This is mike dixon coming at you with a new video joker tech coming at you with the new video, and we have today a watch band barton watch bands now uh. How i came across these guys is just a simple search. I wanted to look into getting new watch bands at the time for my apple watch and i did have this and here’s the old band uh. This is what came with the watch, as you can see. It’S it’s really worn out the color is wearing out. That is uh and i wanted to change it up. I wanted to change it up and also the pins. Were there weren’t the quick release, pins uh. Let me see if i can show you these. It was this, these were a real bear to get out. Let me tell you right now, so this is completely unscripted. This is a spur of the moment. Let’S make a video out of this on barton watch band and let’s see because, as you can see, i haven’t opened up the package yet so we’re going to see what this is all about. This is the first time i never. I ever needed a watch band and uh. They have a really great site, really easy to figure out what to get. As far as you know, the proper band and whatnot uh, if they don’t, have it if they don’t, have your model uh they go by also by size.

So, and i wanted a more cloth like material. You can choose the collar of the clasp here, uh, so yeah this i already like i’m, really digging the feel already it’s, not even around my wrist yet and let’s see let’s see. If we can put this in here, quick release, clips or post or, however, you want to call it i’m, really giving it a good tug and no nothing, no problem there and let’s see you know this is a good way to freshen up your watch change the Bands, especially if you get a collection of different color bands, you, you know it’s a you, know, it’s an easy way to change up the watch. It’S almost like having cases you know different case. I like that. I like that that’s, nice, okay, so let’s, take off the good old moto 360 watch off let’s. Put this on for the first time now, of course break it in a little bit, but yeah yeah. This is good, stuff all kinds: leather cloth. This is very nice. Very nice band barton watch bands congrats on your stunning new watch band well played insert golf clap here. Well, i don’t play golf, but if i did, i would clap the site was extremely easy to go to and conduct your business to pick out. Uh, your your ban again barton watch bands i’m going to leave a link in down below, like today’s video, give it a thumbs up new to the channel.

Please subscribe returning subscribers again. Thank you very much for coming by uh, and also i fail to mention hit that notification bell i’m on a roll here, making the videos as when i can – and i think it means it’s winner and we’re in a pandemic. I ain’t going no worse! So, listen here, more videos to come, see you then barton watch bands i’m, trying to put that in a picture like that there we go very nice.