Today, we’re going to unbox the new d13 smartwatch. As you can see, the package is very small and very simple and outside is all white and you can see in the back. We have a few information bluetooth. 4.0. We have 1.3 inch screen, you can see the screen right here and we have two buttons and the right side. The watch is built with very good materials, rubber bands and it’s metal. Underneath this we will find here the user manual and the charger you can see. The charger very simple two points to charge it and we have the user manual in chinese and english as well. So this is all what we have in the box: let’s go ahead and power it on see what we got. So this is the first page, as you can see right here, press and hold to change the screen. We have a few options here. Also we will find the other options in the app let’s choose this one. In the left, we have weather sleep measuring of training up, we have the menu like we have down training portrait, and here we have walking running and cycling, skipping, badminton and basketball. Also we have football and swimming and the end. We have hard rate blood pressure, blood oxygen and you can see the sign of the low battery. This is how it will look. We have player and messages, shutter breathe and, more and more we will find mute brightness, which we have more brightness levels.

We have about. Qr code power off or restored, and we have in the left again the training and other information. This is the simple solver of the smartwatch. The d13 is ip68 waterproof and we have plenty of support so that you saw before let’s try. Some of them start from walking. As you can see, we have here steps burn, calories, kilometer and blood pressure measurements. Also, we have the seconds of the timing that we started this sport. We don’t have too much options or information which bothers me, but the other options works, pretty good. You can see, we have now the heart rate measuring it will take a little bit, but you will get used to it. You can see. We have the first result which wasn’t that bad honestly, but again we saw much better or much faster, smart watches. This is the the res and the result we have here. The blood pressure let’s see this one again. It takes a little bit longer, but we have the information at the end and we have the blood oxygen. The third option that we have for health caring. But again we have the result here, which was really fast from the d13. So these were the options that we have in this smartwatch and this is the video guys. Thank you very much for your time and support.