Recently. This is the samsung galaxy watch three and it’s very much on formula with many samsung smart watches, released in recent years. It’S round it’s metal it’s got a rotating bezel and it runs samsung’s tizen os now. Nothing about that is bad per se, it’s still an very impressive piece of technology and an incredible smart watch, but should you pay over three hundred dollars for it? This is an o iso, and this is the samsung galaxy watch 3 review. Samsung’S watch designs were largely unchanged in the watch 3 relative to the original galaxy watch and even the gear s3 released before that. Now i like the metal round design and it looks like a pretty traditional watch – that’s great because it fits in just fine when wearing relatively nice clothing or walking into a meeting. Now many people still recognize that you’re wearing a smart watch on it on your wrist. But it won’t look too gaudy. The leather strap that comes in the box is fine. It looks quite nice and it’s got a stitch leather design, but unfortunately it’s not as malleable as i would like and and i’ve already found within a couple weeks of wearing it. That there’s already quite a bit of signs of wear. I wish samsung had used a higher quality leather, now, i’m, no expert when it comes to leather bands, but i generally don’t like this one. Now, of course, it is a traditional 22 millimeter watch band, and so you can swap it out with any other 22 millimeter watch band but i’m, not the type of person to go out and buy additional accessories for a 300 smart watch.

Now the leather bands, as well as the size of the smartwatch, both contribute to what is, i would say, a pretty uncomfortable feeling on my wrist now i’m overly sensitive when it comes to watches sitting on my wrist, because i am always at the computer every day And i don’t really like wearing a smart watch while typing on the computer, especially if that watch is as large and as bulky as the galaxy watch 3.. Now, notably, this is the larger size of galaxy watch 3s, so i might be better off with the smaller model, but i don’t find my wrists to be overly small and i think the watch 3 in this size looks pretty natural. I think it’s just a heavier design because of how big and metal it is from a functional standpoint. I think the design is excellent. The side buttons are super tactile and the rotating bezel is still. What i would say is the best way to navigate a smart watch for health related features. The watch 3 has all of the standard sensors required for health tracking and some additional ones, including an ecg reader, a blood oxygen sensor and then the more traditional ones, like heart rate, sensor, altimeter and a gps. Now i don’t typically use the ecg or blood oxygen sensor, but i can say that the gps and heart rate monitor are relatively accurate, at least for my purposes i found. While i was running that typically the watch 3 undershot my distance by about three or four percent, which wasn’t really a big deal for me, it could be a bigger deal for you if you’re specifically trying to measure your running in detail.

Now i haven’t heard of many people wanting to use the watch free as a standalone device, but it does have an lte option if you do want to do that now. Personally, i don’t have a lot of use for it, but i could see maybe streaming spotify while being on a run. I have been downloading my spotify playlists and podcasts to the watch. So then, i can just connect it to bluetooth earphones and not bring my phone along on a run, which is an excellent experience. In addition to all that, the watch 3 does have a built in microphone and speaker, so you can take calls on it. Now. I didn’t take a lot of calls from my watch 3, but i did find that the microphone quality was generally good enough for the person on the other end of the line to hear me, samsung’s tizen operating system on the watch 3 is in my mind the Absolute best operating system to run on a smartwatch now, just like apple samsung, has a special opportunity with tizen os, and that is they design both the hardware and the software which isn’t the same when it goes, comes to the galaxy line of smartphones. For that reason, it very much feels like a cohesive experience, with the rotating bezel being the central way that you control tizen os. Now i really enjoy this, but there are some issues: the galaxy watch, threes interface, centers around two things; first notifications and then widgets now scroll to the left from the home screen and you’ll get the notification screens where you can basically go through all of your recent Notifications that you would find on your phone and for some applications, you can actually action on those notification.

Notifications now i’m, the type of person that tends to be very particular what notifications i get and so most of the notifications i get. I typically action on, and so while i do like replying to messages on the watch 3, i didn’t find myself doing it too much because it is a lot easier to type out a message using a full size, keyboard and outside of that there’s. No reason for me to really want to get a youtube notification on my watch tree of a new video posted because typically i’d want to go open up that video and clicking on. It would just force me to go to my phone, and so the notification inside of it really doesn’t benefit me too much, especially in the current environment, where i don’t find myself out and about and just wanting to see what happens without having to respond to it. Scroll to the right side of the home screen and then you’ll get to the widgets and i would say, widgets quality is always dependent on the quality of the underlying apps, and so notably, there are some default widgets on the galaxy watch 3 that are usable and Very functional, for example, easily jumping into certain apps on the watch quickly, starting a workout or a run, or maybe even keeping a timer. Now all of those are very functional and useful, but outside of samsung’s first party applications. Third party applications don’t seem to really create very good widgets for the watch.

Now, of course, there are dedicated apps for the watch three, but i don’t find any of them to have really good deep interactions outside of maybe spotify, at least for my purposes. Of course, i would love for many other developers to create applications that ran natively on the watch, but that leads us into a deeper problem that is not just unique to the watch 3, but all smart watches, and that is we’re not really sure exactly what we Want to do on a smartwatch now, over the recent years, they’ve kind of refined it to either being fitness devices like the apple watch, prioritizing fitness over anything else or really just being notification, readers and in many cases the actual experience of using a smart watch is Just an accessory to a smartphone, and i think people wanted more than that now for a short period of time, smart watches were experimenting at replacing your phone, but, of course the experience of using a one inch screen relative to using a seven inch screen is a Lot worse now, before we close this review out, let me give you a hypothetical scenario. Let’S say the galaxy s8 released a couple years ago still ran on the most recent version of android. It got recent security updates all of the new software features and was generally just as fast or as close to as fast as the galaxy s20 released this year. Of course, the design of the galaxy s8 was a little worse than the galaxy s20, but it was still pretty good and finally, let’s say the galaxy s8 could be found online for a fifth of the price of the galaxy s20.

Would you buy the galaxy s20 or would you buy the galaxy s8? Now many people would still buy the galaxy s20 because they want what’s new and they might want the latest hardware features. But a lot of people would opt for the galaxy s8, because they’d get quite a good experience, maybe 80 or 90 of the experience for a fraction of the price. Now, why am i talking about this in a review of a smart watch? Well, because this is the galaxy gear sport, this was released back in 2017 same year as the galaxy s8, and it is currently less than 80 bucks on ebay. It runs the same operating system has the same. Rotating bezel has many of the same health features and has excellent battery life, and it can be found for less than 100 bucks. Now, of course, the design is a little bit different. It might not be as flashy as the watch 3, but it’s still an incredible watch and i would argue that the design is actually better if you’re, specifically using it for fitness and the gear sport isn’t the only option here. Alternatively, the gear s3 or the original galaxy watch can all be found for around 100 120 bucks, depending on where you look and generally most of the features and experience is going to be very similar to the galaxy watch, 3. and so i’m. Not sure exactly why i would personally pay an extra 200 bucks to get a slightly newer experience.

I would instead pay quite a bit less and save that money for something that i really care about. Like a better smartphone. That being said, i can’t claim that the gear sport or original galaxy watch or really any other samsung smartwatch, is notably better than the watch 3.. The watch 3 is samsung’s best. So if you want the best, then the watch 3 should be what you choose, but i don’t think the additional value of the watch 3 is there. Thank you for watching inno iso. What do you think of the galaxy watch? 3? Do you think it’s worth the 300 asking price? Let me know down in the comments if you like this video, be sure to like and subscribe and be sure to keep an eye out for future videos. Reviewing smart watches and everything else.