com, the premier site or smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay. Finally, we are on our next video for the review of the u78 plus smartwatch. As you can see, as you can see here, we have a very obvious look here, so this one, the u78 plus smartwatch, is trying to copy the look of obviously the apple watch, so it is trying to compete in terms of the looks or it it is Trying to clone the look of the apple watch, five or six okay, as you can see here, from the strap to the design of the body as well as the buttons here, but, unlike other previous copycat with the u78 plus smartwatch, the crown button here works. Okay, it is not just for home or power button; you can use it to scroll to the different menus and watch faces. Okay, as you can see here, zoom in and zoom out, okay zoom in zoom out. So it is the functionality and like before. That is just a home and power button. Okay, so our video for today we’re going to show you on how to install the apps for the use 78 plus smartwatch okay. So we will try to install the v band support app for the smart watch. Okay. Okay, here in the user manual, we have here the support app for the smartwatch, so take note, it is compatible with android 5.0 and above and ios support 8.0 and above okay with a bluetooth hardware, 4.

0. Okay, so you can search it in android, google play store and here ios store. So the name of the app is the v band. Okay, so we have here sit here, so we have here the qr code, but we can right away search it in the support. App, as you can see here, okay in your google play just type v band here and let me show it to you closer and, as you can see here, you have the b band support app in the health and fitness category. You step on it and install so accept. Okay, all the permissions here and let’s wait for it to install in our ios okay. We can also search it in the app store. Okay, try to search for the v band. Also, as you can see here, okay, we have here the v band, so they have the same logo, so let’s try and download it okay. So, while we’re waiting for the v band for the ios platform, let’s check let’s check here or the google play again, the support app is available in google play and the apple app store. Okay, as long as your smartphone or smartwatch supports 5.0 and ios supports 8.0 and above okay, so we already finished here so let’s go first for the google play, so we are still waiting for the connection connection, hey so wait! Okay, we have successfully downloaded the app so let’s start let’s open the application, the v band app for our u78 plus smart watch.

Okay, so let’s open the app and we’ll see so we have here some so, okay that’s it. So we have here the ui of the smart, app okay, the application for our smartwatch; okay, so let’s check here. So we have the personal information. So we have also have the target steps for our goal. Okay, so we have here the graphs and the data and we have these settings for our device so to be able to use this one, these options, these menus, you have to add the device. First, so let’s see again add so please select a device to back your mind, so let’s check here so let’s activate the bluetooth here again straight it’s, taking some time how about here for the app store so it’s already downloaded let’s open it also and let’s. Look for the device, okay and add a device let’s open the functionality. Okay, so let’s wait. Okay, we already buying the device okay. Finally, the support app okay show the our u78 plus mark watch so let’s select it to bind it to your smartwatch, so binding successful. So it is now connecting let’s check, okay, so it is connected. We have here 100 percent battery. Okay, dial select let’s try to search so we have here the custom dial you can use your watch face, okay or your photos to have it se background. Okay. Also here, preloaded watch faces cna support, app, okay, let’s, try to check and select and let’s have a closer look.

Can you see it so we have here so let’s. Try this one! Okay, as you can see here, it has been loaded to our smartwatch. Okay message reminder confirm, so it is asking for notification access just stop it to approve the notification access, so we have here the incoming calls sms for the wechat here. Qq reminder: okay, what’s up lincoln in how talk by where instagram skype and other popular social apps. So just set the permission to okay and turn on notifications here and you’re good to go. Okay you’ll receive notifications from these social apps. Okay for the remote camera, okay, let’s try if it will be activated, as you can see here, it is activated let’s check if it’s working, okay, okay, so far, it is working okay. Can you hear it? Okay, let’s go back so how about others? The other settings here so we have here the 24 hour time mode, the finding bracelet here it’s an entire reminder if we turn it on. I love this feature. The drink water reminder same with the drink, water reminder, Music and other options here. So this one always set it to on this one. Okay. So when you raise your wrist, it will display the time. Okay, the screen will turn on okay for the sports. We have either steps the battery temperature the sleeve and the heart rate, as well as the blood pressure and blood oxygen. The smartwatch don’t have a built in gps, okay, but it supports the connected gps function.

Okay, so that’s all for for android, for the google play android version for the app the v band support app. Okay, next time, we’ll show you the support app for the ios. As you can see earlier, we already installed it so we’ll show it to you, but don’t get disappointed, although it works, as you can see here, the siri function here. Sadly, i don’t know. Maybe i made a mistake but it’s not working so far.