We tend to do these once in a while, but i think it’s time, because the way we have smart watches coming in, we had to do a special. So three smart watches on the show today, you’ve got the apple watch. Sc some people say this watch specially was made for india and indian audience because the kind of price point it has but we’ll tell you whether it’s up to the mark or not you’ve got two smart watches from honor, both very interesting one, a ruggedized one, one, A very, very thin and slim one, but has all almost all the features that you look for in a smart watch plus you’ve got a very interesting smart tv from itel. I tell a company that actually is already there in phones, but when it comes into tvs, will it do the exact same thing it did with its phones, which is get into a category in a price point and come up with features. Nobody else has we’re starting off things with the itel tv. This is the ital 55 inch tv, of course, there’s a very large range of tvs, they’ve taken out, but we’ll actually center. Our attention on this one today because it’s a very interesting tv, but before we get started with that, let me tell you a little bit of history. Behind i tell so. Ital is a company that, of course, is a huge player in the super budget under 10. 000 rupees category for smartphones and they have one simple strategy: bring in a phone at a price point and at that price point no other phone should have those features like seven inches or a gaming processor or many other things that they actually do.

It’S, an interesting strategy and they’ve been very successful with it now are they doing the same thing with tvs, because this 55 inch tv is very, very aggressively priced. But what about the features? Let’S first take a look at our review: Music it’s, not every day that for a smart tv we use the words budget 4k and 55 inches together, but one company had us change our mind today on the show we are reviewing the ital 55 inch smart tv, The smart tv is part of ital’s latest lineup of budget smart tvs and comes with a 4k panel now isn’t that exciting, so are there any corners that have been cut to make it budget friendly? If, yes, then, to what extent let’s find out in the box, you will find the smart tv and the remote to control all the amazing applications that it comes with. The smart tv has a bezel, less design and is very sleek on a closer look. We see that it has a metallic frame as well now, even if we put our tvs in one spot for life it’s not too bad to have a tv with great build quality. Additionally, the tv comes with an inbuilt electricity stabilizer that will keep your tv safe from electric malfunctions in case of power fluctuations and sudden power outage. After turning on the smart tv, we interact with the ui that’s built around the android 9 platform. The ui is very fluid and even though there is some learning curve to it, one can get used to it very quickly.

There are a plethora of pre loaded apps that come with the ideal, smart tv. So, even if you have your favorite shows from different ott platforms, the ital smart tv can be your one go to entertainment system. We enjoyed switching from one platform to another without any problems at all, the ui was fluid and we didn’t face any lags in our testing. The 55 inch massive 4k display panel delivers on its claims and the viewing experience on the itel smart tv was close to perfect. The 4k panel can also be adjusted using different picture modes that we use to consume different kinds of content. We could see a difference in the sharpness of the pictures when we toggle across different picture modes. However, ultimately, we chose to go ahead with standard for the rest of our testing, because that’s what we were comfortable in now, an amazing screen quality isn’t enough. If it’s not complemented with great audio output, the ideal smart tv fire sound with its 20 watt, dolly speakers, the speakers were loud when we wanted them to be and the bass fired without any distortion. Among many great features of a smart tv. One feature with this: smart tv that really comes in handy is the ideal cast that lets us access the smart tv with our phones. We could also screencast our smartphones on the massive 55 inch panel. We played some games on our mobile phones and it was fun to enjoy that experience on a bigger screen.

So what do we think about the ideal? Smart tv? Well for one it’s, a value for money product in its price range. The performance and experience on offer are truly commendable: it’s, a good mix of picture sound and build quality overall at just rupees, 34. 000. The ideal 55 55 inch smart tv is a great option for someone who wants to have the 4k experience at an economical budget. So that’s a pretty interesting tv with a lot of features and the most interesting part, a very, very aggressive price. So now let’s talk to the man behind it all ariji to hedge this for itel and find out from him exactly what their strategy is. So ariz. Congratulations on the start of a brand new category for you, but why are you getting into tvs now i mean you’ve been doing phones for so long. Why tvs? We have more than five crore happy and delighted customers, so this tells us that the consumers have really given a lot of love and affection with whatever we have offered to them. And that is why? Because we always give them a technology which is very, very superior and the price is extremely affordable, we call it democratizing technology giving them technology which is accessible to all so arijit. What do you bring different to the table in the tv market? There are so many tv brands now that pretty much have everything. What do you bring different? We did a lot of debate around that this question.

