This smartwatch has a lot of requests because of its many features and the price is also cheap. The price is around 300 thousand in China. If in Indo, the price is definitely much more expensive. Yes, the application uses WEARFIT later. We pair the charger using a 2 pin magnet Get silicone case. Yes, here is the smartwatch Looks quite small. Oh yes, for you, don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the bell, because there are still many new Smartwatches that will air on this channel. Who likes to ask the HW12 strap can be replaced or not. The answer is, yes, it’s really easy to open and install, and if someone asks what smartwatch am I using It DT36 For quality case has a good From material Alloy Feeling pretty solid. To crown this function can be on tap and in the play Under the crown is just a variation instead button. Then there is a small hole for the microphone To the left. There is the speaker hole. Battery capacity is 200 mah. If you rarely connect to bluetooth, Not bad can last for days About 3 days, The HW12 Smartwatch is really tiny. In my opinion. For ladies who like to ask what smartwatch is suitable, Maybe this HW12 can be an option for you. Its weight is also quite light. Around 50 grams Display size, 1.57 inch, 320 Resolution 320 pixels, Not yet IPS. Still TFT hd screen Screen curved 2.5d glass Slide down. There is a toggle To activate bluetooth screen.

Brightness screen lock switch on off In the settings.