We had a ton of new watches, come out with all kinds of different features, but which one’s actually the best of the best. Well, if you’re looking to buy a smartwatch, this is the video for you in this video i’ll be breaking down my picks for the absolute best smartwatch in each of seven categories. Because, honestly, everybody has different needs for smart watches, but i think most people would fit into one of these seven categories now going through the seven different categories i have for this video, the first one is style and aesthetic. So if you really only care about how your smartwatch looks, this is going to be the one for you. The second one is best fitness band. Now fitness bands are generally a lot cheaper, like on the order of maybe 50 and they’re also a lot smaller. A lot slimmer and they have a longer battery life. So for some people that’s a really appealing option, then we have the best. Hybrid watch i’m always surprised that so many people don’t know about hybrid watches, but essentially it’s an analog watch with a smart watch behind it. Really cool technology and i’ll talk more about that in a second category. Number four is the best sports watch. So if you’re focused more on training and athletics and endurance stuff, then this is going to be the best pick by far for you on this list. Category number five is the best off the grid watch, which essentially just means the best battery life, while still having heart rate and gps and all the tools you need for something like a month.

Long backpacking trip, for example, then category number six is the best overall everyday watch for android and then i’m sure you could guess. Category 7 is the same thing, but for apple, so those are going to be for most people just looking to buy an everyday smart watch that tracks your health. That gives you notifications that has different apps on there. That is what you’ll be looking for, but getting into category number one. The first thing is the best style and most aesthetic smartwatch. Now, in my opinion, this one is a little bit more subjective, but i think that the moto 360 that came out early this year back in january has the best style. So this right here is the gold one. It comes with two different straps in the box, and i especially like this one not only for the gold but because the two straps it came with one was white and one was a brown leather, so i thought it’s a really sharp. Looking watch. You have a rotating crown on the right side, as well as a button and they’re kind of angled 90 degrees apart. So you don’t have the problem of flexing your wrist in and hitting a button. I thought it looked it’s a really nice looking watch, but if this is not your style, the runner up for the most aesthetic watch, in my opinion, is the galaxy watch three, this one’s a little larger a little bit more mechanical looking, and it has that really.

Nice rotating bezel on the outside, as well as coming with a really nice premium. Leather strap. So i’ll talk more about this one later on in the video, because this is a top pick for a couple different categories. So then, category number two is the best fitness bands and, like i said this is something for anybody. Looking for a smaller, more affordable device, that’s still great for tracking fitness, it essentially works still as a smart watch, and so my number one pick for this is actually the galaxy fit 2.. I have it right here and this one is great for a couple reasons. So if you asked me last year, i would have said the best fitness band was the me band by a long shot longer battery life cheaper price. It was all around a better device, but now, looking at this year, samsung really made a massive stride in this category. They dropped their price in about one half, so this is now selling at just 60, and on top of that they improved the battery life. It lasts about 20 days for my testing and you have an excellent interface on here, as well as great integration with phones, android or apple, and it gives you a lot of great features. Now i have an entire video on this, as well as everything else that i’m talking about in this review, i’ll link them down below, if you guys want to learn more about any one of these devices.

Now, with that being said, if you want a little bit more than the galaxy fit 2 offers, the fitbit charge 4 is an excellent alternative. I didn’t make it number one here, because it is a lot more expensive selling at about 150, but you’re getting gps on there, still a very compact form, and on top of that you get nfc payments. So that combination, i think, is very impressive and it could be a great fit for a lot of people. Category number three is the best hybrid watch which i, like, i said before i’m, always so surprised with how many people don’t know this type of watch exists, and so essentially, what it is is a smart watch with analog hands on the top of it. To give you three big benefits, the first one is the analog hands. Give you a really nice aesthetic, a classic watch, look rather than a big black rectangle. It gives you. It looks just like a normal analog watch, but behind that you have an actual smart watch. So the second benefit is that you can do health, tracking and all kinds of different features that they’ll have baked into the watch, and then the third thing, of course, is that you’re getting a longer battery life and even when the battery dies, you don’t just have A black rectangle on your wrist. Instead at least you have an analog watch there, even if it’s a dead watch, it still looks a lot better than just a blank screen.

So my pick for this one is actually the within scan watch. This is technically not out. Yet i was able to get my hands on it early and i can say that this watch is very, very impressive. I’M not allowed to talk too much about it yet. But if you guys want to see the full review on that that’ll be coming out in the next couple weeks, so consider going down clicking the subscribe button and the bell icon. So you don’t miss it with that comes out. But honestly, like i said, it’s a very impressive watch with a battery life of about about a month and it has really cool features on there like sleep tracking, an ecg, just all kinds of health, tracking and smart watch features in a really nice mechanical watch. So the reason i chose this one like i said great features, but also it has the best aesthetic of all the hybrid watches. But if you’re really in a rush – and you don’t want to wait a couple weeks to buy a watch, then the best hybrid watch. You could buy today is actually the garmin vivomove style that’s. The same one i said was the best last year and it’s still a really solid pick, i’ve been wearing it for most of 2020. A lot of the days that i didn’t have to be testing. Another watch i found myself always coming back to this one it’s, just a really nice looking watch very lightweight and it gives you that garmin ecosystem that allows you to just dive into analytics for your sleep and your health tracking, and it does a great job.