When we were support, when we were launching see what actually a consumer wants in a tv, the primary thing, what he wants is ultraviolet display an excellent, sound experience, so we are providing it to him very clearly, apart from that, what we are doing it we are Bringing tv in all sizes 32 inch to 55 inch at a very affordable price all right. Thank you so much for joining us. Congratulations again. We hope to have you back when we do a lot more reviews of your products. Let’S move on now to our other top story. The apple watch, se now apple has been very, very successful, with their smart watches. In fact, the apple watch is the single largest selling watch in the entire world. So apple was very successful with the sc phone. They said why not take the same strategy and use it for such a successful device, which is their smart watch, their apple watch. So what did they do? They actually took most of the good stuff from their watches chopped off a few. That, of course, will be there to bring the price down and they came up with the apple watch sc a lot of people say this watch is specially made for countries like india, because we are a very price, sensitive market so to all those people that always Thought look. I always wanted an apple watch but could never afford it. Well is the apple watch sc or answer let’s find out to kick off our watch special today, we’re, starting with the apple’s latest sensation, the watch se, when apple announced, the watch sc everyone around the world was super excited and impressed to see an apple watch.

That would give the user the watch os experience in a more affordable price that was made clear by the tagline heavy on features light on price. Today, on the show we strapped the watch sc on our wrists and find out what makes it so special we’ll also try and figure out what features we give up to get a more affordable apple watch. So without further ado, let’s begin we’re reviewing the 44mm variant of the watch. Se, however, just like the cd6 watch, sc is also offered in a smaller 40 mm variant. In the box of the apple watch sc, you will find the watch itself. The charging dock and the single loop strap now the strap here needs a special mention, because this is the first time apple has offered this style of strap and it’s, calling it the solo loop. It looks really good and it’s quite practical as well. If you want to switch the straps on your apple watch, then we definitely recommend a solo loop to you now let’s dive into the watch. Se right off the start. When we looked at the sc, we realized that it looks exactly the same as the series 6.. It has the same 1.58 inch oled displays on square unibody designs with 3d infinity glass that wraps over to the side. The display in resolution is also similar to that of series. 6.. The resemblance, in fact, is so striking that you can’t tell between the cd6 and the sc.

Unless you start using the watch, the apple watch. Se comes out of the box with apple’s latest watch os 7.. The latest os by apple, enables a whole lot of features on the watch sc, just like its older sibling. For starters, we got to see the wide array of watch faces, which you can choose using your iphone. Just like the cd6. The faces are customizable and you can give your apple watch a personal touch with them. Other standard apple watch features are intact. With the sc like getting notifications, setting up reminders and talking to siri. There are a number of workout modes on the watch sc this time. We chose to go ahead with yoga, for which we got detailed data to track our progress. The presence of apple’s a grade heart rate sensor makes sure that your activities are well tracked. Apple has done away with the spo2 monitor on the watch. Sc, which is a bit disappointing apple, is providing gps and cellular options on the watch, se and that’s the variant that we had without any surprises here. The cellular call quality was great, making sure that we don’t lose out on any of our conversations. Apple has gone ahead with the older series 5 processor in its latest smart watch, which makes us a little skeptical about the battery life. These doubts, however, were cleared soon enough, as we observed that the series 5 chip is very well optimized, giving us a battery backup of well over a day since there is no fast charging available.

The watch takes one and a half hours to charge which can bother some people we’d like to wind up this review with some straight facts. If you’re someone who’s looking to buy their first apple watch, then starting at 29, 900 rupees for the apple watch. Se should be your go to option. You can choose to bump up the features and buy the variant that we reviewed for 36 900 rupees. But if you’re someone who’s already using the series 405, then the watch se is not a worthy upgrade for you. Music. Now let’s move on to the honor watch gs pro owner becoming an absolute master in the way they do their smart watches. We’Ve got two of them: we’ll go to the first one right now, like i said the gs pro now. This is a really butch. Looking very very nicely crafted watch it has. The heft has the weight. If you really want something very, very solid, this would be the watch to go it’s a ruggedized watch has a lot of features that really make it quite incredible for a smart watch, including the kind of things you can do with it. In terms of you know, water resistance and everything else, but here’s the other really really cool part, because they have the real estate to really put in a nice solid battery into it. This has a 25 day battery. Now imagine the other kind of smart watches. We get where some of them have to be charged every single day, some every alternate day.

This one actually has 25 days as a battery charge, which is really incredible. Let’S take a look at all the other features of this on honor smartwatch, Music. The second entry to our smartwatch special is honors latest gs. Pro honor has made some huge promises with this smart watch, which in theory has managed to impress us. So how did it go down when we use the gs pro in real time? Let’S find out the message that owner wants to send across about the gs pro is clear right off from the packaging which comes in this kind of clutch print. The bulky box carries the watch, gs pro and a charging docket now let’s have a look at the main event. The gs pro itself. Honor is not wrong at all. To call it a rugged watch. The gs pro feels like a very sturdy product. When you hold it for the first time, the stainless steel rim definitely adds to the style and safety of the watch. The straps are made of rubber, but that’s understandable. Why would you want to trek mountains and ski wearing a stainless steel strap? The gs pro is also water resistant up to 50 meters. We did check it out and were not disappointed to set the watch up. We need to download the huawei health. App now thing to remember here is that the gs pro doesn’t run on google wear os, but it uses honors own custom. Wear os the huawei health app is where you can customize the gs pro.

