ones, and it looks like I’m right on track to meet that. Now. Another thing about this watch is that it’s super cheap it’s about 50 US dollars or 50 euro, and you combine with the awesome battery life to me.

It screams this would be a great smart watch for someone who doesn’t already wear a smart watch. I think if you’re someone who’s not sure if you’d wear a Smartwatch 400 euro is a pretty steep investment where, as with only 50 US dollars or 50 euros, you can totally go out and buy one of these and give it a shot.. So with those two main factors, I really got another sense that Samsung was trying to make the technology fade away from the Smartwatch that, when you’re wearing it you’re really not focused on the technology, so it looks really convenient to use and enjoy you. Don’T have to charge it that much and the minimal user interface means you get to see what you want when you want there’s, not a lot of menus, a lot of swiping and getting quick access to the data you want, whether it’s your fitness or health, or Checking your heart rate it’s really easy on this user interface.. So for features of the Galaxy Fit 2. It has basically everything you would expect from a smartwatch, particularly at this price point. Just lots of timers different count, downs even a hand washing timer. It does have exercise profiles built in for walking and running, although I do want to stress that it can automatically detect when your walking you don’t have to switch it on. But I suppose, if you want more precision tracking, if you’re an athlete, you definitely have those profiles built in on the subject of accuracy, I will say when I was wearing this watch at a desk or just walking around the house.

I was accumulating a lot of steps. I know for a fact I have not taken yet so, if you’re, someone who definitely a step counter, I would not put this on unless you’re actually planning to go out and exercise., Along with the step counter. I also like the heart rate tracker: it will calculate your resting heart rate at different intervals. You can set them up yourself. Mine is set to every 10 minutes and it’s a great way to keep track of your heart.. Another thing I like about this watch is the notification system. I actually didn’t realise there was a notification system on this. It figured because there was a lot of emphasis on getting good battery life. It wouldn’t have a notification system. It has one. If I get a text message, email or notification from youtube that it will show up on the smartwatch, and I can see what it’s about. For the design of the smartwatch, it is sporty. It is not a dress, watch it’s designed to be minimal. It looks like something an athlete would wear. Another thing I wasn’t sure about is: if I’d love the wide aspect ratio of the screen but it’s something I’ve come to appreciate when you’re again wanting to look at data with the Samsung interface they put on the watch. It really does make seeing all your data at a glance really easy to use.. Overall, I think the Galaxy Fit 2 is a no brainer great features, really low price point.

I think it’s going to make great gifts for people and really great stocking stuffers, particularly if the person is interested in a smartwatch but wasn’t ready to go into the deep end. This is a great convert smartwatch to introduce them to the world of wearable technology.. If you have any questions about the Galaxy Fit 2, do leave a comment below and I’ll be able to answer them for you. If you plan on getting a Galaxy Fit 2 yourself. If you enjoyed watching the video, please subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell to stay tuned for future uploads. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys are staying safe and staying well and I’ll.