So that’s why i chose that one and again i’ll put links to all of these down below. So you can see the latest price being that this one’s been out for a year, it’s very likely that it will be on a sale. So i’ll put the link down below now. Category number four is the best sports watch and again i have two picks for this one. The first one is, if you are just a die, hard athlete you’re an endurance, athlete you’re running all the time: biking triathlons. Whatever, then, the polar vantage v2 is going to be the best one for you. This one gives you superior analytics, it’s, really digestible and it’s very lightweight, very comfortable and very accurate for my testing, so it’s really hard to argue with that combination it’s a solid pick, and i actually just released a full review of this yesterday. So you can go on over to my channel to learn more about that, but it is definitely a little bit more expensive. So if you are on a budget and you’re, not a triathlon runner, you’re, just a casual workout person that maybe you want to go for, runs every now and then then i would say your best pick is going to be the garmin venue sq, and this one Is selling at about 200 and the benefits of this? Not only is it cheaper, but it also offers spotify offline, so you can run and just leave your phone at home entirely and listen to music from your watch with earbuds connected by bluetooth, and on top of that it has very accurate heart rate, accurate gps and It has nfc payments, so at the end of your run, if you want to stop by a gas station to buy a protein bar, you can do that with your watch and you don’t need your phone or your wallet.

Category number five is the best off the grid watch, which honestly just means the best battery life, and this one is going to be the g shock. Gbd h1000 i’ve had this watch since i believe june and i have never charged it once. I’Ve never had to charge, it has gps, it has heart rate on board. Has a thermometer has a barometer? It does everything i need when i’m going on backpacking trips, and on top of that it has a solar panel on board. So as long as you are in the sun every now and then or if you just set it on a windowsill when you’re not using it, it stays charged up all the time and it’s really an amazing feature, it’s also extremely durable. I mean, as you can tell right there – probably the most rugged watch i’ve ever used, and that brings us to category number six, the best overall watch for android phones. So, if you’re, just looking for an everyday watch for health tracking notifications, aesthetics like the whole combination, the best balance it’s going to be this one right here so for android phones. My pick is the galaxy watch. 3.. I really like the way this one looks, as i mentioned before. On top of that, you have some really advanced health tracking features, so you have blood pressure monitoring. You have an ecg on here. You have all kinds of different fitness modes, different workouts. You can track like a hundred different workouts, i think, and on top of that it gives you that nice rotating bezel that you just don’t find in any other watch on the market.

So some watches are, i mean it’s a round face here. So swiping back and forth is not my favorite way to navigate other watches. Have a rotating crown on the side which does you know it gets the job done, but having that nice satisfying rotating bezel gives you an excellent experience on here and if you haven’t tried it, i recommend just either considering buying one or at least checking one out At your local store – and i think, you’ll see what i mean about the rotating bezel it’s. A great watch i’ve been wearing this one a lot and i highly recommend it. If you want to learn more about this, i actually have full reviews on my channel, but if that’s too expensive for you a more affordable alternative that also has a longer battery life is actually the ticwatch pro 3.. Now the take watch pro 3 has a couple unique features with it. It doesn’t have any kind of rotating crown or bezel, which is why i made this the runner up, but some cool things. It does have the new snapdragon chip on there, which means you get a much longer battery life on the order of like four or five days for a full blown wear os smartwatch, i think, that’s an impressive feature. You also have google assistant on board, and you have that second display. So it has two two displays like one on top of the other and the one on top is an lcd display.

So it’s going to be like, like an old calculator kind of, and then underneath that you have a full amoled screen. So very impressive watch again and it does a great job that’s. Actually, i found that it was actually impressively accurate for workout tracking as well, despite being a more affordable option, and then that brings us to category number seven, the best everyday watch for an iphone user, and this might seem obvious to you. But at the same time i’m going to explain why it’s kind of a little bit backwards, so the best pick overall is going to be. Obviously the apple watch series 6.. This watch is the newest one from apple. It integrates so well with the apple ecosystem, and it does everything you really could want in a smart watch. However, my i would say most people would actually be better off not buying this one. If you have an iphone and most people would probably be happier buying the apple watch se now this one’s selling for about 140 less than the apple watch, six and the compromises are almost negligible. So you don’t have an always on display. You don’t have an ecg which most people probably don’t need anyway, and you don’t have blood pressure monitoring, so those are like the big three things you’re missing other than that it really gives you almost exactly the same experience and so that’s. Why? I think the apple watch sc is a really solid pick for most people out there considering buying an apple watch.

Again i have a full video on that one. I know i keep saying that in this review, but guys those are my picks for the top seven best watches of 2020. I guess it was probably more like 14 because i had like a runner up for almost every single one of those, but regardless, let me know which one you liked best and why, if you have a watch that’s not on this list, let me know why you Chose it down below in the comments, and let me know what you like or don’t like about that watch so guys if you enjoyed this video, consider liking and subscribing. Thank you all for watching.