According to yourself, the application gives you the access to style, your gs4, according to your personality, which we will cover shortly, the 48 millimeter gs pro comes with a 1.’ inch oled display the display is bright and is very easy to read in bright daylight as well. We had set the display on auto mode, but you can also set the brightness manually. Additionally, you can select your favorite watch face from the wide menu of watch faces in the huawei health app. The gs pro comes with over 100 workout modes. There are your usual running, walking and high intensity training, for which the watch showed us detailed data. The activities on the watch are well complemented by the presence of a very accurate heart rate, monitor that comes on the gs pro clearly, the smart watch has been developed with outdoors being a primary focus, since you also get navigation in it. There is also a blood oxygen monitor on the gs pro, which has become a sought after feature pertaining to the situation. The sp o2 sensor works fine, but takes more time than the apple watch series seeks to process the health curve to it. Completes with the stress monitor as well, we tested it out and you might feel good to see. We were not stressed making this review. The gs pro once connected to the phone can also be used to take calls which came in real handy. Quite literally, the call quality was great, but we could only use this feature when our phone was in close proximity of the watch, but where the gs pro really shines is the battery department.

It can last for about 25 days on a single charge. If it’s used moderately in our testing, we used the watch to its highest capacity and enabled the always on display. Yet after five days of testing, the watch had a lot of juice left in it. Charging the gs pro is also easy. Thanks to the magnetic dock that it comes with, so should you buy the gs pro it’s one of those products which backs in a lot without you shelling out a lot of money. The gs pro comes at a very aggressive price of rupees 17 999, which makes it one of the best options in its segment for both android and ios users. Let’S, take a quick break right now on the show when we come back lots more happening on the gadget, 360 show Music and now let’s move on to this. The owner watch es now. Why is this also a very interesting one, very small, very light up. Almost a fitness band in the guys of a watch, but the good part is again it’s got pretty much all you really want, almost all the sensors that you want in a smart watch and at a very, very good price. So what do they put into it? What’S missing let’s take a look Music. There has been a lot of buzz around the budget smartwatch segment lately with companies announcing new range of products every day, a consumer virtually has uncountable number of options to choose from one budget smartwatch that grabbed our attention was the honor watch, yes with high specs and A reputed brand backing it up is this the ultimate budget smartwatch for you to buy let’s, find out Music.

The box of watch es just like honor gs. Pro comes with the watch and charging docket. However, the box of the es is much more subtle from a design point of view. Watch es gets full points, it has a matte finish and the curved design of the watch also looks really good. Honors latest budget smartwatch comes with a 1.64 inch amoled display, which is incredible for the price point it is being offered at the straps on the watch. Es are made up of the same material. We saw on the gs pro. The rubber straps here as well, are reliable and gives confidence. The watch es is also water resistant up to 50 meters. Just like the gs pro, we can access the watch only after downloading the huawei health app. We just had to select the watch es instead of the gs pro once we dived into the es. We were amazed to see the features it carries from its big brother. You get an unprecedented access to customize. Your watch face thanks again to the huawei health app running on the same honor, where os we experience a very smooth interaction with the watch. The display seemed better than the gs pro, mostly because of its shape and size. The resolution, however, is same. The watch es carries both the heart rate monitor and an spo2 sensor as well, which is quite impressive. The watch es can also help you to keep track of your health goals and workouts.

There are 95 workout modes that come loaded with the watch es. The es carries the stress, monitor and sleep tracker as well, and their performance is at power with its older brother. Unlike the gs pro, you get limited access to your phone with the watch es. You will get notifications of all the apps, but you can’t take phone calls with the watch es. While you cannot store music in the smartwatch, since it lacks internal memory, you can very well control the music playback. We had some not so favorable expectations in the battery department of es, but it showed its brawn and impressed us even with some high intensity testing. The battery didn’t die for three straight days, still showing some life in it. In conclusion, at just rupees 8 000, the honor watch es is a great option for someone who wants to upgrade from a fitness band to a smart watch. So that, then, is the gadget 360 show for this week, but we’ve got a really incredible lineup. In fact, i was just discussing it with the team before i wanted to close the show and tease next week’s show the amount of stuff we have. We could do five shows next week and still have things to spare, but i’ll give you a little bit of a synopsis. So we’ve got the new ipad air you’ve got a new watch from xiaomi. We’Ve got a refrigerator that is smart and we’ve got dyson’s brand new air purifier and a whole lot more.